~Main Characters~


Name: Kanami AikawaKanami

「I will definitely save you, Therefore, I willー!!」

The eleventh grader who lost in Different World.
His quality is 7.00 and the dimension attribute that it is high, and are specialized in a magical power in strangely. There can be He only the talent of the dimension attribute, and more He can use freezing magic and sword as well. He received the advantage of the game-like “system” in Different World, for the reasons are unclear.
He aim at the most deep part of Different World Labyrinth in order to return to his original world.

Name: DiaDhia

The sexless girl of the blond Westerner. But the person calls herself a man rigidly.

With no talent of the sword, but the class is a swordsman. She has strong admiration toward a swordsman and like the close combat very much. She become a friend of Kanami and started to conquering the labyrinth together.

By the way, there are less people who are believing her together with a man.

「If you are fine with me, do you want to go to the labyrinth with me?」


Name: Lastiara ・ WhoseyardsLas Tiara

She helped Kanami who lost in the labyrinth.

Afterwards, She helped Kanami level up for unknown purpose.

She is a knight who is specialized in physical ability.

「You, You are really interesting――」


Name: MariaMaria

The slave girl who came from Fania.

Although she met Kanami who are wandering in the slave trading――?

「……My name is Maria, I’m called as Maria」