Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 6-1

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There was my bad, I thought that Dia’s right arm is still attached but actually not…
Note: I changed “belonging” into “storage” and decided to refer Dia as “She” because I think that Sieg already aware that Dia is a girl.

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Edited Version.

6. Aim the Deepest part of the different world Labyrinth.

After we escaped from the labyrinth, the first place that I headed is hospital.

I looked for the good reputation hospital and we arrived at the biggest hospital in Varte.

Doctor said, Dia is in critical condition due to the lost of much blood, used magic in a critical state and used magic continuously. I understood what Doctor said, at once I hurried to see the bill cost. I was able to hold up the advance payment but, I couldn’t afford to completely cover all of the cost until Dia gets recovered.

Since I have to pay no matter what, in order to get moneys I should sell some of items in my “Storage”

After I saw the result, The problem was solved at once.

The stone that dropped by Tidus was special. The purity was higher than the current others magic stone. At the end, it was ended up negotiation with the important people in this country. Though I met various trouble but, I was able to change magic stone into money so I went back to the hospital.

I paid at the reception, I felt relieve, with this Dia won’t be expelled.

After the procedure at the receptionist finished, I was guided to Dia’s room.

Since this hospital is the biggest in this country, the room service is also nice. The pattern of the building is very attentive and I found no problem in cleanness.

Even though it will be upside down if compared to the hospital of my original world but, judging the standard of this world, this hospital is already good. 

Inside the hospital room, I saw a simple nursing tool and also magic tool that I never seen before. Perhaps the medical treatment in this world is developed by magic.

I opened the curtain to let wind flows inside the room. There is Dia on the bed. Thanks to the treatment, Dia’s condition is getting better.

Near the bed which Dia is laying down, there is an appearance of the old age doctor who sat down on the wooden chair.

The doctor noticed me and called out to me.

「Ah, you are Dia’s companion, aren’t you? Was the payment procedure went well?」 

「Yes, There was no problem because I changed some of my items into moneys」

「That’s good to hear. Then, shall I explain Dia’s condition to you?」

「Yes, Please!」

The doctor urged me to sit down on the wooden chair. Then, I take a sit on the chair.

「Let’s go ahead to the conclusion, First, the lost arm will be impossible to get restored. Even with the best magic in this continent, to recover the lost arm will be difficult. That was due the time was too much passes since the arm got cut-off. Though you really insisted us to recover the lost arm, we are really sorry but please give it up」

「…I understood」

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I bite my lips.

I didn’t know how advance the medical level of this world but, I bet my hope to this world’s medical with magic. However, that was only my imagination. If the medical of this world was really that good, I will not see many people in the town who lost foot or arm either.

「Next, it is about deep slashed wound on the body. It will remain a big scar on the body. This was due to the Dia performed recovery magic. Perhaps when the magic is performed, Dia didn’t wish for the completely recovery」

「…A scar? That probably will be no problem」

Dia who claim as a man probably will not have problem regarding the scar.

「Hm? if you are fine with it then there is no problem. Next. Due to the blood loss an illness of “Deficiency of Magical Power” is appeared. This could be dealt with the treatment of special meal or it is possible to do somehow with a magic tool. The complete recovery is one week」

Deficiency of Magical power due to the blood loss?

First time I heard this. Perhaps it is about the generation of MP is slowing. Though I read some books in the library regarding the symptom of blood loss could effect the MP. The less knowledge of me is just can do with what the doctor said.

「Yes, Please!」

「Okay, Finally, I feared to crumble of mind and body’s balance by having lost the right arm. I have my mind for an artificial arm but, a trouble will be certainly occurred regarding perform magical power and sword. I think this will become a shock for Dia who is a explorer of the labyrinth」

「It might be so…」

「I think you should consider about this really carefully. That’s all. For the time being, let’s get Dia get hospitalization in one week. For the special rehabilitation is recommended, therefore another procedure is necessary so please request this at the reception」

I become painful in my mind to the said result.

「Ah, Mr. Sieg are you okay? Though you are healed by the recovery magic but, you looks painful」

「…Oh, I’m okay. I felt depressed for different reasons」

Well I’m not lying.

There is no problem with my HP and MP is starting to recover naturally. However, that reasons is I wasn’t able to accept the doctor’s conclusion 

「Please don’t overdo yourself. Well then, I take my leave.」 

「Thank you, doctor」

The doctor finished the general explanation to me and gets out of the room.

I see the doctor with bowing.

Then, the winds silently fills the room through the window.

「ーHoly Magic 《Cure FULL》」

I heard a voice at my back.

A warm of light fills the room completely.

「That old man is exaggerated things. Certainly, I have difficult to my body’s balance but that will be no problem」

「Ah, you were wake up?」

Dia who on the bed chanted a magic.

With a white robe is worn on the body and the bundled hair behind is undone.

I mutter and point out to the light.


「I’m sorry, Sieg. I have been concealed up my magic up till now…」

Dia lowered her head.

I becomes unable to stay still. I knew it and accepted her words. But for Dia, probably she felt guilty to concealed it up to me and brought to her partner’s life and death.

I’m not going to put my head easily.

「Nah, that was fine. Though I knew that Dia had high ability in magic but, it was still surprised me. Was there a reason for you to hide it?」

「Reason…Reason huh? It was just a foolish reason…」

Dia said so and raises her head a little while playing looked like a light ball around her.

「Even so, that was really saved me. If you could use it at the moment in danger, that is fine for me. frown now onー」

「No, I can use it at anytime now. I will keep using it now. That’s what I decided」

Dia crushed strongly the looked like ball light on her hand.

The magic that has not been performed up till now is going to be performed from now on. The magic was not really used until she got on the verge to die. I wonder what’s the reason for her to changed her mind?

Somehow I can just guess it.

Unconsciously my glance is glaring at the right arm of Dia that lost. Dia noticed my glare and begins to talk with a calm tone.

「It’s not like you think, Sieg. This does not really matter to me. Since I’m the explorer of the labyrinth, I already had the resolution for this happen. That’s why don’t make such a sad face for my lost arm. You suffered because of my fault, I’m sad too」

「But, your chance to hold the sword now…」 

On the contrary, Dia is worrying me. However, I didn’t get disadvantage like Dia’s condition now.

Then, Dia interrupts my words…

「Nah, I don’t mind about sword anymore.」


「As long I have my holy magic I will be fine. Though, it will take times to get me recovered. As you can see now its not a problem」 

Without expecting my answer, Dia continue…

「On the contrary, this is my good opportunity to devote myself in magic.」 Thus, I have to rethink about how the way to fight and thinking again. Well, during my rest I will think about it」

「Ha? Just wait…」 

Her way of thinking changed 180 degrees. Before she thought the opposite way.

Dia is shorting my worries but I’m still in uncomfortable feelings.

This is feels like one of my skill “???” that can make a sudden changes.

It is strange for someone who persistence to hold a sword but give it up easily. If come to think of it, her decision is good for her in realistic condition. However, I thought that Dia who are still like a child can’t make such decision.

I still feel uneasy.

At that time, I can still remember about how Dia is glaring at her arm and felt like she is in despair. However, I don’t see any despair in her eyes anymore.

I don’t think it’s my lack to observe someone. Before, someone like Dia was easy to understand.

However, certainly…

I think Dia doesn’t care about sword anymore.

Would be someone who was on the verge to die will change so easily?

It might be the same like in the story book.

But still, I feel like something is wrong.

「What’s wrong, Sieg?」

「…No, if Dia is fine with it then there is no problem, but, please priority your rest first. I don’t care how many days you will stay here I will cover up the medical bill so please rest assured. Ah, one more thing. Dia, I succeed to sell the magic stone which dropped by Tidus with the high price! So just slowly take your rest here」    

To shake off this uneasiness, I reported the result that I got to Dia.

Since one of Dia’s goal is money, this should make her happy.

「Is that so? well for now please take everything. I’m still in sick so it is not necessary for me now. On the contrary, if Sieg needs more money, I don’t mind please take my parts」

「…Eh, but, didn’t you say you need money?」

「Someday, I don’t need it now」 

I don’t see a will of money in her eyes.

 I don’t feel Dia is still had attachment towards money anymore.

I can feel that Dia is really changed. As I thought, perhaps this is due to her lost arm or losing an important thing.

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