~Main Characters~


Name: Kanami AikawaKanami

「I will definitely save you! I willー!!」

The eleventh grader who’s lost in another world.
His quality is 7.00 with high values in the Dimension attribute, a weird attribute to specialize in. He has talent with his own attribute, and on top of that, can use freezing magic and swords rather well. For reasons unknown, the world, with its game-like system, blessed him when he was spirited away.
He aims to reach the deepest floor of the labyrinth in an attempt to return to his original world.

Name: DiaDhia

The androgynous girl that looks similar to a blonde Westerner. Yet she refers to herself as a man…

Even if she has no talent with the sword whatsoever, her class is a swordsman. She admires other swordsmen and prefers close combat. She befriends Kanami and, together, they explore the labyrinth.

By the way, only a few people believe that she’s together with a man.

「If you are fine with me, do you want to go to the labyrinth with me?」


Name: Lastiara ・ WhoseyardsLas Tiara

She helped Kanami when he was inside the labyrinth. Afterwards, she raised Kanami’s level for some reason.

She is a talented knight with extraordinary abilities.

「You! You’re an interesting guy――」


Name: MariaMaria

The slave girl who came from Fania.

She met Kanami who was wandering the slave market, but――?

「……My name is Maria. You may call me as such.」