Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 1-3

Well this time it is not me who translated it but, my editor. She asked me to translate this part into Indonesian then she translated into English. As you can see, her english is much better than me, even better than she did check on my mistakes…
never mind,Enjoy~
Translated by my Editor.

[A test?]

[Yes, we’re doing final assignment from our school, challenging this labyrinth]

The young woman with twin-tails on hear head answered, bragging. The young woman as the group leader, explain the situation they’re in.

Looks like Franruhle and her friends are students from a school which is located on the west part of the country, El-ThoraLew. I’ve heard that El-ThoraLew is a country where magics and cultures develop very fast. Lots of well-known educational institutions, located near the labyrinth.

It looks like Franruhle is really from one of that school.

[Heee… Really?]

But their story has nothing to do with me.

If only I have spare time… Probably I can hear their story.

[We can’t get a first class labyrinth explorer qualification with our families’ authorities. To get that qualification, we have to challenge this labyrinth with our own strength]

Honestly, I just want to get away quickly from this place. But because of Franruhle story is too long, it seems impossible.

[That’s great. If you guys are that good, then, it should be no problem after this, right. Well then, I’m going to take my leave]

[Please, please wait a moment! Excuse me, excuse me please! We, from a noble family, will be ashamed if we can’t thank you to the person who saved our lives!]

Every time I want to go, the red shade on Franruhle face disappear. I know what that means even though I can’t read situation that well. Looks like Franruhle wants to go with me. With a good intention, she probably wants to finish his test easily, sticking with me.

(Fufufufu, fufufufu) I can hear a laughter clearly beside my ears.

[Hey, Rayner. And you guys… Ah, Mr. Sieg, this is my little brother]

The man who previously nearly got killed, step in front.

He wore a small sized uniform and stand tall. But his aura is so different from his older sister, Franruhle.

He has the same blonde hair, only darker. They have the same eye colour.

[Sieg, I really thank you for saving our lives. But, as you can see, would you, as someone who is really an expert and has skills as a labyrinth explorer, to persuade my filthy rich-older sister to just come back home?]

Rayner, you just said a poisonous word.

Yes, the thing that he said is so contrary with what just happened to him.

[Rayner, what did you just say?!]

[My sister, it’s best for us to give this man a prize. Go back, get out from this labyrinth and go home. I guess that will be the best. As for now, it’s best for us just to give up]

Looks like Rayner doesn’t have any motivation to explore the labyrinth. All that he wants is just persuading his sister, Franruhle, back home.

But for me, this will still be a problem.

As for me, the problem is, his sister likes me. And, I want to continue my journey.

[Rayner, thank you for your kindness, but I’m in a rush]

[Ah, please wait a moment. Before you go, please persuade my sister. If you succeed, I will give you a prize!]

Because Rayner is really pleading, I stop my steps.

He’s such a jerk.

Ok, I will do something to persuade his sister.

[No. I’m Franruhle. Whatever happens, I don’t take orders. Because this is not just one person problem, this is about Helvyrushain’s family dignity]

No matter how I see it, I can see that Franruhle is not going to give up.

When I’m in the middle of this siblings quarrel, a third person gets in the conversation.

[Na… Brother. Can I ask something from you? Who is an expert in exploration?]

A beastmen with a big sword in her hip, appears. But this Beast men wears a very neat clothing. And her face is really resembles human. Its name is Erna.


After hearing it, I ask it back.

Honestly, it’s best for me to just go from this place as fast as I can. But I, Kanami Aikawa, who is a gamer, after hearing someone’s pleading…

[Yes, a request-hmmm here I have 1 gold coin. With this prize, would you take us exploring this labyrinth? I see that you’re so strong, so I want you to be our bodyguard with this prize. And also, I want to get the highest score in this test. So I hope you can help us. -Nyahahaha, looks like I lost my mind]

Just like when I play the game, this is a ‘quest’.

In my curiosity, this makes me a little bit motivated.

Then again, I’m really interested, seeing what’s behind Erna’s ear if her headband is taken off. What kind of ears will appear? From her laugh, it’s probably cat’s ear.

It makes me curious since I haven’t seen any half cat-half human in this world.

[Yes, yes right! Be our guardian! Do you agree, Rayner?!]

After Franruhle said that, followed by Rayner. After seeing his sister got her spirit back, he seems relax again.

[No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. To explore, we need an older and more professional explorer. From what I see, there will be no use getting help from someone who is still  young.]

[There’s no such thing! Mr. Sieg is not someone without skill!]

Franruhle senselessly counter her brother’s word.

Her senselessness is scaring.

I keep my distance from her.

Erna who can’t stand this situation any longer, approach me and whisper something with a low voice.

[Hey… Here, see this brother… ~ seems like our princess likes you very much, brother. Before The Princess do anything weird, it will be better for you to act like a knight who can comfort her. I understand this situation, so how about I double the prize? Very unthinkable, 2 gold coins ~ the one who will lead the way is this dragonewt, will be enough. Only until level 10 will be fine. Whatever happens, we won’t complain if you leave us, just please go with us.]

(Watermark, Please visit the original link be fooled, at the moment I haven’t gave permission to any site that published my translation, thanks and enjoy)

Seems like Erna will cry at any moment if I let it be. Looks like any weird thing that this Princess will do, will be very scary. I’m not so sure about what I should do. This is why I want to leave this place.

If I go, 2 gold coins will also disappear. From the way they talk, seems like they really are from noble families who are very rich. So the prize won’t be a lie. Then again, the request is really tearing my heart.

The result is I really want to accept the request.

[I understand. Because I have something to do deep inside this labyrinth, I don’t mind to go together until 10th level… So it’s hard on you too…]

Erna stops it’s tears after hearing me accepted the request.

[Thanks, brother. Hey, it’s decided, Fran! Sieg will accompany us as a bodyguard until the 10th level! Yeayy, thank goodness~!]

Erna reports to the group.

[Ahhh, amazing! Mr. Sieg will be a knight to protect me!]


[No, no I’m not going to be a knight… I’m just going to be a little help… So please everyone]

After explaining myself to Franruhle, I also introduce myself to them. And all three of them reply me back.

[I’m Rayner. Sieg, I’m counting in you. Honestly I just want to go home. But on the contrary, seems like I need to be ready to become my sister’s shield. Because that’s the only thing that I can do]

[I’m Erna, a beastmen warrior. And this kid, who doesn’t talk, is Snow. She has a talent as scout]

[… Hallo]

all three of the introduce themselves.

[And I, Franruhle, the seventh daughter from Helvyrushain family. Mr. Sieg, I’m counting on you!]

With her introduction, Franruhle became the party leader. I’m only joining for a while.

On the contrary, the laughter behind me won’t stop.

(Fufufu, good. Isn’t it good? Interesting. You don’t have to worry until the 10th level. Will be easy for them. Then again, they are lucky that I’m the guardian of the 10th level)

Alty is very happy with the situation I’m in now.

With this, we continue our journey. a party with 5 members. For them to pass the test, they need to get items. The items which are from boss monsters, from every level, as proof of their labyrinth exploration.

Only item from the 10th level or up, will be acknowledged by the school, that they’re the first class explorer.

Just like Alty said, it’s true that they will achieve it easily. Because the 10th level guardian is working with us secretly.

5 people +α Alty. Yes, With that, not much thing can harm us. But the reality is tough.

The exploration with 5 team member is starting. But in reality, I have to face 5 exhausting battle, compare if I do it alone, because I have to give much more energy to protect them also…

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