Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-8

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In the place where 30 monsters were defeated, My MP is running low.

「Ah, soon my magic will reach its limit」

「Eh, already?」

It’s noon already.

Several hours has passed, and our exploration can’t continue further than this.

「I will get out from the Labyrinth, but what will you do, Dia?」

「Eh, I wonder what should I do? Could you just become my vanguard without using magic?」

Absolutely “NO”!

I wanted to shout at him, but I softly explain.

「Hmm… That won’t be efficient since the probability of getting injured will increase. Actually, I’m using my MP in the battle as well, so that will greatly weaken me」

「Eh, You are using your sword and magic too?」

「Yup. With ancient magic, I can polish my sense of combat more」

「So you were using magic all this time? I thought you are a good swordsman as well since you handle well with sword, but the truth is, that was because of your magic」

「Yup, that’s exactly why I will be useless if my MP is empty」

Honestly, I just don’t want to fight when my MP is zero.

I don’t want to increase the possibility that I cannot protect Dia. without magic, it will consume me more time and energy to defeat the monster. The more time I spend, the probability of unexpected problem will rise as well. The more I give an opportunity to monster for an attack, we will get into trouble. That will make a meaningless battle.

「Okay. Sieg, I will go outside with you, after that I will continue here alone」

「Eh, Wai, alone…? Wa, Wait, Dia!」

Dia opposed to my idea.

What a cheeky Long chanter magician.

Anyway, I will be in trouble if he dies.

「Dia, are you by any chance going to do it alone?」

「Yup, I intend to do it alone. I still have plenty of time, up until now I was alone anyway so it won’t change anything」

「……Did you mean up until now you beat the monsters by yourself?」


At the moment, Dia hesitate says something.

「I don’t really mind at all if you can beat the monster by yourself」

「Ukh……I have ever defeated it before」

Dia begins to nervous while wondering his eyes.

「OH so you have? But, how many? Up till now, you have it hard. Until yesterday, how many have you ever defeated?」


「Please stop doing it by yourself! Because I’m worried about you…」

I said straight to him.

That might sound harsh to him. However, I can’t afford to lose my precious partner.

「But, I can defeat plenty of them. This is my chance!」

「You can only defeat them with magic today. I think you know about yourself that up till now you weren’t able to defeat a monster because you cannot shot your magic, right?」

「But, I still have my sword!」

「I’m telling you, you are not good with sword」

I can see his status. That’s why I can understand him more.

He is specialised in magic. That’s why he is not good with the sword.

「But, I don’t have time. I want to power up quickly, and I need more money……」

Dia showed his serious expression.

I can see Dia’s determination, that’s made my head hurt.

「Doesn’t matter How many times you swing your sword, you won’t be able to beat a monster. I can understand if you use the magic. I don’t mind if in the condition where you could use magic. but, the case it’s not like that」

「No, magic is not good. Today I can’t help but use magic, I just want to get stronger in the sword. My dream is to be able to fight with the sword. That’s why I want to train my sword’s skill」

Just focus on your magic since you don’t have any talent in the sword.

While holding back my emotion, I slowly speak to him.

「Why it has to be the sword? If you want power and money, you should just focus on your magic. By doing so, as the magician, you will successfully earn the money」

「That may be so. But, I have to use sword!」

It is hard for me to tell him about my logical thought. Because he is too fixated in the sword. Our relationship is still too thin for me to give him advise.

「No matter what?」

「No matter what, I want to use the sword……」

I check Dia’s status while scratching my head.

He has the necessary amount of experience to level up. And, His HP somewhat decreased.

「I get it. I won’t stop you if you want to use the sword that badly. Use the sword, if possible use the magic as well, that will become a good combination. But, I want you to get ready so we have to get out from here first」

「AaaaーI get it」

Dia approved in surprise.

「What’s wrong?」

「No, It’s just I didn’t expect you will understand…… Everyone, up to now, they didn’t agree that I use sword…」

Seems like his sword skill is terribly poor.

I cannot confirm his skill since I was at the vanguard, but no matter how you look, anyone could see it from his level.

「…How do I put it? I can understand your feelings」

「Sieg too…?」

When playing a game, even I often selected the sword as my weapon. Because it somewhat has the charm as a man and the character who use the sword is likely to be a protagonist in the view of all story. When I was a child I wanted to be a hero, I can understand his feelings even if it’s impossible.

As a matter of fact, I want him to focus on magic. However, if I force him, it’ll jeopardize our relationship. Because of that, I have to tolerate him.

「Thank you, Sieg」

Dia’s cheeks blushed shyly.

At the same time, my cheeks blushed as well.

With his gold hair and blushed cheeks, he is pretty cute. No matter how I look, he looks like a girl. Including his gesture is like a girlーI give up. There is no benefit to investigate him further. To put my effort for that, I will get absolutely nothing out of it.

That’s why I never ask about his gender.

I only see him as my partner to conquer the dungeon. No more than that.

I use my remaining MP, avoid the monster, and get out from the Labyrinth.

In a middle way, we are talking about dropped items.

「Come to think of it, How are we suppose to divide the items?」

「Mostly in the post of requirement party, it was written “equal divide”……」

「Then, let’s divide it in half」

「But, your work was harder than me, shouldn’t you take it more…?」

「That’s troublesome. We helped each other, so we divide it in half. No matter what, it’s half. Leave no evil, That’s made easy to understand」

「Uhhh, I get it……」

Honestly, I want Dia to get more his share. I want him to prepare his equipment and tools, and also to properly eat and rest. But, the only way reasonable reason for him is to divide it in half.

「And after we got out from this place, go try to the church」

「Eh, but I went there this morning?」

「You might be able to level up thanks to our success. For low level, I think it’s better to often go there」

Dia accepted my suggestion about going to the church. I advise him to pay more attention to his armor, tools and also his physical condition straight.

And, I suggest him if possible to not enter the Labyrinth alone, even it’s not me, at least, be paired with someone. If he is raised to level 2, and showed the obtained magic stone, he might find more companion.

「I get it, I get it. I appreciate your concern about me, Sieg. But, that troubled me by saying it at one time」

「If you are going to enter the Labyrinth again, that’s the minimum requirement you should do」

Dia showed his bitter face towards me.

However, I advised him so he will not die. Even though he dislike it, but he is still seriously listening to me.

And last, until for that time, I will keep my attention for him. In the condition without MP, I cannot help him, but I considered many ways in order to not let Dia die.

Well, if I only think about the benefits, what I do now is more than enough.

Dia is exceptionally talented. However, this is putting me too much effort.

I understand it myself.

It’s just that simple.

If I think cleverly, to use Dia is important. In some cases, it is necessary he become my tool for me to survive.

But. Dia is my first acquaintance of the same age in this world.

Above all, we formed a party to go to the Labyrinth together and faced dangerous situation together. I can say his presence gradually become as a friend for me.

Fortunate or unfortunate, I have found my place in this world.


Fortunate or unfortunateー


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