Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 2-1

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Allied Nation>United Nation
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2. Who is the Slave?

「Though I said that I will be patient to wait, but please look it properly okay? Thanks, then I’m going」
After we have returned to the ground, immediately Alty head to the El-Thoralew Academy. I hope Alty’s wish can be fulfilled as in her expectation. Since she will meet with many boys and girls in the Academy.
While seeing Alty go, I take a long breath.
The air on the outside is the best after all. I was wrapped in comfort zone, unlike the danger that I had while I was in the Labyrinth.
While the sun is rising, suddenly I remembered something.
I have to pay a visit to the hospital and tell my condition to Dia.
I begin to head to the hospital where my comrade is being hospitalised. I arrange today’s plans inside my head.
From now on, I intend to visit her more regularly. I’d like to report about my result.
I have arrived at my destination, the biggest hospital in Varte.
Perhaps when I enter her room, she will still be sleeping.
But, when I enter, the room is being filled by the light of magic.
The light is similar to the light that I saw when I had the battle with Tidus.
「Dia………What are you doing……?」
「Oh, Sieg! Eh, What? This is rehabilitation….?」
Dia who is sitting cross-leg on the bed looks like she is playing on something with the light.
「Well, Have you been told by the doctor that you must rest?」
「I have been told so…but because this week is full of rehabilitation, I don’t have a time to practice」
「Just listen to me, do as the doctor told you!」
As I Said so, I put my hand on her head. Dia nodded obediently while staring at me.
「I get it. I will do as you said」
「Yea, Do that. If your rehabilitation got extended, that just bringing you more trouble」
「Hahaha, You are right」
I’m happy that Dia is able to laugh happily.
「Then, Sieg. How was it?」
「Ah, I have reached the 11th floor. I think I would be able to advance more ahead」
I don’t have any intend to tell the detail point.
Especially related to Alty. I have intended to solve it by my own. I just don’t want to worry her more.

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I’m enough with things has happened to Dia who have to use an artificial arm.
「See? Look, you can do it after all. You were able to do it even without me, weren’t you? Have more confidence!」
「Thanks, Dia. But, I would be glad if Dia can stand by my side」
「No, that won’t do. Me now, I still can’t match your power. That’s why just wait. I will be back after I’m able to become suitable partner to match your power……!」
「Ah, Oh, okay」
Dia is looking at me with a new faith. I feel strong resolution in her deep’s eyes. Like always.
「Hmm, Until I get out, just seven days to go. If I’m not mistake, on that day is Holy Birthday」
Then suddenly Dia recalled something.
Looks like on the day Dia discharged from the hospital is Holy birthday festival.
「Is there a festival in United Nation too?」
「Yea, To give respect to the heroes who founded the United Nation, we are celebrating it every year. The festival is going to be held by the north country, Whoseyards in before several days of Holy Birthday. After that, on the day of Holy Birthday, grand ceremony is going to be held by Cathedral of Whoseyards」
Dia explained to me politely about the festival which I’m not familiar with.
「is That so? I didn’t know about that since I came from far away country. But, just right. After you discharge, want to go together?」
「Oh, Good idea. Hummmppph. I have to recover quickly so I can join the festival!」
「Just get better soon, you should stop with your magic training okay?」
「I, okay!」
The room atmosphere became cheerful after we talk about the festival.
A companion is a good idea after all.
After I got involved with Alty and Franruhle’s party, my thinking changed to have a party is better. But, Dia needs seven days. Between that time, I get too many times.
It is regrettable despite the blame is on me.
My visit ended in one hour.
The time passed in no time.
To avoid long-time visit so Dia will be able to get recover quickly, I decided to take my leave.
Seeing me leave, Dia is still waving her hand.
So, I’m alone again.
Walking alone in the town, I’m thinking about the next things that I should do. Today is still afternoon because I prioritised to part with Alty as soon as possible.
I still have enough remaining HP and MP. However, doesn’t mean that I have to go to the Labyrinth again today. I want to avoid unnecessary trouble.
I arrange my next schedule while walking around.
Today, I’m able to do a lot of things. Also, thanks to the magic stone which was dropped by Tidus, I got plenty of money.
But, I don’t have a thing to spend any more after I bought necessities for the Labyrinth already.
Walking around while thinking about the next thing I should do, I arrived at the place where the area is not close to the Labyrinth.
I found a boorish wooden house where the road had been planted with gems. The surrounding is lively.
There are children playing. The old woman who seemed to be tired is carrying a pack. A lot of Warriors who have returned from the Labyrinth can be seen. There are also  woman who are washing clothes.
To look at people’s daily life, this is my first time since the only thing I care was only about Labyrinth. Then an interesting thing suddenly crossed my mind.
「Ah, I’m able to buy a house….」
I grasp the pouch which contained gold coins.
I don’t have any trouble about renting the space in the bar. But, I can’t take owner’s kindness forever. Honestly, I should have stayed at lodging with my income. But the present, I have plenty of gold coins. It is not wise to take a stay at lodging. Because I’m able to buy the house.
I begin to walk.
Now, I don’t walk aimlessly like before, My objective is to look for the agency.

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