Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 1-4

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「With this, I will finish you!」(~wa)
Franruhle smashes the head of the giant boss monster in an elegant way.
Then, the boss monster loses it’s balance and fall. Franruhle who is in the air, falling down to the ground.

As her employer, I’m going to her rescue.
I catch her fall.  something like this happened before, Franruhle cheeks blushed.
However, she looks like she doesn’t mind about her situation. Then, immediately I confirm the others situation.

I look at Rayner, who is Franruhle shield. He is really tired. He is fixing his breath while his shoulder intensely moves up and down. And Erna who is demi-human, defeating boss monster’s minion in a far-off place. She really treasured her life so she didn’t come to join the attack at the front. In addition, the Dragonewt, Snow as the scout also is not motivated.

I can easily describe them. These four people don’t understand roles in a party.
Strangely as individual, they have high combat skill. Their effort is different when they act as a party and act individual alone.

「We did it! With this, the 8th level is cleared! Having Mr Sieg joining us, we are able to advance at high speed! As expected from my knight!」
「Co, Congratulation, Franruhle… But, don’t forget, your brother was risking his life to protect you…」
Rayner who is out of breath and almost vomit blood come to approach us.
「Haa, haaa…… It’s alright, Sieg. My only value is to protect my elder sister. I will become trash If I couldn’t do that much. Am I a trash? Hahahaha, Hahahaha, ha, haaa…, haaaa…」
Rayner is laughing, eventhough he looks like he is going to die.
Looks like their family background is complicated. It will be troublesome to get involved. So I will make sure not to get in deep enough to their problem.
To not hearing them until the end, I make up my mind to leave this party as soon as possible.

Erna who fought in a safe area is coming back.
I understand that Erna doesn’t have any intention to pass the test through combat. Her stance is prioritising herself. Sometimes, only when she interested, she helps the brother and sister. She just will move according to the merit and demerit of result anyway. I like her way, but, obviously, I don’t want to entrust my back to someone like her.
「….Fu. ………I’m tired, good work!」
Snow also return lazily. Actually, she is the most troublesome.

Name: Snow Walker HP:511/533  MP:211/240   Class: Scout
Level 14
Str10.22   Vit:10.01   Dex:5.24    Speed:5.43    Wisdom7.91   Mpw10.84    Quality2.62
Origin Skill: Dragon’s Divine Protection1.09  Suitable Performance1.89   Ancient Magic2.02
Insight1.07  Blood Magic1.00
Acquired Skills: None

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Her level is the highest in this party, more ever her ability is high. Perhaps it was thanks to her Dragon race’s blood. If I count Dia out, she is the strongest labyrinth explorer that I have ever seen. More ever, her ability is very attractive. Honestly, she is the talented person that I seek.
But, seems to me she doesn’t have any motivation at all.
Although she is capable of high magic, she only used physical strength till this far.

She still doesn’t show us her full ability.
According to Franruhle, she joined the party to fulfil the requirement as the party and after I asked this to Snow, she said that 「I can’t go home if there is no one die」
A reckless young lady. A knight of a young boy who is only looking after his elder sister. A
selfish demi-human warrior. An unmotivated Dragonewt. With all that, this party is the worst.

This is going to downgrade their school’s reputation. There should be a teacher, teaching them in school. I wonder what would the teacher think about them anyway. If the teacher was me, I would have stop them. I will stop them by all means.
Though, currently I’m just a hired soldier as their bodyguard.

Franruhle becomes quiet after collecting the drop, then she shout an order to all members.

「Thanks for your work, Rayner, Erna, Snow. Now, let’s hurry to reach 9th level. With our pace like this, to reach 9th level is not an impossible things anymoreー」

My employer begins walking cheerfully. Their main goal remains 2 more.
Defeating 9th boss monster, and bring back the “Eternal Flame” which can be found at 10th level.

According to Franruhle’s story, there is no boss in 10th level. Then, I could hear a laughter beside my ear.
With this pace, to defeat the 9th level boss monster is not a problem. Likewise, it put me more burden to protect them.
If I compare this party with my efficient way like I did in the game which I played in my original world and party together with Dia, this party is stressing me more.  Honestly, I’d like to run away. Really…
N…No, calm down.
Just one more step. It will be ended soon after this step.
Calm down, just think about the positive things.
Uh. I’m doing well.

This is worth by means to reach 10th level. After this over, it is going to be a great experience for me. This is better than doing alone. This is a good opportunity.
With that in mind, I began to walk to the front.
Since Snow is the scout, her position is at the front.
「Okay then, shall we go? Snow, let’s go first」

I walk while secretly stealing look at snow.
Despite she is a Dragonewt, her appearance is human-like. To give an illustration of what I see, small horns grow in her head, dark blue hair and a tail sprout from her back. Seems to me, her horns is just a symbol of her race and I don’t have interest to her tail since she is wearing long clothes.
If she has more motivation, she will really look beautiful in her national clothes.

「……What’s the matter?」
She noticed me and glares at me. As expected, high level explorer.
To kill my curiosity, I ask Snow to confirm it.
「Nothing, by the way, Snow, Why did you take this exam? I see you don’t have any motivation though」
「……Because I don’t have enough credit」
「Yup, credit is…that’s… It is hard to explain, another chance…」
So she has her own problem…
「I’m not sure myself, but the credit is the point in order to advance in the school right? Because your point is not enough, so you have to take this exam right?」
The system is similar to my original world. It should be more like a University.
「……Oh, wonderful. it is just like you explained. Though you are not a student but you understand the system」

I guess I’m correct. Snow shows a surprised expression.
「I see. So you didn’t have any choice but to take the exam, did you? That’s why, you don’t have any motivation at all for this… But, are you fine with that? If you don’t clear this exam, you are not going to get the credit you know?」
「Nope, I guess this exam is to more about showing the guts to challenge the Labyrinth. Above all, just by participating you will get the credit」
「Ah, I see…」
That’s why you don’t have any motivation to clear this exam.
This makes me remember the students in my original world. In order to get the credit, uninteresting subject is also taken and sleep along the class time.
「Mr. Sieg The scout’s role will be enough to leave it to Snow alone, please come here!」
While having a talk with Snow, I heard Franruhle’s voice behind me.
After I turn around, Franruhle is calling me while shaking her hand.
An annoying Employer. I just wanted to gain more information from Snow, but nothing I can do but go back to Franruhle’s side.

I steps back and begin to walk side by side with Franruhle.
While I’m guarding the left side of Franruhle, Rayner is taking her right side.
Tailing with us, Erna walk at rear side.
「……hmm, Mr. Sieg, don’t you feel curious about me?」
「Eh, about what….?」
「About my life or anything you want to know」
Franruhle’s question caught me off guard. Looks like she doesn’t like me being quiet.
However, I don’t have any interest in Franruhle. In this party, the one that got me interested is Snow. If I compared Franruhle to Snow, their gap is really far.
If I let this be, this is going to be more annoying. So I have to build some mood with her. In this way, we cleared 8th level already.

If only they are more willing in this exam, monsters should be able to be dealt easier for them. This party is only have high specs. Just the specs.
Along we go down to 9th level, there no idle talk anymore.,
As the exam is going to an end, the tension is rising.
After we finished the preparation, seems like Snow already noticed the boss monster’s hiding. Without hesitation, snow begins forward to the boss area. The corridor has less light and scaffold is becoming worse. In this way, we keep on forward on the rock-like path.
At the end of the path, the boss monster appeared, it’s name is Legion Bat.

It is a huge bat. This Legion Bat have troublesome ability like giving a mortal wound and restoring itself by combining with the other bat. I heard that students who are attend the lecture should be able to solve the situation even in the dark where there is no light.
But for me, as long I have my magic 《Dimension》, this boss can be dealt easily.
Simply dark, it is meaningless before my ability which able to grasp through the space.
All things considered, the boss raid is ended in no time.
Though it succeeds to made a surprise attack, but we were able to counter it with the help of my 《Dimension》
Then we advanced smoothly. As long Franruhle and friends doesn’t make any fatal move, victory is ours.
This made me stressful, but we cleared until this far without taking much time.
In this way, we head to the 10th level.
Down go down on the “Correct Path”, we are heading to the 10th level.
The flame in the back of my ear, Alty, make a reaction like returning home.

(Finally, we arrived at the 10th level. I’m homeー)

In the corridor of 10th level, brightness filled the corridor.
A room which covered by the flame all over the place. This is 10th level inside the Labyrinth.

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