Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-1

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3. Dream of slave, Slave of Dream

After we finished from the Labyrinth, my experience increased by 100. I still need 600 more experience to reach level up. 100 experience in several hours, my growth is too slow.

However, that can be said as rapid growth in the perspective of 30 old age man of the explorer who is still at level 10. If I keep doing this every day, I will reach next level in six days. I will not take as much time as the people who kept fighting for ten years or more.

If I think like that, this is an abnormally rapid growth.

Even so, I’m not satisfied.

My goal is to reach the 100th level of Labyrinth. To reach that, doesn’t mean have to break off what does the human can do. Then I make a plan just like in the game.

First, I have to align what to do for exploration in the Labyrinth. There is still so many things that I still don’t know yet, but I was right that I had the feeling about I need Dia to explore the Labyrinth.

I, without reducing my HP at all but my MP is run out.

In other words, if I can have a recovery for my MP or save my MP, I will be able to continue. To increasing the efficiency of obtaining experience.

The rest is, pay more attention at monster’s level is important. With Dia’s skill, I can challenge a stronger monster to gain more experience and money.

It’s just so simple like that.

The important points are recovery and hunt selection. That’s the basic for level up in the online game.

「……The problem is solved」

I muttered to myself.

「Hm, What is it?」

Ryin reacts to me.

「Nothing, Since I began to enter the Labyrinth again, I thought about where it is and what kind of monsters is inside」

The Labyrinth’s explorers who are visiting this bar have a lot of knowledge. Some of their advice are expected, but I spoke without concealing my intent.

「HeeeーYou failed before but you challenge it again」

「Yes, Because I’m free in the morning. I have a spare time, so why don’t I just go to the Labyrinth…」

「Well, because you came until this far, Varte to challenge the Labyrinth. That can’t be helped」

「I will not make any trouble for this bar, so I will avoid getting injured」

「No, you should focus on your dream more than this bar. But somehow still work at here. Rather than that, what did you just said about this and that monster a little while ago?」

Ryin kindly responds to my story.

However, the story is being interrupted.

「If that kind of story just leaves it to meー Sieg」

It was Corvus.

「Do you know a lot?」

「Yeah, Since I have been doing this for many years. So just ask me anything」

I turned my face towards Ryin.

She nodded silently. I was going to introduce about Corvus, but…

「Well then, I will ask you. I want to know more about strong monster」

「Strong monster? Do you mean about Boss monster?」

I heard about the boss monster, it is like my favorite game. I firmly hold down my curiosity, and stay focus calmly.

「Yes. Including boss monster, I want to know more about strong monsters which are at low level」

「I see. It’s important to pay the attention to the monster of the first level. You are really clever」

I respond him with a wry smile.

I’m telling him my purpose is not evil, It’s for subjugation.

「Alright, Sieg. Much more the boss monster is rare not that much. Certainly, there supposed to be 10 type of it. The closest boss monster where near the entrance of Varte is『Quuen of Forest』. Note that, the area is where lots of plants grow. It’s living in that area. Over there, there are a lot of Insect boss monster as well. There is also dangerous gigantic spider boss 『Rail Arachne』and Carnivorous plants 『Caps Dungeon Hole』ー」

Corvus tells me generously, perhaps this information might from his experience. Come to think of it, He often took care of me. I understand his reason. Like a good big brother who is taking care of me while visiting the bar.

And, about the low-level boss monster, Corvus speaks like he has recalled something.

「ーThe rest is, if you are talking about strong monster, then it’s mean the guardian」


The first time I heard about this.

「Yeah, The big boss which are at 10th level and 20th level」

「10th level? Then, that’s still nothing to do with me, right?」

「No, It doesn’t mean like that. Guardian’s intelligence is high, it’s freely wandering inside the Labyrinth as they want. So, sometimes its appear in the lower level as well」

「The boss is freely wandering……?」


「Yeah. I tell you, you should absolutely escape if you meet them. Nobody could go against them. Even for the strongest explorer of Allied Nation couldn’t defeat it」

「I understand」

Without being said, I have been decided to run away if I met them.

「……It’s a little bit of surprise story, don’t you agree? Even though I walk around, I still haven’t met them once. Even I don’t remember about when it’s last made appearance. It’s already become common topic among the explorers」

「No, I really thankful. Thank you very much. The topic is really interesting」

「Well, from this point the topic will get more to the interesting part. It’s the story about Glenn who is the strongest in the Allied Nation. He is the legend among usー」

But the talk comes to an end after we talked about the monster…

「ーCorvus! don’t interrupt him too much!」

「Please, wait, Oldman. I’m just teaching him with good intentions, you know?」

As usual, the manager’s loud voice flies from the kitchen.

Corvus answers him happily. And, he says 『Let’s talk about this next time』to me while winking his eyes at me.

I laugh while lowering my head to him. After all, Corvus is a dependable big brother for me.

While returning to my work, I arrange information that I just got.

After that, the bar becomes busy because many customers came. I succeed gathering the information that I wanted to hear.

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