Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 1-5

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It is not like these flames would burn out our body. Still, we hesitate to enter the room because the scattered flames are everywhere.

We kept walking along the barrier of “Correct Path”, the path which is not covered by flames.

Snow take the bottle out and put the flame inside the bottle at the safe place. What a strange scene. The flame is still burning despite there is nothing that can be burn inside the bottle.

I’m sure that is not an ordinary flame. The flame looks like a wildfire of hatred.

However, with this, their mission should be completed. Finally, I can take my leave from this party.

「Yup, there is no problem anymore. Congratulations Everyone」

Before I leave, I tried to properly ask their permission.

「Yes, You saved our day, brother. We are lucky that you can cooperate with us, such an explorer like you. I thought that this mission is going to have some of us injured. Ah, here as I promised, gold coin」

Erna greet me while handing the gold coin as my reward. Then, Franruhle interrupts us.

「Mr. Sieg! Still, on your way, may I ask you to guard us until the ground, please!? Yes, since this is a chance, Please escort me to Helvyrushain’s house! After that, please have a celebration dining with us! I want to become such a splendid strong explorer like you despite in young age. I’m always yearning a sincere explorer! So, So, Really Really Please!」

Though I’m not good enough at guessing people’s feeling, but I get what Franruhle meant. Honestly, I’m happy to be liked such a girl like her. However, no matter what I look at her, she would just bring me more problem if I got too close to her.

「I’m really sorry, Franruhle. My destination is ahead of this 10th floor. Unfortunately, I have to refuse your wish to escort you back to the ground」

I properly said that I declined her. I also not forget to act regrettable.

「Is, Is that so…. I’m not able to force you more than this after you have saved us. ーbut, sincerely, we the siblings of Helvyrushain’s house, invite you to come to our house. Please come at any time you want…」

「Eh, Me too? Yeah, I don’t mind to have welcome SIeg」

Though, it is Franruhle who have the hand on the decision.

I give my final greeting while floating a wry smile.

「Thank you very much. Then, let’s meet again in another opportunity」

「Yes. In another opportunity, please visit us at El-Thoralew Academy! Ah, The Helvyrushain’s house is located at the 3rd block in Whoseyards. Ah, anywhere is fine if you have the time, so Please Please!」

Franruhle kept inviting me until the end. If I think like I was used to in my original world, perhaps she has a hard feeling for me. However, I decided that I don’t need such as her. Finally, I give my greeting to the remaining two.

「Brother. Since you have the look to be easily  deceived, please don’t get deceived okay? See youー」

「……You, you don’t have a passion for this Labyrinth, I think you should change your job. Well then, see you, everyone,」

With a severe word I said goodbye. Though we were just met in short time, I considered them as a companion. So I have expressed my worry toward them.

In this way, I parted with the students of the academy.

When I turned to take a look behind me, Franruhle is still waving her hand with a smile on her face.

When the party with 4 members disappeared, the only one left in this 10th floor is me.

Inside this room where the flame is scattered everywhere, I start to talk with the master of this room.

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「They have gone」

(Looks like so, I want you to wait a little bit more)

As I heard the answer, a part of the flame turned into the shape of a person. Moreover, the gathered flame coiled by the bandage.

Since her figure which covered by the bandage close to a being wearing an underwear, I take out the upper cloth from my “Inventory”

When Alty quickly received the cloth that I gave her, she sighs.

「FuuーTo have an appearance of human is the best after all. I’m matching you」

「Though you were always behind the scene, that was really put me into a trouble」

It was hot on the back of my ear when every time I heard her voice behind the scene. That’s kind of horror.

「So you prefer a cute appearance then?」

「Hahaha, look at yourself, are you not covered by  fire? After you completely turn into a human shape, come back again」

「Fufu…Sieg, you are not being honest!」

While we are joking around, we advance of this 10th floor.

Probably because of Alty presence, the flame which scattered everywhere is looks like avoiding us, thus our advance became easier.

「This floor is your territory, isn’t it? So it won’t be a dangerous place」

「But, the friendly fire is only here you know? Also, monsters won’t come out. For the labyrinth explorer, this place is kind of saved point」

「Though, me being here is like inside your belly…」

「Yup. As expected of Sieg. You can say this place is like inside of my belly, the tenth floor」

While licking the lips, Alty bewitchingly laughs. After hearing that, I speed up my foot.

Since the tenth floor is not really that wide. Thanks the flames do not get in our way, we were able to advance to 11th floor safely.

Me who descended tenth floor ahead, looking for a new monster.

My level now is 10. First I want to test out if I’m able or not to fight without much problem. I invoke the《Dimension》and looking for the monster.

Then, I found a monster which resembles a gorilla in the distance.

The monster is bigger than I expected.

「Alty, I want to test out the  strength of 11th floor’s monsters」

「Aye. Well then, should I become the vanguard again?」

Alty volunteers herself to become my vanguard without me asking.

We wait until the monster walks a little bit and make a surprise attack. This should be a simple task with my 《Dimension》

First, Alty performs a cut to the monster with the flame sword and I cast out my skill from the rear.

「ーMagic 《Ice Hasty Arrow》」

I invoke the same magic like Dia. But, since my level is higher so the power is raised. The weak point of this 2-meter monster is on the foot. With leaving the task to my ability, display, I aimed properly the monster’s foot.

「Lovely, Sieg!」

Then, Alty gave the final blow.

Its head is gone then became a light and disappears.

I heard the other party didn’t have much trouble to advance to the 11th floor. While feeling so, I pick up the fallen magic stone.

「Hm, the 11th floor’s monster is easy victory」

「Yup, it was easy thanks to you who became the vanguard」

I continue my acting. I make an acting as looks like as I’m affected by her devotion.

「That’s not much, just leave it to me」

「You are really reliable」

Is it because Alty can see the trust from me, her face became lightened and continue to lead the way.

「Well then, shall we go? Though I don’t really know that much ahead of this 10th floor, but it should be easy until we reach 20th floor」

With this condition, looks like Alty intend to advance more until we reach the 20th floor.

Me too, I have the confidence.  Considered to what I saw the movement of monsters which on the 11th floor, I don’t feel inferior to them.

With that in mind, we advance through the 11th floor without a problem. Even whatever kind of battle occurs, it was an easy victory. In this way, we found the stairs to the next floor in no time.

The favorable is on our side. This time, we have no hard time.

ーThough, it was just a small fish. But the story will be different if we are talking about the boss monster, Alty.

When Alty intend to go down with the stairs, I stop her.

「Waitー, Alty. Though we managed to come here, let’s end it for today. Since my MP has decreased a lot and my concentration is fading as well. I was only to make sure if I’m able to advance to the 10th floor or not」

「Mmmm, are you that tired?」

「Yea, it was regrettable  to get involved with Franruhle’s party. Because I followed them, my MP has decreased then I expected」

Actually, my MP still remains above of half. But, this is the lowest line if I happened to encounter an unexpected boss monster.

Means, this is the limit of being together with the boss monster, Alty and our explore.

Though, I have finished the preparation already for the counter measure. That’s why I decided to end it in this way.

「Hm got it. So today let’s end it here」

「Lest’ go back to the road. …and, instead, when we go back, I will hear your stories」

When she heard me, her attitude became softened.

「Mmmmm? so you accepted to fulfil my wish?」

「I would say I just only trust you a little. It’s fine, let me hear your stories」

The talk started after I urge her to talk while we are on the way to go back.

「Yeay! ……Fufufu, Well… Like I said from the beginning, I’m looking for a girl who falls in love. In a specific way, I want to haunt with my power without revealing myself. Since I have a kind of parasitic ability」

「Haunt? Are you going to harm the child with that haunt?」

「Nope. No harm, I just wanted to become the power to help. I want to support the girl’s feeling. In that way, I want to overlook the girl who falls in love. If I satisfied by the result, perhaps I’m going to disappear only with that」

She means that, if I introduced a girl to her interest, she would overlook the girl. In that way, I will feel safe if I go levelling up inside the Labyrinth.

「Heee… okay. Then, I will try to look the girl whom you interest. But, when only I’m free, okay?」

「Oh, really?」

「But, I would say that I’m not good with that kind of stuff. I have no connection and I’m ignorant about people’s love affair. That’s why it is going to take a lot of time. So, are you okay with that?」

「That’s okay. Since you had a strength to fulfil a wish like you did to Tidus. That’s the important point. Also, I’m patient to wait long. Even it will take you many years」

Alty is pleased with my offer.

「Then, If by any chance I found the girl, What should I do? By the way, where are you always be presence?」

So I get to the main point. That would be fine since I’m always haunting you, that’s what she said. If it that so, the potential of being engaged a fight can occur at any time.

「Well, at that time…let’s see. It would save me if you could report it to me on the 10th floor. Since I’m looking for the suitable girl, I will be not there anytime. Still, I can answer you if you talk with the scattered flame inside the 10th floor」

Great, the talk didn’t turn up to my behavior. For the time being, I feel relieved.

「Got it, let’s do that. By the way, Alty. The girl whom you are looking for has to be the one who entered the Labyrinth?」

「Nope, it could be inside the city too you know? We, the guardian, though our power will be lowered due to the barrier, since the guardian is not considerably tied to the Labyrinth, we can go out willingly」

「What do you say? That’s surprised me….」

Such an information, I never heard before even when I was in the bar. Even such an information wasn’t grasped by the United Nation.

「Sometimes, Tidus too, walked around in town」

What a surprising information I just heard.

This is a good chance to drawing more information from Alty.

「That’s horror. This makes me curious, besides Tidus and Alty, is there any other guardians?」

「Nope. Until this far, the human has solved until the 23th floor. Each 10 floor, perhaps there would be another guardian. But for now, it was only two, me and Tidus」

In regrettable tone, Alty have a thinking like 「Can you human do more your best?」

It was surprising. I thought that the boss monster’s only job is to become a hindrance to the explorer who is advancing the floor, but the case is not like that. I and Alty too became like a partnership.

While having heard such an information from Alty, we have gone back to the 10th floor.

Like usual, the flames is scattered everywhere.

「Then, what should we do now? We separate here?」

「Nope, I’m going with you to the ground. Since you have found the girl whom I got interested」

「Hah, me?」

「That girl, Franruhle. She has love in the fire the same kind like me. Well, after seeing her, there is no doubt, she has the bud-seed. fufufufu, fufufu…」

Alty floats a vulgar smile.

「A, Ohー, That girl huh?」

I just remembered about the things that I don’t want to remember.

「How could you just said “that girl huh?”, like you have guessed, that child has a crush on you」

「Eh, Ehhhhー?」

The fact, I vaguely can felt it, but Alty pointed at me straightly.

「Fufu, I can take it that you have no interest in her. But, this is going to be interesting. Just a little, I’m going to play with that child」

「Please do as you like….」

I don’t give a damn about that annoying girl, Franruhle. That’s why I avoided the string which she insists on. But, it is scary to think that Alty and Franruhle are going to cooperate each other to fulfil her wish.

So, we are talking about the things which can fulfil Alty’s wish and head to the ground.

After all, we ended up to take action separately and it came up that I have to report Alty if I found another girl.

In this way, I survived without having to fight against the guardian, Alty. So I can say my plan is greatly succeeding.

Somehow, I feel bad deep inside my heart.

It is as expected. Because perhaps Alty is really believing in me. However, because I’m scared to her who being a monster, I have to lie.

I disgusted at myself for having a weak heart. The bad feelings are swirling inside my heart, due to that I wanted to puke.

If I can’t control my emotion, the skill of “???” will be activated again. Moreover, I wanted to avoid my “Confusion” to reach 10.00. If I’m thinking of the game way, to reach 10.00 may meet some kind of conditions.

Not yet. It is not yet, my feelings….

Encourage me, today’s explore is being ended up and we have returned to the ground.


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