Arcadia=Garden ~Age of Heaven~ Vol1 Chapter 1 Part 6

24 hours late, I apologize. Both me and Ridwan were suddenly devoured mercilessly by real life recently. Anyway, enjoy.

Also, I was mistaken. It’s still chapter 1.


The Guidance Guild is one of the many institutions that can be found in Arcane=Arcadia. The building is located near the tall lighthouse, which stands at the center of this magnificent port. Known for its strict regulations, it even forbids its own members from borrowing more than one book at a time.

When the world still possessed vast habitable lands, the Hero of the Holy Sword’s arrival is said to have been prophesized by scriptures. These scriptures are the same ones used now to rally humanity under the ideal of hope. Possessing these scriptures, the institution’s role has become a place of authority, giving the people directions based on the scriptures’ contents. It also has the role of immediately publicizing any new revelations the scriptures might reveal in the future.

Hence, its name, the “Guidance Guild”.

The guild’s history tells of how its origins lay with ordinary people performing simple errands. But as time passed, the organization gained fame and authority, spreading its influence among the other floating islands by means of aircrafts blazing the trail into other new and unexplored areas.

Of course, all of this would be impossible without the help of adventurers.

That’s the reason why adventurers and the Guidance Guild have a close relationship with each other.

Gray enters the building. On this day, as with every other day, there’s trouble in the halls. Asking a spectator, he learns that a warrior threw an offensive joke at a dwarf, to which the latter responds with a fist to the warrior’s face.

Ignoring that, beastmen and witch-elves could be seen looking at bulletin boards, each of them looking lost. Then there are miners looking around, looking like they’re searching for something. Probably.

Overall, the entire hall’s filled with the common busyness of everyday life.

Within the room, there’s a visual projection of the sky map generated by a magic tool. This projection also shows news updates from the surrounding islands, flight schedules, weather forecasts and the like. Storms, monster activities, and accident patterns could also be seen. It’s an extremely handy tool.

Looking through all the disorganized information on the sky map, Gray expertly made quick notes as reference.

It appears as if there’s a lot more things happening on the surrounding islands than usual.


Pushing through the thick crowd, the party of two manages to arrive at the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist, recognizing Gray and Suriya, welcomes them with a smile as she listens to their report about their previous task.

“Well done, the monster sweep quest around the water source on Luis Island has been cleared.” (Receptionist)

A handsome young man wearing thick glasses who’s standing beside the receptionist stamps their papers to signify their cleared quest.

“Thanks! Ah, one more thing. Mister Maggie…” (Suriya)

“Uhh, Miss Suriya, about that…” (Receptionist)

“Aha, nevermind… How was the nickname? Hehe…” (Suriya)

The glasses-wearing young man nicknamed Maggie by Suriya shows a puzzled face.

“… Could you please not give me any weird nicknames? Maggie sounds girly, you know…” (Maggie)

(ED: Too late, we’re already labeling you Maggie. Goo)

“But isn’t it cute?” (Suriya)

“I don’t need cute! I’m a man!” (Maggie)

Somehow despite the noise in the hall, this conversation managed to be heard by others around them, and those who knew of the situation started laughing indiscreetly.

“Maggie is a cute name, you know!” people commented.

“Sorry about that, Magnus.” (Gray)

“If you’re sorry, please do something about it, Mr Gray” (Maggie)

(ED: We’re still labeling you as Maggie…)

“Impossible for me, nope” (Gray)

Hearing that, Maggie drops his shoulders in resignation.

“Since she insists, it’ll be hard for anyone, including me, to persuade her otherwise.” (Gray)

“Ah, fate is cruel, cruel, cruel, and unfair.” (Maggie)

“… Suriya, I told you not to mess with people.” (Gray)

Gray pinches her cheeks upwards, eliciting whimpers from Suriya going “dad hurd…”

This display made the crowd around them laugh even more, giving the area a rather comfortable atmosphere.

“By the way…” (Gray)

While continuing to pinch Suriya (and ignoring her futile protests), Gray speaks in a serious tone to continue his business.

“I have a favor to ask. Could you reserve a meeting room for us?” (Gray)


Editor Note: We apologize for the delay. We were both busy, so this chapter ended up an entire day late. This part is also exceptionally small, and even I think Arcadia needs to pick up the pace to really show its good sides.

I have a feeling that these small updates aren’t enough to justify Arcadia’s good points. Well, we’ll just see in the future.

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