Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 2-2

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Before I’m aware, the sun has been drawn.
A wide wooden house, for 1 person to live.
To say it in my real world, the house’s size is 4LDK.
Inside the room, I talk to a certain woman.
「Well then, within this article, the contract is 1 year OK?」
「Yes, Please!」
After I visit Dia who is being hospitalised, I walked straight to the housing agency. The procedure went smoothly after I showed them the money in my hand.
Since the land and house is quite expensive to be bought, for a while, I rent a house. In addition, I don’t have any intend to stay too long in this different world.
1 Year, with that goal in mind, I chose to rent a house for 1 year.
「Then, the details contract will be brought on the later day…So, Mr Sieg, you may use the house right away」
The woman is smiling radiantly. I agree that a smile is a part of the business strategy. That’s the same like the work that I’m doing in the bar.
「Is that okay?」
「Since you have paid already, the procedure of the contract has been completed. So there is no problem. The only thing left is just the details of the contract which will be sent to you on a later day」
「I see」
「Then, I’ll excuse myself」
Completing the contract without a problem, the woman goes out. So, I’m alone now.
I begin to look around at my house. Though the cleaning has been done, which I confirmed it with my Dimension, but without touching it I won’t know for sure.
After I confirmed the house’s surrounding, certainly there was no dust at all. If I would like to say, the environment around this house is good.
They said that this house is first class. It seems this house is able to hold even when the earthquake is occurred, thanks to the magic technology of this world. Also, this house is full furnished and the magic stone line is already installed. More, the kitchen is more luxurious than the kitchen where I’m working.
Fist of all, the key of this house is really wonderful. Modern people like me is worry about the lack of security, but the lock of this house is perfect. To make sure of the lock, I dashed out outside the house.
The lock is built over the magic stone and steel.
Though it looks old-fashioned, the big lock closed tightly. The safety is confirmed by testing it many times. I would say the security is the same level like in my original world.
The story began when I visited the agency, I asked an unreasonable request.
With ten gold coins, I obtained the house which really resembles houses of my original world. The cost and maintenance are still not included. No doubt, it is too costly.
Even so, I still want it. I believed the quality of this agency is excellent, so the house as well. Without thinking long, I have purchased it.
「Hahaha, ahahaha」
This is really fun.
My effort is paid off.
「Hahahahahaha, ha, ha….., haa….」
After laughed a lot, I take a deep breath.
A feeling of regret is coming, because I’m too carried away.
I over did it. Too being carried away.
At the same time, I realised that I’m not in my usual self.
Though, the skill of ??? is not activated even for once. more ever, I got involved in circumstances of Alty and Franruhle today.
Without realising, my stress is on the peak already.
「haaa, I over did it. This place is still good as long as it has a roof and place to sleep…. Though the money should be spent on the needs of exploring the Labyrinth…」
For now, I should keep continuing to have a meal in the bar. I don’t have any intend to cook for myself at home anyway.
This house is full furnished, but I don’t need the kettle. The useful facility is only the bathroom.
So, what I should keep in this house? Since I can keep things inside my Inventory, I don’t need to keep anything inside this house. Moreover, the door was built by the wood, if it was broken, people can enter without problem.
I’m Absent-minded while looking the house.
The location is wonderful. The scene of the sun is good, also it is close to the Labyrinth. The house is built on the hill so it has a view of the residential area.
Before I aware, the sky has become completely dark. The fire gradually comes to my view.
While looking at the view, I look into my own thought.
ーLet’s use the remaining money for the needs to explore Labyrinth!
I swore to my heart. But suddenly I heard an animal’s running voice in the depth of the darkness.
「……Hm? Magic 《Dimension》」
To grasp the situation I used my dimension.
I found out that the voice is from the horse which from the road. The horse is running pulling the waggon on the road. The waggon is carrying certain of the slave whom I have seen before. As in my expectation, slaves inside the waggon is being choked by the collar.
A sudden plan is popped out, how to spend the money on the slave for now.
using the ability of Display, I look for a certain slave who has talent.
I seek for the weak slave. I will have the weak slave to play the role as the game pieces.
Though my idea is worst, but the Idea itself is efficient.
Compare to the people who are spending their money, I could spend the money more wisely than them, thanks to the ability of Display.
Because I can take a look at the details of things with using the Display. The Even skilful merchant cannot have this advantage.
I’m certain, peoples don’t know to utilise their capability since they view them just a slave.
For my case, I can look the valuable things. It should be no more needs that I need for the time being.
Inside my head, I plan how to use the remaining money.
Enthusiastic I stand up and put the remarkable key inside my inventory. (The key house)
The problem about I made a mistake to purchased the house. Well, I give up.
But, I have to use the temaining money wisely. Though I made a mistake, I will not make the same mistake.

Thus, I begin to trace the waggon where it goes.
I was led to the place where it has a bad environment in Varte and fewer people through this way. As expected for the slaves are being brought to this kind of place. My remaining HP and MP is still enough. I still would be able to do something if the fighting scene happens
Level 10 is considered as the high level in the United Nation. If I could say, it compares to the owner of the bar where I’m working. I take out my muffler from inventory and wrapped it myself.
I hide half of my face and head to the darkness side.
Finally, I have arrived. In the dark hidden hall, there lay a person.
This location is a place where you could buy the slave. However, even the place has changed, the atmosphere is still the same like I have visited the previous place. I open the door quietly. Then, Large Hall where it is totally different from the outside come into view.
The adult visitors gaze, are moving in my direction. But, I entered magnificent without being pressured by their gazing. From my behaviour, perhaps I’m not being looked like a visitor for the first time. Thanks to that, they have lost interest in me and avoid a glance from me.
I walk ahead without asking anything at the reception desk while I’m collecting information with using my Dimension.
It didn’t take a much time to understand the market system here.
The time pass gradually, the night becomes more darkened. Seems like the quality of the slave market changed from the legally to an illegal trading. Because the visitor has to win the bid over the slave, the price of the slave can rise at any time.
Here, I have entered the auction hall and place myself in the corner.
And, I see slaves is being introduced.
First, it is an abducted of rare beast men. It was a little child who has eccentricity skin and hair. They have many various slaves.
As the time passed, the tension in the room is rising.
Due to that, I feel dizzy.
I should have known about this. But I have determined myself.
Though, this is different to what I have expected.  Looks like it is hard for me to adapt to this situation.
Because I smell similar to a kind of narcotics. In addition, it is mixed with the bad smells of the people’s body. Over there, I could hear a vulgar laughter from the rich who controlled special sit. And, Slaves who have pathetic eyes are standing on the stage.
Honestly, by seeing the scene it thrust my heart. With denying my feeling, I use Display on them. I confirmed the slave “State” with using my Display, they have in a state of “Confusion”, “Disturbed Mental” “Disturbed Memory”, etc…
I still attempt to continue confirming their talent.
Without care looking their name, I look at their level, status, and skills.
No meaning to look at their names. If I did so, I will become empathises toward them.
Then, a new slave is being lined up again on the stage by the presenter is raising his voice.
「Then, I will introduce you the next product. Let me explain about the slave number 7 to number 10!」
I don’t want to hear words further from the presenter, I’m just looking the slave with using my Display on them.
And, inside my head, I’m calculating the value of the slave.
Number 7. The level is high and so the status as well. But, the skill is none.
Number 8. The balance of the status is good, and it has four skills. But, in the bad state.
Number 9. Status and Skill is bad, and the state is not good at all.
Number 10, the status is average, and….ー

「……Let’s stop this already」

I stopped myself before I changed too much.
Though I have resolved myself, but this is not good after all. I can’t keep my calm posture and not able to find my real objective.
The adult visitors who are bidding on the slave doesn’t care at all about them, moreover, they are laughing. I’m also the same. Understanding this, there is no way for me anymore to keep continue.
I don’t want to breathe the same air together with them inside this hall more than this already.
Slowly I stand up and head exit.
「ーHm, Brother. Are you going home already?」
Suddenly, I heard a voice at behind my back.
May my manner disturbed others? Then I turned my body, the voice is owned by the man and our eyes are met.
He is a tall man. He has a brown hair which it is neatly fixed.  His dress looks like a merchant with a sword is hold on his waist. Is he the guard who get bored? or is he a guest? I cannot judge it just from his face. I don’t have a clue about this guy at all.
I try not to offend him by trying to talk to him.
「Yes, because I don’t feel good at the moment……」
「Oh, Brother who are still young, is this atmosphere is too much for you?」
「No particular….」
I don’t have time to have a long talk with him. At the end my word, I try to take my leave.
「Ah, Don’t you think the child who is bought just now is in miserable condition? To fall to that kind of poor taste noble?」
Due to hearing his words, I stopped my steps.
After that, I heard the slave is screaming. Perhaps, the bought slave has already known about the rumour of that noble. To be bought by that noble, the fate is to die. That’s why the bought slave is resisting.
I avert my eyes from such a scene. Due to my behaviour, the man who is standing up from me, put a smirked smile.
「……Do you have something with me?」
「No, nothing. It was just because you looks interesting so I called you out」
This fellow doesn’t have any intention at all.
So I decided to leave right away.
「Then, please let me introduce the next product. Number 13, originated from Fania, the young girl who has rare black hair and black eyes」
However, when I was about to leave, I heard the presenter’s voice.
『Fania』 『Black hair Black eyes』
It is the same like me. The unexpected meeting is pulling me back to continue to attend this auction.
I was trying to leave from here many times but my mind is just weak. Disgusted by the situation, I decided to attend this auction a little bit more.

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