Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 4-5

Edited Version,
Since I’m doing a business and work during my holliday, also the autumn’s term is about to begins my translation will be slow. Anyway, thanks for your support until now~ please looks forward for the next part!

I rushed to attack Tidus with my reduced HP and the magic which helpful for me, Dimension.
A dagger attack like assassin’s come towards me.
It was almost to get a taste of my hit, but it managed to stop my attack. Though My magic 《Dimension》is weakening, the movement of Tidus is worsened as well due to the Freezing Magic that I cast on it before.
「If you touched me, you won’t be able to avoid my magic, you know? Next is I will take your hand!」
Tidus is aiming at me with its hand that transformed. Even though I was able to block its hand, but some liquid adhering to my skin.
Then, I can’t feel my hand, but if I dropped my sword I will die. I will die. I can not DIE!!! I don’t want to DIE!!! I don’t want to DIE!!!
I don’t want to DIE!!! I don’t want to DIE!!! I don’t want to DIE!!! I don’t want to DIE!!!
【Skill “???” is activated】
In exchange for stabilising mind, confusion is added by +1.00
I was able to hold my sword properly again.
I gripped my sword strongly and aiming at Tidus. And, just like that, I succeed to cut Tidus’s neck that was frozen due to my magic that I used to it before.
Tidus is trying to put back its part of the body, but…
It was too late. Despite Tidus tried to turn into black liquid My magic won’t be removed that easily.
Like I will let that happen, I tried to cut it again.
The black arm did fly in the sky with rumbling sounds because I cut the elbow of Tidus which the part is freezing.
To got my intention, Tidus makes a jump fall back. And then Tidus makes a jump again to get its arm back.
「You can do it after all! Was my magic really not that effective to you? Hahahaha this is interesting!」
Tidus restores its arm that has been taken back, However, Due to the freezing effect, it was only half recovered.
Crackle sound is sounding because Tidus threw away its part that has been frozen.
「It seems the freezing part can not be recovered, huh…」
「Fufufu, just look at the upcoming next round」
「I will take you on!」
I can feel I have a chance to win if I can attack Tidus that in the current situation.
「I should have been able to resist all kind of magic. but just that magic I wasn’t able to resist it」
While saying so, Tidus reverse its arm into a blade.
I convinced in my skill of ??? and come closer to Tidus.
「Your power is troublesome such as “calm” “faint” “judgement” “observation”」
Tidus laughs while keeping his distance from me.
And, an abnormality occurs in my body. Even though my dizziness has already gone and I feels refreshed.
Seems I have to cast out my skill of ???, but This time is not my mental condition which became the target. It will increase my chance if I let it out of my skill ??? but I have to save it for later in case that I really need it again.
I cried.
「Once again, I will cut you!!」
In response to my attack, Tidus let out a sword attack.
Despite I cut it many times, Tidus successfully stopped my attack.
「This is easy!」
I let my guard down and Tidus catch the chance. I was kicked by its foot.
It almost but I failed and I let out a blood on my head.
Still, I rush again toward Tidus with swinging my sword violently.
「Si, Sieg. Please calm down!!!」
Then, I heard a voice from the fallen Dia.
His voice is annoying. Don’t stop me from crushing out this piece of shit before me.
「I’m calm down!」
「Obviosly, You are in not normal condition! No matter how I look at you, you are looking weird」
Not normal?
I suppress my irritation and confirm my status.
HP92/169 MP0/262
State: Confusion 7.61 Mental 2.35 Bleeding 0.32 Enhancement 2.01
I confirm the increased mental and Enhancement was added.
I click my tongue and feeling out of afraid to die.
【Skill “???” is activated】
In exchange for stabilising mind, confusion is added by +1.00
However. my Enhancement status isn’t settled yet.
I don’t feel any changes. A heat of fighting spirit keeps boiling inside my head.
HP92/169 MP0/262
Confusion 8.61 Mental 0.8 Bleeding 0.32 Enhancement 2.01
The enhancement status doesn’t disappear.
My skill of ??? isn’t able to debuff enhancement status.
It may not a bad status. I’m guessing too much.
There are too many uncertainties of elements that I still don’t get it yet.
「As expected, you can’t remove out the status! But I will not give you a time to calm down!」
Tidus attacks me who is still in puzzled.
It attacks with a blade which attached on its arm while sowing a black liquid. It is hard to avoid its blade attack and in addition to avoiding the sowing black liquid. I ignore the liquid and concentrate on only blade attacks.
「You are not avoiding it? Magic 《Song of Rebel》」
It’s magic infiltrates into my body.
I can’t resist anymore, my excitement is rising. I feel like my blood is boiling and keeps this fighting continue. Against a powerful boss is exciting.
「You showed me good eyes! Well done, a human should be like this!」
My body advances forward without my will. My body feels good but it can’t be stopped.
I shout out many times. I’m excited.
Indeed, my speed and power are in good condition. However, I keep attacking without techniques and tactics.
Our blade clashed many times and a spark is scattered everywhere.
Meanwhile, the black liquid of Tidus keeps eroding me.
「Hey, This is the best, isn’t it? Clashing a blade with a blade! To be survived with putting our life on the line!! 」
Tidus speaks come to sing.
And, I can’t control my own body. Currently, I keep fighting crazy in excitement.
My body is moving in according to expectations of Tidus. This is painful, how long this will be end?
Despite my HP is really low, I can’t think of any way to retreat.
「Fufufu, Kuhahaha!!」
Tidus laugh lauder, and I’m still thinking a way out. Even though I lost my will of my body, the feels are not unpleasant. On the contrary, this is so exciting.

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    1. No the enhancement was placed on him by Tidus.

      Think of it like placing berserk on him. In fact from the sound of it that’s exactly what it is. Author should change it from enhancement.

      Sieg wants to keep his cool but the opponent wont let him. So in his fighting spirit he will fight til he dies.

      いいね: 1人

      1. This is just a bad translation. The term is 高揚, and it could have been translated as “Uplift” or “Exaltation”. The idea is that the magic makes him over-excited. Not exactly berserk. “Enhancement” is just a bad translation.


  3. Thanks for the hard work! So instead of a debuff the opponent buffed Sieg so he losses control… Wouldn’t have thought of that to be honest, but if Sieg gets a hold of how to control it his opponent will be pretty much defeated. A high risk high profit bet.


  4. It’s kinda feels weird calling it Confusion and Enhancement, If Confusion increased, it should make him more confused, not more calm, and Enhancement, it give idea that he is enhanced (powered up), not debuffed by enemy magic.



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