Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 2-3

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Over there is a girl whom I know.
For several days before, she told me her name.
ー「…I’m called Maria. My name is Maria」ー
I recalled the voice of the girl whose name is Maria.
Accidentally, her empty eyes are looking at me again.
She also seems to remember about me. With a slight of light in her hollow eyes, our eyes cross each other.
「N, Brother, Do you want that slave?」
A Man’s voice came to my ear.
「Brother, what do you mean by that? I could see your intention you know? 」
While ignoring the Man’s voice, I kept staring at the girl named Maria.
There is nothing special in this girl.
Her status has not changed since I saw her previously, she is just a talentless girl whom you could find anywhere.
However, when I talked with that girl, she got my sympathy.
ーThis is bad.
「Oh, the Auction has started」
The man is keep talking even thought I kept silence.
After the battle with Tidus, I’m getting to organize my emotions. That is why, I have such feeling right now.
「Ah. If you let this continue, she is going to be bought by that kind bad looking Noble over there you know? Brother」
I have been noticed.
I can save that slave if I just spend the money.
It is fine, I just shout my voice. Just shout my voice and save that little girl named Maria.
It ripped my heart. I can’t just ignore her. All of this because of this Man.
「…Hey, How could I participate in this auction?」
「N? Brother, are you interested in this auction? If you want to join, you just have to raise your hand and say the price to bid, the staff will do the rest」
I immediately understand his explanation. I just have to raise my hand and say the price to bid.

But in the end, I’m trying to hold back my reason.
There is no meaning to just help one person. My bad. So it came to a decision.
The excuse is overlapping my mind. If I could save her, it will lift up a bit of my mind. In order to not activate the skill of ??? Again, I have to lift up my mind as possible. Fortunately, I still have plenty of money. That is why.
I raised my voice out.
It made the eyes of Maria openly wide. While on that, she began to stare at me.
The ROAR rang throughout the entire hall.
Everybody in the hall began to pay their attention to me. Everybody is amused by making noise. Everybody became interested in me and chattering with each other. everybody in this hall is rich people who are looking at those slave as an interesting human toys.
「Well then, A young has risen the bid by two times! That is what makes this slave more valuable, so any gentlemen dare to over the bid!?’
The auction spokesman accelerates the atmosphere inside the hall. Heat up the atmosphere to encourage the crowd.
Then the man beside me laugh.
「Hahaha, Brother, what with that sudden rise? If you did that much it will, See?’
While laughing the man point out to a certain direction. He points out toward the certain noble who has bid before me.
The noble crowd raises the noise as loud.
「Wow, Fevre lord is entering the bid! Like the previous young man did, TWO TIMES! This is going to become a hot battle, so the price has risen by 4 TIMES!」
The noble who did bid is looking at me. Though he sits in the distant seats, but he likely doesn’t have a good impression for me. The Auction Spokesman is happy because the price of the product has much risen.
Then the man who is beside me begin to speak to me again.
Indeed, I was too hasty. I’m such a fool.
People became interested, due to my sudden unreasonable bid. The price of Maria becomes too much. Though there is no such special talent in Maria.
The auction spokesman became calm and continue to enthusiastic the participator.
‘You look like in trouble, huh? Brother. If you don’t mind, May I do it for you?」
But I shake flattery to the man.
Because this man is suspicious and disgusting.
「Do it for me? Why do you want to lend a hand to me?’
I correspond the man’s offer with a careful word.
「No, nothing. Because this is just interesting」
But the man solidification without flinching, grinning and laughing near me. It’s exactly what seemed to be just for laughs.
「Like as if you are able to do it. I tell you that I don’t have much budget to spend anymore」
「It’s possible. So how much your budget?」
The man is asking my budget and saying “It’s possible”/
To say that so easily.
I shake my head and twist a huge pose for the money I could spend.
「…Three gold coins. My limit is up three coins」
「So if it is just 4 gold coins is possible. Wait a moment」
「Well it doesn’t mean that I believe in you」
「Its fine, it’s fine. you just wait」
On saying that, the man has joined the battle of the bid.
He raises his hand and bid the price. I’m just looking at the situation silently.
I stood out so much very close, but not visible.
So the situation became the bid battle. While on the other side, the noble raise his hand again while glaring at the man who is beside me. Apparently, this man’s face seems wider.
So the man and the noble lord Fevre are having the bid battle while the man is being careful to use the up of three gold coins from me. I feel weird at the end.
「Look! I succeed for the bid」
He declared that he won the bid of Slave Maria easily.
But, the price is a little bit above then I have offered.
「……I told you it was up 3 gold coins」
「Oh, It is bad? If it’s so, I could give the bid over to that lord Fevre over there you know?’
「ーIt is true I asked you for help, so I will take up to my word」
「Hahaha, Interesting. Then, It became up to 4 gold coins」
Then the man asks for the money.
I give up and let out a sigh.
「I don’t really mind」
‘Oh, was that okay?」
‘I don’t want to be struggling over on your palm’
「If you just give up it become so uninteresting. Hahaha, come on will you let me play you a little more?>」
He stood up while laughing with a nasty face. And, he beckoned me.
「Brother, should you get the product right now?」
「…I’m going」
The men was likeable to see my emotions.

Me and the man heading to exit the auction and are being guided by the staff to the destined location. Over there, the slave is being assembled.
I can see Maria over there. And, Maria kept staring at me.
Then the man has finished the procedure and hand over the Maria. Maria Immediately walked over to me. I take out my four gold coins from my chest pocket and slammed it into the man’s palm.
「Yup, this is exactly 4 gold coins. Brother. Please register the slave collar and do freely as you like」

While the Maria is on my side, I talk to the men.
「Well here since it is you, I thought that you had some another objective」
「Nope, I’m just happy to be able to help you, Brother. That is why, I don’t have such a intend. Rather I became interested in you」
「……You have a bad taste」
「But, thanks to me you were saved. No, If I wasn’t here you wouldn’t be hesitant, would you?」
He is just keeping teasing as he likes to what he sees inside of me.
「Let put end to this. I’m going to take out this girl」
To leave this man as soon as possible is the right thing to do. Then the man stopped me.
「Donot be so hurry Brother. Let me Introduce myself. After that, you can do as you like」
「Don’t think I would give my name so easily.」
I don’t have such a intend to give my name but the man is still insisting. The man laughs and begins to introduce himself.
「My name is Palinchron. The knight of the northern Whoseyards. Though, I’m one of the havens celestial 7 knights you know?」
Said So, Palinchron make a gesture of swinging the sword, though it is nothing in his hand.
The gesture is overflowing. Even though it is nothing in his hand, for a moment I look an illusion of the sword on his natural movement. Likely that is one of his skills.
I feel threatened by looking his technique while I check the status of Palinchron.


Name: Palinchron Legacy HP301/312 MP59/62 Class: Knight
Level 32
Strength 7.89 Vit 9.87 Dex11.89 speed 5.67 Wisdom 7.34 Mpw 4.77 Quality 1.80
Origin Skill: Observant 1.45
Acquired Skills: Sword 1.89 Holy Magic 1.23 Body Art 1.87 Cursed Art 0.54

The human who possess such high level as well numerous skill.
This Palinchron is not an ordinary human.
Strengthen my position I deployed the Dimension. And, I take my ready pose with my right to get ready to take the sword in storage anytime.
「Hahaha, don’t get nervous to that extent. I just have come here to see you」
In response to my action, Palinchron raised his both hands while showing no such a intend.
「Seeing me?」
「Yup you. I tailed you carefully to not being noticed by you」

Palinchron saying it like it was nothing.
I try to look at his word and confirm he is lying or not. Though this Palinchron has such a high status with him.
「N, You tailed me?」
「I heard from my master about a certain person. So I just wanted to see that person with my eyes」
“My master?” Who?
「I don’t get what you are saying. Is your master is Franruhle?」
She is the only one I can think. Franruhle who I met inside the Labyrinth.
「Franruhle? No, different. …… To make out the name of one daughter of helvirushain is something. I’m not wrong, you are interesting. Brother」
Palinchron said his master is not Franruhle. But, I can’t think of anyone else besides her.
「Well I don’t know about your master. I can’t recall anything」
「Hee, I see. Well, That’s fine. It was my wish to see you as much as possible anyway. You don’t have to waste your time about who is my master」
While saying so he turns back and heads the opposite.
「See you, Brother」
Palinchron walks outside while raising his hands to say goodbye.
I hope I won’t into him again. But, I just can’t forgive the level of Palinchron. If I had a battle with, I don’t know what will happen. So it’s better to not bump into him in near time.
The tension is solved when the appearance of Palinchron has gone.
Then I turn my eyes to Maria and apparently she had watched me. Looks like she is watching me since from the beginning.
Though feeling an abnormal behind Maria, I take her hand to make a departure.
「Come with me」
Maria nods in my action.
After all, I bought a slave to redeem myself.
ーAa, I get it.
It doesn’t have any connection to my mentality issue after all.
Though I got plenty of money but wasn’t able to spend it wisely.
It was such a waste.
I decided to not come again to slave market while thinking so, I’m pulling the cold hands of Maria to a new house.

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