A…Copycat is detected!

This site is really troublesome, they are copying and paste-ing my work into their site without my permission and even without giving me a credit with a link!
A shameful act…
I know my translation work is terrible but I’m proud of it. Even my fiancee helped me a lot as my editor.I think they are not only copying my work but the others as well.
So…I’m just telling you. That’s all! Thanks.

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  1. I know there is someone doing this for quite sometime but I don’t know the url since everyone (yup every single translaters I know) try not to show the url. They say it will help promote that website instead. Most of the translaters have ways to work around that website mostly javascript to block all copy and paste on each website or wordpress plugin something to block it. so….. you might want to ask around.

    Well, that’s pretty mild if you ask me. if it was me I would ask everyone in NU to help report that page on facebook (I just did but one or two is not enough) and DDS the heck out of the actual website – there’re a few website that ping any url you given like every 5 secs. if just half of the user in NU doing it it should overload the traffic. yeah, sound extream but that just how much I hate someone stealing people’s credit.

    いいね: 1人

  2. browsing that site, seems they give out credit on other works, like I see “Link to translator site”, without naming the translator, just clicked on one of the links and it does link to translator sites, but yes for your work they did not link it.


    1. Just noticed they took my work too… No credit of course…
      I’m REALLY pissed off.

      I’ll try to use my meme magic powers to #ShutItDown oy vey.

      Also, I noticed my TL notes were still there.
      Obviously they don’t go around Ctrl+f + Suppr all over the text.
      I’ll try to add my site in a link until they steal my chapter (then I’ll remove it). That’d probably fuck their shit up a bit. Write in the middle : {TL note: If you are reading this anywhere else but YOURSITE.COM, for example readlightnovel.com, then you are supporting robbers. Also btfo.}

      The laughs are on them. *evil smile*

      But I guess the same thing is happening for every manga ever too. That industry is even worse though.




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