Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 5-2

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ーーI Recalled some part of my memories.

I don’t know what happen to my body…I challenged the Guardian and defend someone who was about to being cut.

I was sure at that time, that blade of Tidus was about to cut my neck as well.

That was just almost… Then I met the eyes of Sieg who seem to burst into tears at any moment.


Perhaps Sieg used his sword to defend me at that time.

At that time, I saw a hero like in my dream. It made me looks like an encounter of a sword but wasn’t able to grasp it.

It was really beautiful and I was envy.

I who fell down came to my sense and crawl away so to not being a hindrance to Sieg. Then I noticed my right arm that I wanted to lift my body a little.

At that time, my right arm who gripped the sword was being cut.

At that moment in my view, I muttered and ridiculing myself.

ーso this is my end….

Diablo Sith

The one who was being called Demon, Apostle, what a funny life. So, I tried to live through “me” again as new “me”.

However, my life is still miserable. If my end at that time was like that, so my ending for the new me is like this as well.

I look at my fresh own blood is scattered everywhere around my surrounding.

The red blood is overflowing like a fountain on my body.

A great amount of my blood is lost.

I know that 【Life Prolongment】and 【God Divine Protection】is activating as my current situation reached this far.

However, with these fatal wounds it won’t enough.

At this rate, I will die at any moment. If I don’t do anything, it will be expected I will die.


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Ah…That’s not bad.

I’m okay with that.

However, just Sieg. I can’t let him die.

I was the one who dragged him into this kind of situation

Because of my fault to let Sieg die is not an option. I have to put my life to help him.

But, I don’t think with just my cheap life would be able to save Sieg.

I have to choose.

My dreams are more important than my lives. That what’s I determined in my life.

Then, How about Sieg?

My first comrade. The first person who acknowledged me as Dia.

Though I met him not that long, but he already gave me many things.

The one who understands me. The one who became my first friend.

Ah… So…

My dreams are more important than my life but, Sieg is more important than my dreams.

Therefore, I will cast out my holy magic even I have to die.

I cast out the holy magic.

A light that I hate so much is generating from my own body.

After so long the “me” before is back.

I bite my own lips after so long I repeated many times of this spell before.

「ーHoly Magic 《Shion》」

After that, I have to only defeat that monster named as Tidus.

I can say my specialised in spirit magic could effectively attack Tidus. I have to make that body of Tidus become solid like Sieg did with his Ice Magic.

For that purpose, I cast out my magic. With the much holy magic that I learned from my childhood, I should have been able to defeat this monster.

The light of my magic fills up all of the space inside the room.

I feel dizzy and my view is becoming worse.

This will be useless if I lost my consciousness at this time. Even though little of my blood running in my brain in my current situation, I have to act calmly.

My view became blackout. I was swallowed by the darkness.

Still, The enemy can be seen.

Even if I have to die, I have to defeat it. I only think about to defeat it.

In order to protect Sieg. In order to protect Sieg. In order to protect Sieg.

I found that my body is already beyond my limit.

My dream is collapsed. But I just only have to get my power to that beyond of my limit.

That is why, I, definitely, I have to protect him.

【Skill 《Absolutely Protect》is activated】

I strengthened my feelings.

I have to do anything I can do just for Sieg’s sake.





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