Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-3

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Our sole purpose is to get huge experience by selecting the strong monster.

Since the experience that we are collecting is already more than enough, we are heading back to town.

Along the way, Dia walks while squeezing his soaked clothes.

「Damn, my clothes soaked caused of that insect…… Well, perhaps it will dry as we walk……」

We did well until the second boss. But, the third boss’s habitat was really terrible.

When we faced the boss which has the shape like water strider in the water-land area, Dia magnificently fell down to the pond. Dia insisted on attacking the boss, but I already know about the landscape thanks to 《Dimension》I didn’t fell over. Dia fell down to an open place.

Even though he specializes in magic, his stamina is very low. As much as possible, I let Dia not to moved much.

That’s what made our current situation like this.

Dia is desperate to dry the moisture as dry as he can do. Since earlier, he is squeezing his cloth which is around his waist while revealing his navel, I can see that.

That is tempting me.

His clothes are so soaked, of course, his body as well. I didn’t have any interest since usually he wears large clothes, but he is different now.

I could see obviously a feminine body line.

I could grasp there is swelling line on his chest.

「Hey, Dia, jacket!」

I’m going to let Dia wear the overcoat which I wore.

「No, I’m good. As much as this, I’m fine」

However, like a naughty boy, Dia rejected me.

I do really have an interest in his gender now. I try to indirectly warn her.

「……But, you will catch a cold if you are staying like that」

「Hahaha, I’m okay, Sieg. I will not catch a cold just because of this. I’m okay~」

「No, but……your soaked clothes is sticking to your body…」



Dia finally realized to what I mean to say.

After he looks at his situation calmly, his face is becoming red and he receive my coat to cover his body.

「Ya, that’s right. Well, let me borrow it. I will be troubled if I catch a cold」

Dia wear the overcoat and walk a little behind me.

Awkward silence flows.

To break the air, I choose a different topic.

「Ah, Dia. In the direction where we are heading, stalls are gathered there. Since we have plenty of money, why don’t we take a look?」

「A good idea, Let’s go! there may be interesting things!」

Various stalls are gathered in the plaza lively. Inexperienced craftsmen seem to sell one’s work with bargain price by the story that I heard.  Besides, there seems to be a person is selling the items which I picked up in the Labyrinth. This is a good chance to look for weapons in this plaza other than regular shop.

I will not be fooled since I have my ability 『indication』.

Redden face Dia run to visit the small animal shop.

「Sieg, there are so many things which are looks good for us」

And the small body with moving full eyes, beckon me.

「Ah, I go now. Wait!」

I ran after Dia who is running joyfully.

Dia happily picking the stuff which he is going to buy while says 『How about this?』. Each time, I use 『Indication』to evaluate the stuff which he is going to buy. Though there are so many cheap things, but there are a lot of low quality as well. Good stuff is hard to found here.

However, that’s not the problem.

We go window shopping while having small talk. Our awkward atmosphere is already vanished.

Well, this is fun, using the 『Indication』to check the quality of the goods. At times, I left Dia alone, and I was wondering to take a look at the goods endlessly.


「Sieg, you can judge the goods too? you look so serious……」

It might be strange for Dia who doesn’t know about 『Indication』.

「Really? I just know about it」

「HeeーSieg, you know a lotー」

Dia looks at me with respect. However, it was thanks to 『Indication』 I can judge the goods. Apparently, I as if deceiving the innocent Dia, feel a little awkward.

I hide my guilty feeling from him. To change the topic, I move to find other goods and I have found the goods which I have been looking for.

【Hairpin of Airia】

The accessories which decorated with White magic stone.

Equipped with this accessories will increase the magic power.

It’s named item.

I have found it in the stall wherein the corner of the plaza. The price is also cheap for a named item. I take it without hesitate and talk to the storekeeper.

「Excuse me, I’m going to buy this」

「You are welcome to but those. That will be 5 copper coins」

Immediately, I take out the copper coins from my leather bag and trade it with the accessories.

The feeling is like I got the rare item into my hand. I smile while looking at 『Hairpin of Airia』. The hairpin which decorated with white magic stone sparkling beautifully.

「Sieg. Is that a good accessory?」

「Without doubt, its worth for 5 copper coins」

All named item that I had been seen up to now were expensive. The lowest is one silver coin.

「In my point of view, it’s just an ordinary thing. I don’t really get itー」

「Fufu, it was a good price」

「But, Sieg. Are you going to wear it on yourself?」


I noticed to what Dia is trying to say. The item name is 『Hairpin of Airia』. Okay, this is a hairpin. This is the accessories for a woman to wear.

「Sieg, I think you are not suited to wear it……」

「……No, this is for you Dia」

I hold out my desperation without being noticed by Dia, then I present it to Dia.

「Eh, me?」

「I think it will suit you to wear it since you bundled your back hair」

「No no no, wait! I’m good. It’s absolutely will not suit for me!」

「But, Dia. If you don’t want to wear it……What should I do with it?  Even though I got it with much effort…and it contains a magical power…」

I purposely show my regret in front of Dia.

Dia surely will react to my act. He will hurriedly accept my present.

「Since with this accessories has effect which raises the magical power, I think it will suits you more…… It can’t be helped, I will refund this back to the shop. Ah, but it’s not possible. What should I do………」

「I get it already! I will take it!」

「Thank you! Here, wear it」

I’m wearing the Hairpin of Airia to Dia’s hair. With this, it won’t be a waste. I nod with game-like satisfaction.

Then, the restless Dia asks me.

「Hey, doesn’t it weird?

「No, it suits you great」

「No, no way……」

Dia shook his head shyly and start walking ahead to run away.

His back hair is bouncing like a tail. His golden hair with Hairpin of Airia, Dia’s charm has increased. Is that a charm as a man? Or woman? It is better not to tell anything to Dia.

「Dia, you are not going to buy something?」

「I’m good. Since I can’t tell which is the good stuff」

「It doesn’t have to be a good stuff, for example like for your hobby? We have to celebrate it since we got a lot of money from the Labyrinth」

「To celebrate it? How about books?」

I’m surprised at his unexpected hobby.

Come to think of it, we never talk about anything other than the Labyrinth exploration. Well, this is a good chance to get to know each other.

「Then, let’s go look for the books. what kind of books?」

「Hmmmm… If possible, the adventure one is good. Like stories of the Labyrinth explorer’? Like stories of the legend? ー」

We go around the plaza while we are discussing and sharing each other hobby. Just a little, but we become closer.

Well, am I fortunate or unfortunate to met Dia who becomes closer to me?

Then, we had been looking around the stalls in the plaza and at the time, Dia asks me something.

Unlike the small talk up to now, he shows serious expression.

「ーHey, this made me curious for a long time, why did Sieg decide to explore the Labyrinth?」

「Eh? Of course for living…」

「For living? Sieg could do anything and I think you don’t need that much money. you could work at the bar, even you are able to cook as well」

I’m puzzled to his sudden question.


「Indeed, even so I have to go to the Labyrinth. How do I put it?  It necessary for me to live as Siegfried」

In order to live as 『Kanami Aikawa』. Under an assumed name 『Siegfried』which is not a human name. I wanted to answer him like that, but since Dia doesn’t know anything so I gave him an abstract answer.

「You, in order to live as Sieg?」

「Come to think of it, how about you, Dia?」

「It’s simple. I just want money」

That reminds me, he said he wants money and power. He is so certain about his decision so he answered without hesitation.

「Oh, you did say that you want money and power. But why you want them?」

「If I have them, I can do anything. Honor, position, woman, foods, freedom, happiness, anything」

I can feel grudge in his words. In his grudge, I can feel something similar to ambition and hatred. Apparently In the past, Dia has his own circumstance that made him attach too much in money and power.

「What a cheap dream…」

「It might so. But, that’s a man dream, right?」

「No, I don’t think so…」

「No no, you gotta have one deep inside your heart. Money, Luxurious mansion, beautiful woman, delicious foods. That’s the desire of every man, right?」

「Do you think so……?」

Is it due to my original world’s sense of values? So I don’t have that kind of desire. In my original world, luxurious house and delicious food are a matter of course. But, rather than to sufficient the physical things, it’s more importance to sufficient the emotional.

Is it because I came from such an easy world that made me think there is more important than money and desire?

「In my hometown, the people who do possess money and power are doing whatever they want. Because they possess their own private army, nobody was able to defy them. One of them is the feudal lord, he is taking the money from the people as much as he wants. With the power of money, can be surrounded by beautiful slaves. He is living on greed and looks happier than anyone else. Even in this country, there must be one. Rich people, Nobbles, the Labyrinth explorer who can be said they do possess the money」

Dia continue to talk as he is trying to say something.

「I also want to become rich. And with power, I can against anyone. In that way, everyone will recognize me. Until I reached there I can accept myself. and I will live as the boy named Dia」

Dia has finished saying his powerful will of a monologue.

Perhaps I might mistake about Dia. I though he is such a conceited kid who lacks power and keeping on himself. But, he posses a strong will. Without a doubt, he has his own goal.

But why does his goal is that kind of things?

「I see, Dia, you are awesome……」

「Ah, no, I’m not that amazing. I still don’t have the money and power, I reached this far it is all thanks to you, Sieg」

「That was nothing」

He showed his face which becomes red in an embarrassment while scratching his head.

At that moment, I had dizziness because I felt Dia’s heartbeat who is getting closer to me.

There is strong will in Dia’s talk.

That could be expected from the people who live alone……

「Sieg, are you alright? Somehow, your face is pale」

「……No, I’m good」

I muttered as to wring out.

I don’t come here to hear people’s dream and ambition. I don’t come here to get close to someone. That’s what I thought.

If I touch my humanity, I couldn’t think the game way of thinking.

I break off my talk with Dia immediately.

As the reason that my MP runs out.

「Well then, Sieg. See you!」

「Ah, See you」

Dia is energetically waving his hand. He is motivated for tomorrow.

In contrast, I’m depressed. I walk the streets alone, moving my heavy legs.

I didn’t intend to go to the church, even though the amount of experience is enough to level up.

I just want to walk around.

Up till today, I have been only thinking about the Labyrinth.

Collecting the information, looking at the town for the Labyrinth, Working for the Labyrinth. However today, I just want to walk around without thinking such a thing.

This is because I touched Dia’s strong emotion.

The fact is, I’m beginning to take an interest in other people’s business. For example, I take an interest in the young man, carrying his sword, who walk passing me by. I want to know about where he was born, what’s his wish, where do he live? Next is I take an interest in the beast girl who way past of me, what kind of personalities she have? Where is she going to go?

The people who I thought they were the non-player character (NPC) before, I’m beginning to feel they have running blood inside their body.

I realized to which I shouldn’t have realized, then I feel strong dizziness and nausea. I come to have no more time.

I must not recognize it.

If I recognized it, I couldn’t think the game way of thinking anymore.

The sense of reality applies it to the nonsense of reality, and nonsense of reality turns into the sense of reality. The things become vague and blurred.

It’s as if I’m becoming not myself.

「Skill 『????』is activated」

Stabilizing mind from feelings gets confusion point +1.00

ーThat can’t be helped.

Peoples are living in whatever worlds. People have their own story, it might be a wonderful story which doesn’t lose to the peoples who are living in my world.

Nobody is the non-player character (NPC). I don’t have any choice but accept them.

I look at the people who are coming and passing me in the town. People are lives.

There might be people who are happy and unhappy. With not to always think negative things, I try to understand them. Not just using 『Indication』to understand them, but to look at their expression to understand.

While thinking in this way, I walk to the place where I never go before.  And, I observe various people.

While on it, the mood changed me to go to the church for level up. I also do shop in a rational way using money that I have left.

Then, I keep continue walking.

Thanks to the skill 『????』, I regain my calm.

I walk the town triumphantly in the same way as Dia.

While on the way, I see people who have been tethered to the collar chain.

“Cring” a tiny sound of chain collar is sounding.

According to Dia, slaves in this world are common.

Even in my original world’s history, slaves existed. In conclusion, in every world, slavery does exist.

While my mind looking in a daze, a big hint to explore the labyrinth floats.

I will do whatever which related to the Labyrinth. A wry smile floats on my face.

In other words, a slave is one of the ways to conquer the Labyrinth.

I can look the suitable skill slave for conquering the Labyrinth with 『Indication」 I can use slave’s talent to conquering the Labyrinth.

It still just a pop-up Idea, but it’s worth to try it out.

I walk toward to the bad public peace of Varte to gather the information which related to the slave and I have found the carriage that carrying the slaves. I use 《Dimension》and follows the carriage.

I go ahead through the deserted back alley and pass through the underpass. When I walked a little, I see a plain door. The building is likely a secret place that people will have a hard time to finding it.

I observe the inside of the building with 《Dimension》. Inside there is an auction where slaves are being sold.

Because my remaining MP is low, I can’t observe further. I entered the building and head to the customer service at the entrance.

「Excuse me, Mister, what’s business brings you here at this early time?」

The small beautiful man who saw my appearance greets me with etiquette.

「I was recommended by my acquaintance. I just came to take a look」

Even if my age is young, only the people who have the financial power can come here, so I acted arrogantly in my answer.

In this world, many young people are the success one. I shouldn’t be suspected If I firmly my attitude.

For now, I will gather information with my good talk. I have confidence like I was in the Labyrinth. If the worst happen, I will just have to run away.

「I see. However, we are only open the business at midnight, since we will be found out if we are open at noon」

「Is that so? For that reason, I came here to have you tell me for things」

「Yes, please. I don’t mind」

Though I thought that since I’m unprofitable guest he will not willingly answer me, but he willingly answer my questions. He might look at me as a promising guest.

Try not to look suspicious, I start the talk with the man.

While on collecting the information, I observe my surroundings.

With 《Dimension》, I can grasp the presence of slaves who were carried with the carriage before. They are getting a treatment. In order to improve the value of the product, bathing, makeup is necessary.

The lucky slaves who are on the treatment are exceeds ten. While watching the treatment of the slaves, I collect the information from the men.

In the place where few of time passed, one slave shows up in the lobby where I’m speaking with the man. I understood the slave is lost thanks to the 《Dimension》. I knew since early, the slave was walking around this building.

She is a black-haired girl.

With hollow black eyes and skinny body. She has shabbily dressed only one layer cloth, is her treatment not finished yet?

「The slave over there isー?」

I knew but I ask.

And, I use 『Observe』immediately to confirm her status.


Name: Maria Distrus

HP 39/41
MP 35/35
Class Slave
Level 3
Strength 0.89
Dexterity 2.01
Speed 0.73
Wisdom 1.07
Magic 1.91
Quality 1.52
Confusion 0.56
Apathy 1.02
Origin Skills:
Insight 1.43
Acquired Skills:
Hunting 0.67
Cooking 1.07

I have found the unusual magic and she has 3 of it.  She is a girl who has the talent not far from the average.

But the difference is like the sky and earth when I compare her to me and Dia.

「Ah, I, I’m……」

The girl reacted first.

Her hollow black eyes are looking at me. She is in the state that she has found the things which he has been looking for.

「Ah, My apologize. Oi! someone!!!, take that slave back inside!!!」

The man noticed and call for a person.

Even so, the girl keeps watching me. And she mutters falteringly.

「……I’m Maria. My name is Maria」

When she is about to go, I hear a weak voice.

She is being taken away by the man but I can still hear her clearly.

I was puzzled to her sudden self-introduction.

Tempted by her I end up giving my name.

「I’m Sieg……」

After I gave my name, I realize I made a mistake. It is not good things to give my name in this kind of place. Even though I’m being puzzled suddenly, carelessness is not forgiven.

Another person who was called out before appears from the inside in order to take back the girl to the inside.

While another person on it, I’m still watching the girl. There is certain reason that I couldn’t’ take my eyes off from her.

I don’t want to guess what the eyes of the girl expected.

The receptionist (man) wipes his forehead and begins to speak his apology.

「I’m really sorry, Mister. To saw such like that……」

「No, that’s fine……」

To consider me in shaking. Looks like I have been spoiled by the skill 『????』.

Perhaps I tired and too nervous due the Labyrinth.


Anyway, I was able to confirm her status with 『Indication』. For the next, I might be able to look for a certain talent slave smoothly.

I shouldn’t stay here any longer.

「Then, the next explanation is aboutー」

「No, I don’t care. I will come again. I just wanted to know what I want to know」

「………Is that so? Then, I will wait for your return again」

I leave the respectfully greeting man and escape the shop at once.

Excellent, I successfully gained good knowledge about slavery. However, my mood is not good.

I got out from the dark back alley and I’m lost in the downtown now. Before I know it the day is falling.

Time is up. I turn my foot to the bar which is my workplace.

For some reason my legs are heavy.


I know the reason.

The cause is that I got close too much with the people who are residing in this world. As the result, I have met with the girl who I must not meet.

No matter how many the skill 『????』is repeated, I’m beginning couldn’t use the game way of thinking. No, reality and imagination begin to mingle exactly.

And, I ended thinking about my original world while I’m in the different world. Even I think about it, this can’t be helped.

While holding down my wavering mind, I move my heavy legs desperately.

Just a bit, I want to be able to use the game way of thinking.

However, it doesn’t come true.

I tried not to think about it too much but it always floats in my mind.

Me to met that hollow black-eyed girl is fatal after all.

That hollow eyes. Black-haired hair. Skinny body. One layer of cloth.

ーThe girl reminds me of my most important thing.

I arrived at the bar, I’m going to shake my mind by concentrating all of my energy on work.

However, that was useless.

After the work is finished, I put on a blanket to my body immediately in the corner of the bar.

If possible I want to refrain the skill 『????』from the waste. I used it once already for today.

Therefore, I stop my thinking under the blanket.

I will be released from this sense if I sleep. My present feelings will soften a little if step over the day. That’s what humans. I believe so and close my eyes.

I try to sleep desperately.

The consciousness goes away as if I fall into the bottom of the deep lake.

Doesn’t matter how I escape and escape and escape it at last – – even it appeared in my dream.

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