Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-2

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The next day, after I finished my work at the bar last night, the second Labyrinth exploration begins.

Last night, I heard some stories from the manager about strong monsters inside the Labyrinth. And I had gotten know more which monsters I can fight and which aren’t, and which monsters will give me more experience.

「YeahーLet’s aim for higher level monster and boss monster today」

「OOOUー! Bossー? That’s a good idea」

I meet Dia at church, I tell him about my objective today. Dia is quite enthusiastic.

「I have found out that it’s hard to solve my MP problem. Therefore, let’s use MP effectively in each combat.」

「I agree, Let’s aim for the boss!」

He didn’t seem satisfied with his one-sided battle yesterday. I can see his desire to fight with the stronger monster.

「Well then, we are going a little bit far, so come with me」

「All right」

According to the information I collected at the bar, it takes steps from here to lead to the area where we can find the boss monster.

Along the way, I’m saving up my MP. Doesn’t mean I don’t use it at all, but if possible I decided not to use 《Dimension》on small prey.

We go through, entering inside of the labyrinth. Meanwhile, at the same time, selecting monsters which are easy to defeat.

And, the corridor inside the Labyrinth changes its appearance bit by bit.

From a featureless stone, it changes into a green road where the energies overflow. The corridor gradually increases its size, Trees grow in abundance. And more when we advance deeper we find a forest.

The road end here, there is only a dense dark forest.

We confirmed that we already entered one of the deep part, the special area.

「Yup, we entered the special area of insects. So, I want to snipe for 『Queen of Forest』that’s live in the main of this area」


I tell him my idea.

Dia is puzzled. He might don’t though that I’m telling him to snipe and shoot it from the place where it’s safe.

「Yup, we are going to snipe it」

「Please, wait, Sieg. It’s likely to snipe, right? Do you mean aiming from here?」

「I will explain my strategy」

「Eh, Eh?」

His -nervous but cute- expression shows. Dia continues listening to my explanation.

This strategy is as a result of information that I collected from many explorers.

「According to the information, I think we can grasp the boss’s position from here. I want Dia to use your full power magic and shoot it to the direction that I point out. Maybe, the boss will die in 1 hit. Since I want to pick up the drop item as well, so we have to beat the underlings which surrounding the boss. Well, Even though I don’t have any intend to do that, but I will be the bait. Because the fight is using MP, I will have Dia to cover me. That’s all. We should be able to do it with our best abilities. Is there any question?」

「……Uhm, Can we really do it?」

「Yea, Of course,」

Exaggerating, I said that to him. So he won’t feel any pressure. Depending on our abilities, this is an easy strategy. Much more our ability is extraordinary.

If one normal explorer presence here, this strategy cannot be done. This strategy can only be done with me who have insight, and the talented Dia who is my partner. Again, I reconfirmed to look at other explorer’s『Indication』and their status is terrible.

「I get it. I have debt with you, so I believe in you」

Dia shows his confidence and tighten his chest.

「Don’t get too work up. If we do well like I think, this will be easy. I can see the result already. Because Dia’s magic is really strong」

I encourage him to reduce his mental burden.

Dia nodded shyly.

「Is, Is that so? I get it」

「Ok. Well then, wait a moment, I will look for it」

I use 《Dimension: multiple expansion》so it can extend for collecting the surrounding information.

My sense is expanded through trees in the forest, and I found the 5-meter monsters behind the giant tree. It is taking a shape of a two-legged butterfly and bipedal armor. The monster is wandering its surrounding.

I point out my finger to its direction.

Thanks to the 《Dimension》I could grasp even for 1 mil. If we do well, the aim will be straight to Queen of Forest’s heart.

「I found it. Put your arm on top of my arm. And shoot it in the direction where I point out. Don’t worry about the obstacles. Generally, it won’t a hindrance to your magic. if it so I will do something about it」


Dia, still puzzled, put his arm on top of my hand, from behind of my shoulder and point out to the direction where I point out.

「Our objective is not moving. It might won’t move as long as we don’t get near it. Try to not burn my hand, Dia can shoot at anytime」

「You will be fine, I will shoot it soon」

Dia says so and he closes his eyes to focus.

And in a number of seconds, He opens his eyes and shout.

「Go!!!ー《Flame Arrow》!!!」

In a moment, a flash is running.

I felt its high temperature and I let go of my arm immediately.

The emitted amount of heat went straight while leaving holes in the trees. I grasp the situation with 《Dimension》. The state is 《Flame Arrow》went through Queen of Forest’s throat.

【Title『Green’s relative』is in possession】

0.05 is added to Vitality.

I was going to shoot it to its heart, but it missed a little to its throat.

Still, its body and head are detached and the target was killed on the spot. Apparently, If Dia shoots it with his full power the aim is shifted a little bit to the top.

I look at Dia’s and my『Indication』while confirming the vanishing of Queen of the forest. A huge experience is added and distributed in half.

Though I don’t know the details of experience’s distribution, but basically a party has to share.

I move to the next object while smiling about the result we got.

「Yeah, we defeated the boss. Next is let’s defeat the underlings which are at the boss’s surrounding. But, let’s snipe it without revealing our position to them. The plan changed a bit, let’s aim the lowest level monsters and secure it’s drop item」

「Eh, already over?」

Dia looks so disappointed because the fight ended in an unsatisfying way.

「It’s over, It’s over. Well, let’s go slowly. If possible I want to avoid the combat, but just in case, prepare yourself」

I say so while confirming the surrounding where the drop items are.

Half of the underlings are looking for the caused and half of it is remaining on the spot.

Me and Dia go through while avoiding them.

Sometimes the monsters appear but we defeat it with our teamwork.

About ten minutes, we are still heading to the place where the items dropped. The distance is still about hundreds of meters. We took more time than we thought because we have to take detour repeatedly in order to avoid the combat.

After enough doing safety confirmation, we are aiming the three monsters who are standing by.

Me, together with Dia use eye contact to snipe them.

First, we killed instantly the monster which didn’t do anything. The remaining two, they seem have noticed the direction where the magic was shot. Both of them are heading towards our place. By looking at the situation, I let Dia use the same action like we did just now. To shoot straight line to the monsters which are approaching. Its body had been holed before it can reach us.

And lastly the remaining one. In response, I ambush it with my sword. Even it is an underling, it is a high-level monster. I fight without hesitation.

「ー《Dimension: Battle Operation》!」

For us, this last fight is likely a boss fight.

The monster is similar to mantis. Both its arm like shaped knife quickly aimed at me. I dodged in response to seeing its movement. Before the next breath, the mantis swung its other’s hand at me. Then I hold it with my sword, I pushed backslash to its body.

And, I convinced my victory.

Without a special move, but one slash. Without Dia’s assistance, the monster was just committed suicide to me. Though I just tried to buy time for Dia.

「《Flame Arrow》!」

And, once again the magic blew off the mantis head.


「Are you alright, Sieg. That was really quick insect」

Certainly, it was the monster with a fast sharp attack. But, honestly, it was slow for me in one-one fight.

My magic power is too immense. With 《Dimension》which grasp the movement, I display the unequaled strength even in the close combat.

「I can still do it, but only to this extent. With this, it’s really over」

「……I see. I relief」

We begin to pick up the dropped items.

We secured the item which is dropped from the boss as well. After that, we escape the area while trying to not encounter with other monsters.

We are going to leave this area by moving to the 『Correct Path』.

I check my remaining MP and it still more than half left.

「Well then, let’s move to the next boss?」

「Eh, there is still more?」

「The nearest boss from this place is the colony of goblins. Among them, there is one gigantic goblin so let’s defeat it」

「Uhm, Okay」

Dia agrees while holding the magic stone which is dropped from the Queen of Forest.

Like we did it before, we are heading to the rumored place.

Like the previous battle, this boss is defeated easily. This is too disappointing.

【Title 『Timidity Strength』is in possession】

0.05 added to strength.

「This is different from what I thought……」

「Yeah, I think so too. However, this is thanks to our safest method and efficient in our capabilities…」

This is far from the common battle because we are depending on our special power and abnormal abilities to fight.

And then in this way we are repeating this pattern. We are defeating the boss monster without threatening our life after all. I don’t have any complaint.

On that day, we defeated 3 boss monsters and get out from the Labyrinth.

「Title 『Stepping Troll』is in possession」

0.05 is added to strength.



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