Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 6-3

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After I talked with Dia, I begin to plan to challenge the Labyrinth alone.

No more excuse, I begin to have confident in my own ability.

Me and Dia have to show each other though with any kind of injuries we would overcome anything.

I think that what’s Dia hopes too.

I arrange and buy necessaries with the money that I got from selling the magic stone which dropped from Tidus.

I don’t find any problem with my body condition too.

I thought that there would be an aftereffect regarding my maximum HP, but it is not happening. I’m just in good condition. On the next day after we escaped from the Labyrinth, my maximum HP and MP had already recovered.

Unlike Dia who is suffering to the extent having a big scar. But, all of this it was thanks to Dia.

Then, I stand alone in front of the Labyrinth on the morning.

I can see the sun is rising on the horizon. The colour of the sunrise can be seen in the dark blue sky.

Here where I stand, nobody is at the entrance of the Labyrinth. In order to avoid being seen by others, I chose the time early on the morning.

I let out my breath in a refreshing posture and smelling the smells of the morning. Lastly, I check my status.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP:302/322 MP:506/512 Class:  Level 10

Strength 6.19 Vitality 6.28 Dex 7.21 Speed 9.44 Wisdom 9.33 Magic power 21.66 Quality 7.00 Confusion 8.59

Experience* 17501/20000

Equipment: The treasured sword of Aries   Clothes of Different World   Large Cloak   Shoes of Different World   Leather Gauntlets   Leather Breastplate

After I have beaten Tidus, I gained experience and became level 10. Compare to me who was level 6 before, I now should be able to grasp Tidus movement easily.

However, my “Confusion” is jumped greatly too. Little by little of time, with using skill of “???” again I could reach the point of 10.00

I set my target.

To not use skill of “???”

Then, to reach the tenth level by myself. It was been a while since I drive myself into the Labyrinth. I can still recall about that day.

That was because I was still level 1, this time, is different. It is not possible my life will be threatened as I’m today.

I will not be scared like a child anymore.

Till now, I thought like the way I did in the game.

However, only that is not enough.

It is not enough if it just depended on the numerical value that being shown by the status.

To strengthened my mind, I starts my new challenge.

Yeah, me alone.


「What? You are just alone here?」

ーat the moment, it should have been me alone but I heard someone’s voice.

「ーDI 《Gladiate・Dimension》!!」

I take ready stance by performing my magic.

Because I just entered the Labyrinth, I didn’t use 《Dimension》.

I pulled my sword out and trying to look for the main owner’s voice.

I looks my surrounding all over with my magic.

Then, I find it. At the behind, I see a flare on the path that I walked just before.

That flare doesn’t mean burns anything. A flare’s size like a person is swaying in the air.

「Ah, sorry. Did I surprise you? Calm down, I don’t come here to fight」

I got my sense and heard the voice. Then, I got the situation where I see a flare is talking

The flare is shaped like a mouth. The mouth let out a voice like the normal person is talking.

「A voice from the flare?」

「Wait! I will take my shape back」

I recalled this voice is surely…

The flare changes into a person, the one like wrapped in bandage. The bandage coils around the flame then became a person’s shape and it shows the person already worn a clothe.

The head changes into a person’s head and finally it became a girl with red hair like I saw on that time.

The tenth guardian of Alty gives a greeting.


「…Ha, Hallo」

I hesitate while answering.

If you compared the tenth guardian with 20th guardian Tidus, the tenth guardian should be more inferior. But, I don’t know if it is simple as easy like that.

Unlike when I fought with Tidus, I don’t have Dia stand by my side now. Though there is no hostile from the opposite side, the chance to fight is still high. The current me with hight strength I could expand more tactics. Above all, this place is good. Even the time passes here, not really long a lot of people will come. and also I can see many escape routes from here too.

After I wavered, I decided to keep talking with Alty without hostility.

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「Alty, aren’t you? Did you come for fight?」

Without letting my guard down, I talk carefully.

A smile floats on Alty’s face and gave a sign “no” by shaking her head. Her Intention is strange, I puzzled.

If the battle occurred, I will find it troublesome to fight with that kind of appearance. But, by judging from the outer appearance, she is just like a human child.

「No no no… I did say that I don’t come to fight」

Alty spoke arrogantly with her small body. I don’t feel good. That is because I cannot forget that the outer appearance in front of me as a girl who is actually a monster.

「I don’t believe you. Just a few days ago, I was attacked by a monster named, Tidus. are you  forgot already ? at that time you closed our escape routes?」

「Ukh… My role at that time just making a stage. If you were angry, I apologize. I’m sorry」

「No, even if you feel apologized, I can’t believe you…」

「Ukh…Looks like your impression on me is not really that good. It is “shock” for me. Even though I didn’t attack you at all」

Alty is sulking at me.

Ah, this fellow too. This fellow is also the same like that Tidus.

「It is just as expected. The impression towards monster and human are fighting each other.  That’s what your friend, Tidus said, didn’t it?」

「Fufufu… You don’t have to take its words. That’s just rules which Tidus decided anyway.」

Alty persuades me like how to make a child believing the Santa Claus.

Even though she is much more child looking compared to me.

「So in the other word, you don’t have any intend to fight me, do you? Like hell, I will believe that!」

「Yup. I’m different compared to that battle freak. In truth, I don’t have any doing like the monsters normally do. So, cool down!」

「Really…even though I don’t ever feel at ease when I entered the Labyrinth though」

「Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. If you became my partner, you don’t have to worry much exploring the Labyrinth. For example such encounter a boss inside the Labyrinth. Oh except regarding the barrier on the correct path」

「Wait, wait just wait」

「Hm, what’s wrong?」

My headache doesn’t stop.

This one-sided decision is the same like when I encountered with Tidus. To not hearing about other’s opinion and just egoistic deciding things.

「What did you? You just made me your partner on your own? Impossible, like hell I will believe you」

「Looks like you do not believe me at all. Though there is no such hostility in my words? and just now I decided to help your Labyrinth’s explore?」

「If you were at my back, I will not feel safe at all!!」

「I don’t mind to be your vanguard since my preference is sword」

Alty said so and the sword of flame appeared. She pierced many times toward the air.

I just can look at her is playing with a sword while child’s smile appeared on her face.

But, still “no”! Her flame leaks terribly. From the hand and the foot.

I just can’t treat her like I do to a human.

「That’s not the problem. It is just I can’t feel safe with you being near. Like there is possible to explore the Labyrinth together with you」

「But, this is my important matter. Until you believed me, I will stand by your side. First, it’s important to build mutual trust between us. I don’t mind even it will take how many days? how many years? Until you can believe me」

Alty was saying so and laughed.

I can see her determination and I don’t feel she is lying. Certainly, her words doesn’t have any hostility.

But, probably is it just because of me still inexperienced so I can’t feel her true nature? Whatever, my uneasiness still remains.

This is troubling me… I’m at loss…

This will be much more simple if she had the intention to attack me. All the plans that I thought before today became worthless.

「Then, until I do believe you, you will stand by my side?」


「Hmm…If I defeat you now? since you are the boss.」

「You are awful! Showing that kind of intention to the person who is trying to become friendly with you. Can’t you just accept the partner who is a lovely girl and embrace her pleasantly? I do really want you to trust me. I have my own wish until I can fulfil my wish. And…is it hard to be corporate between human and monster?」

Alty raises her hands up and makes a posture of  giving up pose. She showed no harm intention.

I intended to cut Alty while she is like that because I saw her full of openings but, there is her word worried me.

「Wish? I thought so…so you have another intention」

I have a flashback during my combat with Tidus If I didn’t mistake Tidus too…

「Oh, do you wanna hear me?」


Will be merit for me to hear her out?

Well her information will be necessary in order to capture this mystery Labyrinths. However, is her information will be truth?

「Beside I want you to trust me, That’s fine if you are just willingly to listen to me. I…」

「…Let’s just hear what I want to hear. There is something I have curious about your words. You said that you didn’t come to fight me, did you? So why?」

I want to hear about another’s opinion at the Labyrinth’s side who is Alty.

I can’t think of any Idea if I used my game way of thinking. I just want to hear the important part as much as possible.

「Fufufu. …I don’t mind, I’ll tell you」


Alty laughs in a childish way.

Then she begins to speak slowly.

「Well… First, let’s talk about the part you are curious… maybe this will interest you. To beat the guardian without having to kill it」

Alty doesn’t remove her smile.

Even she is talking about the way how to defeat herself, her smile doesn’t change.

「Honestly, We, the guardian of this Labyrinth as the monster have a regret. Well, the point is about how to broke off their regrets? Tidus successfully cleared its regret you know? Our existence is because our regrets are remains. That body of Tidus who is almost an immortal beings can die because its regrets are already cleared」

I get what Alty’s means. It is about the truth behind Tidus’s death.

Because Tidus’s wish already fulfilled, it died. So I’m convinced.

This first time I heard. I don’t have any hear such this information from anyone.

Nobody knows even the Allied Nations doesn’t know how to truly capture the Labyrinth.

「Fufufu, then my wish is…. My wish is only one. Just one…」

Alty makes her voice became heavier than she normally does at the beginning.

Perhaps this is regarding her wish.

In other words, it is about how to kill her.

「My wish is to be able to “LOVE”」

I almost faint at the last moment.

Alty raises her head up to the sky after declared something shamefully.

「How is it? Romantic right?」

My head hurts by hearing her wish. I’m helpless. This is too much.

It is not as simple problem. I’m conscious whatever I should be mad or not.

Meanwhile, Alty is seeing me straightly.

While enduring pain in my head, I thought “This is troublesome”

Declared her wish, she is just a monster thinking like the human does.

ーThen, the sun is fully raised.

The sky became white and new signal of the day is shines.

Originally, my plan is when the sun rises, I already drive inside the Labyrinth.

I wanted to start my next chapter freshly to challenge the Labyrinth.

But, I had an unexpected visitor.

I hear the sound of my plans about to challenge the labyrinth that I worked out carefully collapses. I can also hear a crazy gear inside my head.

Then, the wheel of the fate turns.

The sounding wheel rolls on the slope and it falls.

In this way, another story begins. To the bottom, To the bottom, To the bottom. To the bottom, To the bottom. The fallen wheel is not stopped until it falls into the deepest part of the world.

To uncover the deepest part that you must not reach.

To reach the deepest part in order to grant the named boy, Kanami Aikawa’s wish.

My Labyrinth’s explore is not ended yetー


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