Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 1-2

Note: I changed “Indication” to “Display”
            “Dimension Battle Operation” to “Gladiate Dimension”
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With Alty’s cooperation together, we cleared 4th and 5th level of the Labyrinth.

I’m aiming for 2 things today.

First is, Advance alone in the Labyrinth. Dia said that I would be able to advance by myself. That’s why I have to prove it.

In a special way, this one of my goals has been achieved. Strictly speaking, even we are looks like 2 people but, as a human I’m alone. In fact, this situation will become much more dreadful by going alone, but just as a proof is already enough that I’m able to advance If I was alone.

The second is to pick up Dia’s hand.

We arrived at the place where I had a battle with Tidus previously, 5th level.

However, I look around, looking Dia’s arm, but I wasn’t able to find it. It might taken by someone. Or it might self-purification of Labyrinth’s itself. For example like a monster have eaten it.

Then, Alty answers me while troubled me is putting my hand on my chin.

「Since it has been gone, looks like it is not possible to recover Dia’s hand anymore.」

「Gone? what do you mean?」

「This place is the inside of Labyrinth…」

She said in deep meaning.

Alty is the Labyrinth’s boss monster after all. She might tell the truth. Dia’s hand will never return since it is expected inside the Labyrinth.

Because there is no clue anymore, we decided to advance more to the 6th level.

And, I expand my 《Dimension》to look the nearby’s prey.


A scream interrupted my action.

After I moved my body a little because of surprise, I pulled my sword and looked around.

However, there is nobody. The scream is not in my view.

「Oh, A scream. What are you going to do?」

Unlike me, Alty made calm posture.

Since this is the inside of the Labyrinth, it is obviously you can hear a scream anywhere. It is better I just ignore them since everybody who is challenging the labyrinth has to be responsible for themselves. But, this scream, is not wise to just ignore them.

The scream was strangely shrill. Like a child’s scream.

If it a grown up’s voice, I might be able to ignore it calmly. But, it might the another side is just a child after all.

Hypothetically I got the situation. I know my point of view is not match in this different world. However, If I let them be, I might won’t be able to sleep easily.

「Sieg, if you had a time make such a face you better go save them now」

By seeing such a face of mine, Alty gave me an advice.

「Alty, what do you think?」

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I’m anxious even though it is boss monster’s opinion.

「Of course, saving them is a wise decision. But, you must take all of the responsibility until the end. It is not a wrong option if you would be able to do it in your power. That’s what I can say to you」

The monster in front of me is saying respectable words.

sounds like I heard from a different person. Even she said that helping people is wise, but looks like she herself doesn’t have that kind of intention.

「So Alty wanna help them too?」

「Nope. Since I’m a monster anyway. I don’t mean to help a human, but except you?」

Her words have a kindness but her attitude is cold. I got what she mean by keeping her role as the monster. So this is going to be me for the rescue.

This is an urgent situation. I don’t have time to hesitate anymore. I decided hastily.

「Be right back, I’m going to help them. I just can’t ignore them」

I expanded my 《Dimension》while hating myself.

Hundreds of meters ahead, a formed party of four people are fighting against a large-scale monster in the corridor where it has wide space.

I got the situation where one person is fall in the crisis state, I run towards without waiting for the answer.

「ーAh. youーafter allー」

While I’m running on the way, I heard a voice from the Alty’s direction.

However, since I’m hurrying up towards the formed party of the four people, I wasn’t able to hear Alty’s words until the end.

I run through the corridor like a beast while leaving Alty behind. While I’m advancing toward their direction, the water-level in the corridor is increasing. Finally, I reached the place where the battle is occurring.

At the centre of the corridor, appeared a huge boss monster that had innumerable grown tentacle. At the first glance, I can see a giant squid, Kraken. The monster which appeared like an octopus has 14 more wriggles.

One of the member party, the young boy with gold hair is being caught by the Kraken. His foot is caught by it’s tentacle. And then, I can see a  young girl who one of the member parties is trying to save the young boy. Though the others two is going to help the young boy as well but the monster becomes a wall for them, so they are not able to approach more.

This is the worst. I can tell the people of the party is around the same age as me. Even there is a little girl too.

My stress will become serious if I let them be.

Therefore, I shout at once with my full power.

「I will help you!!! I’m not your enemy!!!」

First, I declared that I’m not their enemy.

According to this world’s circumstances, this is going to be looked like stealing their prey.

Without hearing the answer to my declaration, I run to a large-scale monster.

At this time the situation turns into worse. The young boy is about being eaten and the young girl is being caught as well.

「ーーMagic《Gladiate Dimension》!」

Though the monster already noticed my intention and is trying to get in my way, but with my sharp sense, I’m able to approach with minimum movement.

First, I climbed up to where the young girl is being lifted up to space, still on that way I cut off the tentacle’s part which grabbed the young girl. I returned my sword into the sheath at once and I held the falling young girl.

「Kyaaa! E, Eh?」

The young girl doesn’t seem able to grasp the situation at this moment. With a small scream, a question is floated.

And, by the seconds passed the young girl finally noticed her situation and made a reddened face. I don’t have time to explain. Immediately I lower the young girl on the ground and make a haste toward the next target.

The worst problem is the young boy.

I tore off the part of tentacle which holding the young boy’s foot and saved him before he got eaten by the Kraken.

I catch the falling young boy and separated from the Huge Kraken immediately.

「Ah, Ha….」

Because of fear, the boy isn’t even able to speak a single word. Is he around one year younger than me? his body trembles and his fave is pale . His body seems to hardly able to move in this state.

In order to make the boy feel safe, I make a smile and smile as much more gently as possible and then I pat his head.

「Everything is alright now. Just relax. So, go make a little more distant from me」

「Ah, Ha, Yes……」

The young boy who regained his calm is nodding while my arm is still on his head.

I confirmed that he got away from me, now I make a turn towards the monster.

The only left is to defeat this Kraken. Holding my sword, I use 『Display』on the Kraken.


【Monster】Carapace Kraken: Rank 7


Is the length about 5 meters? If I see more its appearance, it is pretty close resemble a squid. It is just like a monster combination of shrimp and squid.

Its movement’s body is slow and the main force of the monster is centred at the tentacles. I can tell it is the type of aquatic monster and it doesn’t have any special ability.

But still, the condition is dry by dealing its innumerable tentacles alone.

On that way, while I feel don’t have any choice anymore, suddenly a flame runs into the battlefield.

「……Eh, Flame?」

Since I’m using 《Dimension》, I got it where the direction comes from. I’m certain it is not from the 4 four peoples behind me.

Like a magic, the flame runs toward the monster and its tentacle is burnt. Obviously, this is…

「By any chance this is……」

I predict this flame comes from Alty, then I begin to make an attack toward the Kraken as well as the flame burning the tentacle.

I run to make an approach and then cut off the coming tentacles, and tore apart it. At that moment, a part seems to be an internal organ can be seen. I smashed it one after another. Then, for the finishing blow, I make a jump toward the Kraken’s head and stabbed on the head.


The monster is screaming. Without caring its scream, I try to put a force upon my sword that stabbed on its head, make a cut and tears it again. After I brought finishing blow at the monster, I separated from the monster immediately.

a black fluid splattered on the ground from the monster’s gaping wounds. The innumerable tentacle is not moving anymore and following after that it became light then disappeared.


【Title『Darkness of the Ocean』is aqquired】

Dex is added by 1


After I confirmed my status using display, I look around my surrounding.

Even after the boss monster is fallen, doesn’t mean its minion is disappeared too. the minions that look angry because I killed their master, are coming to attack me.

ーThank goodness.

Since the monsters which exchanged battle with the four-member party, are attacking me, there will be nobody died. While being relieved, I’m also going to attack them.

Their movement is so slow. There will be no delay for me since I’m using the 《Gladiate Dimension》. It is not taking a long time to annihilating them.

「……Haaa, haa, haaa」

Since I was using my full power, I’m losing my breath even though I didn’t receive any damage at all.

I confirmed the surrounding of monsters have been disappeared by using 《Dimension》 Then the only left after the battle is 4 four members of the party and the magic stone which was dropped.

Before anyone aware, the flame is also disappeared.

「A, uh…!」

When I felt relieved, one member of the party called out to me.

She was the young girl whom I helped at the first. She is the young girl who has appearance gold long hair and she looks so fashionable. She is wearing expensive things on her body which it is not suitable as I can expect for the Labyrinth’s explorer. She is wearing like school’s uniform which is cleanliness and have the colour of indigo blue.

「I had intended to help you but, was it useless?」

I didn’t think about the next action after if I helped them. That is why some strange words were let out from my mouth.

The young girl who heard me shakes her head.

「N, No, It is not!」(TL note: she is using ~wa style, nani nani desu wa)

….hmm “wa”?

I never though that kind of speaking style exist in this world. This is the first time I heard it. Of course, I have heard before in the game and story which exist in my real world. However, this is the first time I heard it from someone who is in front of me.

「Is that so? Thank goodness」

「I give you my gratitude for helping us. Which helped us by knocking down that brutal monster… If you don’t mind, may I know your name?」

The young girl asked my name while having shining eyes. I can see her cheeks is blushing. Simply put, she is excited.

She looks like come from the respectable family and spoiled young girl.

「N, No, something like my name isー」

Since this is going to be troublesome, I don’t have any intend to introduce myself.

「Please…Please? Your name, Your name please…!!」

「Si, Sieg」

I was pushed by the angry look of the young girl and I gave my name.

「Ah, your name is Mr.Sieg. What a beautiful name」

The young girl calling over my name in an ecstatic expression.

ーAh, what a troublesome young girl.

I already have such an impression on her. I regret that I shouldn’t have told her my name. No, it is still not too late.

I put my power in my both feet to get ready for run away. When I’m on that, a spark of fire came to my ear.


At the same time, I could hear a voice from the fire. The voice is only can be heard by me alone in a small voice.

(You can’t do that, Sieg. Did I tell you right? that If you are going to save them you have to take all of the responsibility until the end, didn’t I?)

It was Alty’s voice.

It was the same like the first time she tried to speak with me in this morning. The small flame floated on my ear back when I used 《DImension》. In the voice that can’t be heard by anyone, I answer the flame.

「Alty, I already clearly saved them, so I just want to take my leave」

(You should already understand about their situation, right? The young girl over there just wanted to give you a reward. I will not allow you to leave without taking the reward. That is one of the responsibility. I will not really allow you to leave without taking it)

The first I heard from Alty in a serious voice.

No choice, I will take it.

「……Got it. If you said until that far, I will hear them. but, you should come and join me here. I feel bad, I’m not good to be just alone here」

(No, I just want to watch over you from here. On the contrary, I have good feeling about this)

「Just come out already, this child is troublesome」

(……But, you want to avoid being rumoured associated with a monster, won’t you? If I appeared, I will be looked as Flame monster. So the only way is just to watch you by being on your side with the small flame)

「Well…that’s just…」

Her words sound like just an excuse.

I recalled that she want to find “LOVE”.

Then, the problem young girl is approaching me and taking my hand.

「Mr. Sieg! may we talk a bit? a little…!!!」

「Y, Yea」

I was pushed by her force and gave her my nod.


Alty is only watching and laughing, she seem don’t have any intend to appear at all.

It can’t be helped. Let’s just hear what’s the young girl’s story then take my leave. I decided so in my heart.

ーーHowever, that is no meaning at all.

Certainly, my impression on her is not wrong.


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