Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 6-2

This part is kinda short…
Note: Before, Dia who claimed herself as the “boy” was referring to herself as “Me>Ore 俺” which means, “Ore” is being used by almost of boys in Japan but this “Ore” is not a formal word. If I put it in Indonesian way It is “Gue”. So according to the story, Dia changed herself back to her previous self, she is now referring herself as “Me>Watashi 私” which is a formal tone word in Japan and can be used by anyone. If I put it in Indonesian way it is “Saya”.
Okay, Enjoy~


「There is nothing I can do but rest for now. Just wait for me Sieg. I will be right back. Till then by cannot helping you it’s painful for me…」

Dia showed sorry expression. Ah, that face…is the Dia who I have known. Dia who is always depended on me and hopelessly by cannot helping me.

「Nah, I’m good. If I didn’t have Dia stand by my side to explore the Labyrinth, I’m planning to take a rest as well」

「…No, no way」

Dia interrupted me with denial answer.

I can see an intention in her eyes. I don’t understand what her intention is…

「If just Sieg alone, I believe Sieg can do it alone in the Labyrinth. I already knew from that day when we entered the Labyrinth for the first time you really frightened. But, I think you already will be fine!」
Dia said that to me that I will be fine alone.

I’m at loss by her words. Dia knew about my state towards the Labyrinth but, She convinced that I will be fine to challenge the Labyrinth by myself.

「Me alone…?」

「Almost of all our way in the Labyrinth, you have beaten monsters by yourself, Sieg. On the opposite, it was me should have to question you? Why such a strong person like Sieg should becomes my partner? I doubt myself and cannot afford to ask you. It was me who need Sieg…」

Why I have used Dia?

That’s…Because she has a talent…

Yeah, that’s it, Because I didn’t like it to go to the Labyrinth by myself.

There was no helped for me at that time to have a thinking like that. Now, I can clearly understand what Dia’s means.

「I’m just a coward… I wasn’t able to feel safe…」

「But, you are already fine. I guarantee you, Sieg. You are strong. So please test it yourself. In the good opportunity, I want to see Sieg fight again. At that time, I want Sieg to decide whatever I’m being needed or not. If not, I…」

I can see a hesitation and suffering in Dia. I get it.

I make a resolution to myself.

「I get it, I will try to challenge it by myself until where I’m able to advance」

「Oh, I’m relieved. Just because of me, I don’t want to become a hindrance to you. You have a dream for yourself, aren’t you?」

When I promised my resolution to Dia, she laughed.

It is not wrong to try it. A carefree smile floats on Dia’s face.

By knowing Dia is really seriously thinking about me, I’m pleased.

Still in this way, Dia continues…

「Ah right, please use this. This is no use for me anymore」

Dia said so and throws out the sword at me.

「The treasured sword of Aries」 This is Dia’s important sword.

「This would help but, are you fine with it?」

I simply can feel her strong will by just holding this sword.

「I’m fine. When I cannot stand by your side, In my place if that sword can protect Sieg, I’m happy.」

There is no hesitation in Dia. rather, a strong will.

「Thanks. For the time being, I will use it」

Certainly, better to use it than to not being used it after all. I have no reason to refuse her will.

I received her sword and looked at it slowly.

I felt this sword is a little bit old-fashioned but, I know this would be useful for me. This superior of silverwork have no obstacle to cut anything. This silverwork is really good.

(Watermark, Please visit the original link Dont be fooled, at the moment I haven’t gave permission to any site that published my translation, thanks and enjoy)

【The treasured sword of Aries】

Attack Power 5. Increased attack rate of 20% fir those who equipping it.

「Sieg. Your dream. I will absolutely protect your dream. I will!!」(I>Watashi)


When I still looked at the sword, I was surprised by Dia. It wasn’t like she is talking to me but, Dia was talking to herself.

Dia who will protect me, I can see a small expression on her face. However, this feels like Dia is different person. Certainly, she said, “me” (Me>Watashi).

「That’s it. Well then…let me take a sleep for now…Since I have to get recovered soon…」

Like there was nothing happen, Dia lies down.

Honestly, I wanted to talk more but Dia has to get recovered that’s what she said. When she said so, probably she cannot hear me more than this.

Was that I miss hearing something?

But, probably better to talk again the next day.

「I get it. Slowly take your rest. I will come again to report you about until where I will be able to advance inside the Labyrinth」

I made a promise to Dia and I got out from the room.

However, when at the time I left the room, I saw something in Dia’s hand. It was a hair clip that I gave her.

Dia is really cherishing for that item.

I can see it is really important to her.

It gave me feels like she found something new after the sword.


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    1. Nope, at first he didn’t know of course…
      until now, in the original text the author still doesn’t refer Dia as “she” so I just decided let’s make it “She”. According to the story you have read until now, the author has revealed the MC already aware about Dia gendre, when the Sieg was together with Dia after conquered water level boss and when he brought Dia to the hospital.
      The original text is not using 彼女 (kanojo) nor 彼 (kare), so its kinda difficult to describe Dia.


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