Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 4-4

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A shadow is approaching and its voice is echoing. I wanted to confirm the condition with my status but looks like I don’t have a time for that.
「Kkkh, I can only see but a shadow」
The shadow could do nothing while I’m aiming to stab.
「What a brilliant attack」
a heat runs to my shoulder.
Even though the shadows didn’t touch me. On the contrary, I feel like I was cut the left of my shoulder and it has been torn.
「Well, the requirement is well-ordered. Next, it’s my turn… I will take your leg….Magic 《Black Knights losing foots》」
While it said so, Tidus is cracking its finger.
At that moment, my knee breaks.. As it looks like my legs is not on my own, I have no sense of standing with my own legs.
「ーWha, What!?」
I don’t know what happened to me. At the same time, Tidus chants a magic.
I try to put some force immediately.
But I still don’t know how to stand.
My body is normal, but the order of part of my body don’t work normally.
State: Confusion 5.30 Mental: 2.00 Dark: 1.00 Paralyze: 1.00 Bleeding: 0.31
This time is “Paralyzeー!!”
「To this far a powerful magic could be attached to my body even though it would be difficult to attach it to my body. But, you will finish by this!」
Then, Tidus of the shadow is approaching.
I don’t feel any power inside my body. Due to I used high-speed attack before, my MP left is few.
I feel hopeless.
I scared to die.
An abnormal fear is dominating inside my body.
The darkness that clinging inside my heart is growing more and more.
Tidus said that I custom to the darkness.
It felt like I cried amid the dark knight. frightened by darkness, and become uneasy to thinking about death. Such a dark is covering my mind and heart.
「UUU, UUOOOO!!!! Don’t get too close to me anymore!!」
I shout aloud like a child.
「Well done, because you have a weak heart you fell to the fear. A weak heart shall be swallowed up by the darkness. I had an expectation of you, but seems like this is your limit」
Cold tones echoing my ear. Its tones are different than before, its tones now are sounds like it is ready to devour me at any time.
「ー《Flame Arrow》!」
Suddenly a voice like a flash of light runs in my darkness.
It was Dia’s magic.
「Sieg, are you alright!?」
Dia who is depressed about me running rush towards me.
It couldn’t be I’m alright. If I let this condition keep continues, I wouldn’t be able to fight. It wouldn’t be possible if I let Dia fight alone. Somehow I have to solve Tidus’s magic. Actually, I understand, but…
My tremble’s body doesn’t stop.
It couldn’t be stopped.
「Aa, pretty boy you are here too. A strategy has to rely on others, to complete a magic’s cast. But no threat if it just you alone. Well, your magic cast just needs three characters, isn’t it? I just have to snatch one of your character voice」
「What are you bubbling about?! Don’t get close to Sieg! 《Flam…ーー》!?」
It can be seen that Dia is upset in a point of the darkness.
It just as Tidus said, Dia was gotten “Silence” by it.
As the centre to against a boss, Dia is in a bad condition to cast his magic. Unless if I could take the vanguard for him.
You don’t have to hurry.
I have to deal this damaged magic on me first, then I must fight.
In order to do that, first is heart…heart?
I noticed a certain possibility.
It worth to try something about my abnormality mind.
「《Flame Arrー!》Errggh, Until just before I could cast it! Why did it just one character couldn’t…」
「A magician couldn’t do anything without a partner」
It’s dark.
It’s dark, dark…It’s scary, scary, I will die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be finished in this kind of place. I just can’t do anything about my sister whom family I left. Justttt Don’t Jooooking me aroound!!! I can’t die in this kind of place!!!
【Skill “???” is activated】
In exchange for stabilising mind, confusion is added by +1.00
The cause of the skill, the uneasiness is becoming clear.
The darkness of the curtain is becoming thin and my mental is stable now. It doesn’t mean that I completely recovered but, I could move my foot by force now. my fighting spirit has back.
I stomp my trembling feets on the ground and perform an attack towards Tidus.
「Stay away from Dia!!!」
Tidus wasn’t able to dodge my surprise attack.
My sword pierced through into the back of Tidus.
「Freezing Magic 《ICE》!! 《Freeze》!!」
The magic is running through to my sword.
I cast all of the freezing magic that I have.
I froze Tidus body from the inside of its body.
I used all of the left my MP. Of course, the MP became 0. However, my magic is still running. Even though my MP already 0.
Then, I realised.
The lack of MP come to exchange of life force (HP), my HP is being pulled.
HP152/197 MP0/262 HP140/190 MP0/262
HP128/183 MP0/262――
ーmy life is being reduced.
「Freeezeeeee, Freeze, Freeeeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeeee!」
I bet all of my might with this magic. I used all of my images into this magic.
I’m imagining a cold wave in the south pole, a freezing vibration to the molecular level, the magic named Freeze exploded inside Tidus’s body.
The temperature of the room suddenly falls and the black liquid gradually changes into a black solid.
My wound also became freeze.
A sparking came into the view and I could taste of iron filled in my throat.
Because Tidus managed to open its arms and hit me on the cheek.
While taking a distance, Tidus praises me.
「Guhhh!!! You can do it after all!」
I hold my stance and me response to Tidus.
Thanks to the skill “???” my mind became clear now. My legs are also gradually recovering.
In the distance, Tidus raises a laughter.
「Fufu, Kuhahahaha!!! Why did you become able to walk?? Why are you able to confront me now? Great! You are pretty good!」
Looks like freezing magic is effective on Tidus. However, it doesn’t mean it could beat Tidus perfectly. But I will still to try it.
While Tidus is giving a good score for me, I return its talk.
「Apparently, your magic didn’t work on me」
Although I feel fatigue and my mass blood running into my brain.
Well, this is still my limit, but I will put up a bluff.
「Is that so? Though I saw you suffered just before and I thought it will take you a while」
「Well, I wonder….」
Tidus looks at me as the enemy and it appears ready to sing again at any time. On the face of Tidus, I can see a distortion of laughter.
In this conversation, I just finished confirming my status.
Name: Kanami Aikawa HP101/171 MP0/262 Class: Level6
Strength 4.12 Vitality 4.21 Dexterity 5.11 Speed 7.24 Wisdom 7.23 Magic11.43 Quality 7.00 State: Confusion 6.61 Mental 0.34 Bleeding 0.31
My MP is empty. Even so I still use magic and my HP reduced to the half. That was due to the absurd freezing magic that I used before.
But still I casts a magic again.


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  3. Jackal

    Dude, I think it’s okay to put the status in separate lines. Makes for easier reading.

    Name: Kanami Aikawa


    Class: Level6
    Strength 4.12
    Vitality 4.21
    Dexterity 5.11
    Speed 7.24
    Wisdom 7.23
    Magic 11.43
    Quality 7.00

    Confusion 6.61
    Mental 0.34
    Bleeding 0.31
    See, you only need to glance at the above example and you understand 10x faster than the currently unformatted version. See for yourself:
    Name: Kanami Aikawa HP101/171 MP0/262 Class: Level6
    Strength 4.12 Vitality 4.21 Dexterity 5.11 Speed 7.24 Wisdom 7.23 Magic11.43 Quality 7.00 State: Confusion 6.61 Mental 0.34 Bleeding 0.31

    Or you can put it inside a table but “please” don’t leave it like that. It’s too hard to read.



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