Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 5-1

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  1. “Me” my name is Diablo Sith.

ーーIt’s about a past story.

The story introduces about someone named Dia.

The life of a girl named Diablo Sith.

At first, I have no names.

When I was born into this world, My mother who feared of the demon didn’t give me any name.

When I was born at that time I had  enormous magical powers already.

My body is also different from human, a small wing has grown on my back. Apparently not the actual human being.

It’s only normal for my parent to feared me, whom being different from human. I was abandoned and I was entrusted to the village church.

Fortunately, they treated me well.

The father called me an “Apostle” and worshipped me.

Being an Apostle seems like i will be able to become a bishop in this continent. The father in the village was kept explaining how wonderful existence is.

When I turned 5 years old, my miracle and existence are known to the whole villagers. And, it came I’m called as the legendary of Sith.

The legendary of apostle Sith dances from the heaven as the representative of the God,  gave miracles to the suffered poorly people. At the end of the legend, apostle Sith expected to be marrying a certain hero. My descendants will become the people in this village. That’s what the Villagers kept expecting the miracle of Sith.

At that time, my parents were not looking at me with fear anymore. It sickened me a bit because the village didn’t treat me like a normal child but as the godlike being.

I accomplished the duty as the apostle.

I was taught holy magics by the father in the village and I cured injured villagers by my power.

To keep away the village from monster, many life has gone.

For the children who are suffered from the disease, in my sleep time I spend more time to learn the magic.

Indeed my power was miracle.

I might think my parents will recognised me some days if I put more effort. At that time I didn’t have any doubt in living as the apostle.

However, my effort just advanced my Godhood. The villagers were bowed to me and even being looked in fear. I noticed that my power was too much.

Even my parents began to lower their head to me.

The newborn of the apostles in each country will become popular.

I who became 10 years old have begun to finally have an ego for myself. By having extremely magic with only myself is lonely.

I got the situation that my own power was the one took my parents away from me, took my lifestyle away from me.

It was at that time.

When a big existence of a country have begun to make a move in order to puts under control of apostle Sith.

To against a country, my village was too small for a fight. Due to that reason, I was given to the country.

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At that time, I was thinking.

If I want more power, the power will come. I realized this wasn’t make sense.

I traveled to many place from there.

To fulfil the curiosity of the miracle was expected by the lord’s house. I put a show for the profit to a certain merchant family and aristocrats is satisfied as well. At the end even the king made a prayer to me.

Though the fact I used my miracle power to the suffering poorly people in order to filled my pocket.

It made me seems to lose the duty of the apostle.

I didn’t know why I’m alive and Whats the things that I really want.

Therefore, I asked the permission from the country to take a look at my hometown where my origin is.

Though it was a simple village but, a warm village. The villagers strongly lived although being poor.

I went to see the house where I was born.

At there, I saw my parents made a smile that I never seen before. My parents carried a child, walking.

That child was my younger brother. Out of my knowledge, younger brother is appeared before me.

They didn’t tell me anything. His age is not really different from mine. Nevertheless, I didn’t even know him.

My brother was playing like a normal child.

Above all, he loved play using the sword and he, many times, said that he will become a Knight.

My mother “I’m expecting you” while laughing.

My father “if the sword, I will teach you” while laughing.

They were laughing. “I relieved to have a son like you”, “I thought that If the son was born I will teach him the sword” “Become splendid man” “Become strong swordsman that even able to beat me!” “Yes, our proud son” “Our child” ー

ーIt stirred deeply inside my heart.

「How about me?」

So I muttered.

「Hey, I worked hard you know? How about me? Even I, loved fairy tales and wanted to become cool swordsman too, you know? But, everyone told me to learn about the magic and become apostle to makes miracle with holy magic. I desperately learned the magic. Didn’t you said so, huh? father, mother….That was why, I…I…ー」

There were many books in the village.

There were a lot of legends book, especially there were books that recorded hero and the fairy tale.

My house and church has that kind of books.

I was certain my enjoy life will be after I fulfilled my obligation as an apostle.

No, to put the correct word is I want to make villagers happy. However, my brother read the books the same way as I did. That’s why he also have a goal to becomes a swordsman.

「Me, Me tooー」

When I noticed, I already made my appearance before my parents.

Even though I told the country that I just wanted to see my hometown but, my body moved by itself.

「Si, Sith lordー?」

「Why are you in this kind of place!?」

My parents lower their head as soon as they look at me.

The moment became a painful things for me.

「Hey…who is that?」

I didn’t know anything about my younger brother.

Perhaps, my parents have desperately hiding him from me. I’m also one of your children, I received kindly education.

「I, I’m your…ー」

I try to let out the words and answer him but…

「ーThis person is Sith lord. The apostle who came down from the heaven」

My mother interrupted my words.

These feelings, I just wanted to die.

I wish everything just perish. That was the point my life changed.

I decided, I was reborn at this moment.

Afterwards, I revolted from the country.

Since I have no reason to serve the country from the beginning.

I didn’t care anything about my village while I’m revolting. I did not want to think about it anymore.

Now, I realised the things that I really want.

I wanted to become just like my younger brother.

To become like my younger brother who were born as a man and growing while reading hero books. To be guided to become a swordsman and loved by my parents. In the end, a good swordsman with heroic story return to their parents happily.

That was my wish.

I knew what was necessary to obtain for achieve my goal.

In the end, only the one who has a power can grasp anything. It could grasp money, authority and the things that I want. I precociously understood it.

However, at that moment it is just only matter of time before I was taken by the country.

The country know how useful of me. Because I was obedient so far, I was able to get away from them. However, with financial power and also the power of the country it will be not so far in the future I might get caught.

Till then, I have to obtain money and power.

To oppose all of them I need Money and Power.

In that purpose, I started my own journey.

My aim for now is to stand at the shining stage like the story that I read when I was kid.

There is a giant Labyrinth appeared on the continent. The hero who challenged it. Met a companion and separated. It is difficult to achieve the same as that stories. Gold and silver treasures are also lying inside the Labyrinth. To have a Glory lifeーー

I who had only partial knowledge about Labyrinth, I chose the Labyrinth as the step to achieve my dream.

I have gone out as a free boy not as apostle Sith.

Me, decided to become boy is aiming to become a swordsman. I decided to forget the holy magic which taken my important things.

I decided to redo everything in my life, I held a light dream.

Then, I walked straight to the Labyrinth in this continent.

I encountered a thief but they ran away. I was deceived when I asked them to guide me for the Labyrinth. I was deceived by the merchant who I tried to help. I was about to be eaten by a monster too. My food stock and money was running offー

After a long trip, finally I arrived at the Varte.

I immediately think while my heart feel so breaking.

From the beginning, my heart was broken. I notice my heart is already death, it was rotten out, and mad.

If I only wanted to get power and money I could just use my holy magic easily to get those things but, I want to protect my dream by going to the Labyrinth as my steps.

In my mind, I’m losing those feelings of balance. Stupidly, I have also wished for a partner because people will think a child like me will not be able to accomplish the Labyrinth.


I want all of that and this. I’m greedy and selfish.

In my negative thinking, my body won’t move.

Sitting down but can’t make a stand.

I know nothing anymore.

I crouched down.

I was in anxiety. Even I can’t shed a tear.

I have to…butー

And…I met him.

A boy with a black-haired who had a scar of burn on the neck.

「Hey, are you waking up?」


I gave my face out to him.

The boy before me was looking at me.

Me, I’m not living as the girl anymore so I won’t shed any tears again.

I showed him a foolish of me.


At that time it was magical snow in the cold of a night.


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