Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 4-6

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My heartbeat is increasing.

Now, my fight is not based on calculation consequences nor plans anymore.

My body kept brutally fighting with Tidus without thinking anything.

「Dont let yours…Sieg!!! If you kept like that…!!」

「Don’t get in my way, DIIIIIAAAAAA!!」

I heard a voice from my rear side. I answered, refusing.

I feel like anyone who gets in my way will become my enemy.


A voice approaching me from behind.

Still, I don’t stop fighting and continue  waving my sword. I didn’t look at my back.

My life force is running off. This situation keeps continuing and the situation becomes worse. In this situation, I know I will be the one who lose so I don’t bother to change my tactic.

Tidus continues to swing its arm that transformed into a blade towards me.

It’s blade now approaching to my body. This situation already becomes unfavourable for me.

Then, Tidus’s blade comes to my neck as the conclusion is being reached.

Looks like this is my end. The limit that I can do is recklessly attack.

To the unreasonable situation, I lost my power to react. Tidus got the chances. When the chance the blade of Tidus was aimed at my neck…

a few step more that was going to my neck, Dia cuts in between my fight with Tidus.

Dia tried to protect me.

A fresh blood is spilled in the darkness.

The blade that supposed to be aimed at my neck, in my place Dia got slashed diagonally on the body. Still, Dia swings the sword at Tidus. The counterattack of Dia made a cut of Tidus’s right arm.

Dia’s body is covered in blood and falls down.


I saw Dia falls down.

Though it’s icy at surrounding but It has lit a fire in me at the moment.

「Arrrghhh, ARRRGHHHH….!」

I was able to recognise the situation at the moment when my mind was about to break.

Like a slide show in my mind, I recalled when I met at the first time with Dia.

After all, Dia is just someone who unrelated to me. I’m just using Dia.

It was a good choice to him became my shield.

It does make a sense If just left him behind.

Dia who received damaged in my place is a good thing, or not….

No, this is not a good thing.

When I feel that I don’t want to lose here, more my important person is disappearing.

It is unhappy for me.

I can’t forgive Tidus who slashed Dia. More than this, I also can not forgive myself who was protected by Dia.

The impulse of feelings mixed inside my mind feels like a lighting stab to my throat.


in an instant.

My eyes met with Dia’s eyes in an instant.

Looks like Dia is asking for help in his eye, but I still don’t get what its means at the moment.

I don’t get it why it has to be me, however, there was a conviction in his eyes towards me. Due to me who, all the time have always helped him unconsciously.

Actually, anyone was good.

Because I didn’t want to challenge the labyrinth alone. Even though I pretended to be strong, but I hate to be alone in this world.

This is I’m talking about Dia Sith.

Because he seems to die at any moment, I gave him a sign to relax and leave it to me. Then, was it bad or good, we are a comrade. A friend who is about the same age as me.

If Dia died in this place, I will be alone inside this dim light Labyrinth.

No friend in the Labyrinth of an unknown world. We have been spending a lot of time together, the fear swells up inside my mind.

A feeling that wants to help a friend named Dia, a feeling that wants to protect me, Those feelings mix inside my mind.

I have nowhere to go, so…I move my body.

「Get awayyyy!!」

I stopped the Tidus’s attack that aimed at the neck of Dia just on time.

I rushed up to Dia who fell down and saw his eyes made my heart jumps up.

Hollow eyes which don’t have a life. Dia’s eyes move to the direction of his right hand which is grasping a misery treasured sword. Silently I’m staring at it and got stunned.

A mass of blood flows out. It’s obviously the death is waiting for Dia.

「You got me surprised…It’s beautiful to look a human tried to help each other. But it is more beautifully when a human can’t do a thing for that….」

Tidus who regains its posture comment about Dia’s struggle.

In Tidus’s comment, seems like it think that Dia has acted foolishly. Tidus is approaching while giving an applause. To not being considered, it revealed a thirst blood. I took the sword and think. I have to think only how to kill this monster. I have no way but to kill this monster quickly to help critically injured Dia.

Fortunately, all of my thinking had changed into fear.

However, it is not a fear of me being in the danger situation. It is a fear of losing Dia. I’m now in rage but, it doesn’t mean I can not control my own body anymore.

Then, I kicked the part of the frozen body of Tidus.

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My chance of success is thin. However, I still have one way to get a chance. It is I have to bet all on it.

「Did the “excitement” turned into fear? If that so, once again I cast out a spell of magic…」

Watching my posture, Tidus grasped the situation instantly. Then, it kept chasing me. On the way of that, its eyes opened wide like seeing an unbelievable one.

The glances were turned behind of me.

「ーHoly Magic 《Shion》」

A voice echoes inside the room which is not mine neither Tidus.

Tidus flew in a defensive posture. I confirmed my distance with Tidus and also confirm my back.

A bubble of the light that makes a fantastic scene. at a few meter in my radius, a space filled with a concentration of a mass of light.

「It can’t be…ー!」

Me and Tidus’s eyes wide opened.

At the centre of light, the covered in the blood of Dia made a stance.

Dia’s hollow eyes are staring at Tidus.

Dia swings his right arm without minding his injury. The ground was drawn by a deep red fresh blood.

The bubble of the mass of light is connected and make rampages.

The magic attack swallows Tidus and me.

The pressure of the magical power attacked me as well. Though there is no physical power in magical attack but, there is a way to avoid these attack.

I warped myself with the developed 《Dimension》

Nevertheless, Dia cast out the magic one after another.

I put my effort to avoid from these Holy magic.

Probably these magic is the most powerful magic that Dia has.

The true Dia’s magic.

「ーHoly Magic 《Full Cure》, Holy Magic 《Strass Field 》《Divine Arrow》《Divine Arrow》《Divine Arrー」

His magic was really indiscriminate.

The recovery magic stopped his bleeding, My cut injury is cured as well and Tidus turned into a light.

That magic is hitting everything inside this Labyrinth without a decided aim.

It is obviously anyone who saw this scene will be frenzied. The Attack was aimed toward the enemy and also me who is his ally either.

I understood the situation and made a distance from Dia while I was having a cold sweat.

At the same time, I got the situation. This is a chance.

The importantly, Dia’s bleeding has already stopped. I don’t know why Dia didn’t use it, to begin with? Is there a restriction to use those magic? However, I’m certain that Tidus has lost its margin.

I see the flowing body of Tidus. I put my effort to avoid those magic which made Tidus flowing now.

I take a glance at Dia and go straight toward Tidus.

At the moment, Dia’s magic is effectively stricken on Tidus.

I put my everything to bet on this last attack.

I taste an iron inside my mouth. My foot is heavy and I’m losing my sense on my both arms. Certainly, this is exceeded my limit already. Even though I got recovered by Dia.

Tidus recognised me who rapidly approaching it. Then, desperate immediately try to take a posture of fighting back.

Things except for my hand with a sword, I jump into Tidus with the resolution.

Seeing my intention Tidus try to swing its arm that transformed into the blade. I who became desperate can’t avoid that. Even so, I kept quickly inclining forward to Tidus.

My hand got cut and my sword was dropped.

Thanks to the sword were dropped, I was able to avoid the fatal blow. Tidus grasped the situation and its face is distorted to a victory.

ーーSo all was its plan.

Tidus attacked me but I caught its blade with my wounded hand.

Tidus floats a surprised face due to I succeed to catch its blade. When it was about to move its hand but too slow.

I moved my hand already toward space, I took out my spare sword from my “belonging”.

At that moment, I swing my sword and cut Tidus’s neck and split the body of Tidus.

Tidus’s head is flown off.

It didn’t feel like I cut a water, I was sure I cut something like meat just now. Due to the Ice Magic and Holy Magic, Tidus’s body became solid.

Tidus is losing its power. Not yet. I can not relax yet.

I cut its hand and feet more. I also thrust its core. I cut Tidus as many time as possible.

Finally, I pay attention to the head that flew off.

The head that lay on the ground, its eyes is glaring at me.

To be astonished and made a happy facial expression.

Despite its head is laying on the ground, it talks.

「A, a, Yo, Your victory,」

After its declaration of our win, the rampaging magic becomes quiet.

When I look at behind me, Dia kneeled down suffered. He is calming down by seeing the enemy was minced up. Looks like he exceeded his limit.

「Haahhhhh…..Hahhh…!!! Looks like we are won…」

Me too, Declare our victory and get ready to gives a final blow.

「Thank you. It was fun. I let my guard down to that last magic」

Tidus is laughing about its lost.

It ended all.


Tidus didn’t expect to my last magic, “belonging” that I was able took out a sword from inside.

「With this, Thanks to you two, my wish is fulfilled…If possible I want to do something for Alty with this body…Ah, that flame girl who appeared before. I hope you can fulfil her wish as well…」

Little by little, the head changed into a liquid. Its mouth can’t be being formed anymore and its word is blurring.

「We who were trying to kill each other, if you said it so it will make us trouble」

「Hahaha, You are right…」

Tidus laughs. it seems satisfied.

It looked up to shows it has already the limit and it is disappearing.

「Fu, it was fun….」

It was its last word before it disappears.

The remaining part becomes of light and vanished.

I who saw that moment sheath my sword.

「The Title of “The Cleaning of the Darkness” is on possesion」

Mind Magic is added by +0.50

I used “Indication” as when we declared our victory.

One black jewel remained on the mark of light.

I picked it up and take a look.

【The Guardian of the Devil Stone】

It is the Guardian Tidus of the magical power Crystal.

I confirmed the safety of the item and I let out a sigh then turned back to Dia.

I saw crouched Dia. It is the same when I met him for the first time.

At the moment, I used “Indication” to confirmed the HP. I don’t think he will die at any moment. However Due to the Situation that he  was bleeding, his surrounding became a pool of blood. If you think in common sense, to notice he is still breathing is already weird.

It was a situation where you should have to take him to the hospital immediately to have the medical treatment.

I put back my sword into the “belonging” and lift the Dia.

He is really light. I knew he is small but, to be this light. It made me think that looks like Dia is totally lost all of his blood.

「….Si, Sieg, Sorry….I’m really sorry」

Dia kept apologising while I’m carrying him.

He breathes heavily while the eyes are not opening and seem like he felt my presence.

「Let’s return first before something is happening again」

If you look, the black flame that shut the exit room has disappeared before we aware. Let’s hurry before the boss who used to be associated with Tidus appear.

「Looks like we are able to get out as soon as possible, just you relax Dia」

When Dia heard me, he relaxed.

We are in the hurry while I relieved Dia is still breathing.

And then, I don’t let my guard down when we are on the way to get out from the Labyrinth with “Correct Path”

Even though my condition is also bad.

It will be more troubling if I lose my consciousness here.

I strongly have my will and keeps walking on the road that the jewel shining at the side of the path.

On the way of out, Dia kept repeating delirious words.

He is muttering not only my name. He is muttering the name and the place that I never heard.

His words awfully words remained in my ear. His delirious words are so much of feelings. Apologize, Jealousy, Grudge, that’s what his delirious words.

「I’m not Dia Sith…」

Dia trembling his body. He tells he have a good comrade who is me…

「Sieg…as long I have Sieg at my side…」

Dia’s expression softened even it is only a little.

Absolutely, I will not allow Dia to die.

While I swear it so, we come up to the surface. I kept moving my foot for even it is a little quickly, it will be helpful to Dia.

In this way, we successfully escaped the Labyrinth.

We succeed the trial of “20th level” who anyone in the Allied Nation wasn’t able to clear before us.


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