Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-5

If I caused an Industrial revolution, I may be able to clear the Labyrinth immediately.

It was me who hit on such a thing after having thought for last night in various ways.

In this world, the people are showing their strength because it’s important. It is interesting to clear the labyrinth using technology (machine), not magic which opposes to the culture of this world.  However, neither I don’t have such a time nor an acquaintance. In the first place, judging by a physical law, the people doubt whether it can be applied in this life. Still I intend to try it someday, but the story is I don’t have much money.

No, I encounter the financial problem again….then I go to the town for a walk.

Whatever the world is the money still needed by the people.

I confirmed the culture of this world endlessly while visiting public institutions. I have visited the others weapon shop and the second-hand shop as well. There was a shop for magicians called the Magic stone shop, but all the shops are too expensive and outside of my financials range. Even though I intended to gather the information, but I feel like tourism here.

The time passed in this way, and it is my time to work in the bar now. 

I handle the same duty like yesterday.

The work contents are not really changed, but it doesn’t mean all of it are the same.

There is a new thing that I learned in the 『Indication』

I tried to apply the abilities 『Observe』 which I could see the information when I faced a monster on a person, and I succeed to see the person’s Information.

For example, I apply on a person with 『Observe』


Name: Alvin Curzon HP165/172 MP0/0 Class: Swordsman Level 11

Strength 6.72 Vitality4.54 Dex2.01 Speed1.78 Wisdom1.32 Magical Power 0.00 Quality 0.67

The indication about the tall man Alvin is displayed.

This is no privacy at all. However, this is unexpectedly fun.

The situation now I’m confirming the information of all the visitor while visiting another store.

Well, I have no reason to stop observing the information of all the people.

I found that there was a condition to using the『Indication』on people.

With a feeling of wanted to know the name, level, and skill on the particular person, the 『Indication』of the person will be displayed.


Name: Alvin Curzon Level 11  Original Skill: Sewing1.10 Skills: Sword1.23

This man has a sewing skill. I laugh slightly while looking that big body of him.

In this way, I continue to observe other people.

On the way of I’m doing observe, I saw a familiar face.

It was the little girl whom I met yesterday.

The girl covered her face with the hood, but I knew her immediately because I used 《Dimension》in my spare time.

She ordered a light meal in her seat.

Looks like Ryiin is taking her order. Because I’m still in the middle of work, first of all, I just use my 『Observe』on her.



Magic Blessing3.78 God divine protection3.07 Condemnation2.00 Concentration2.02

Element magic2.09 Capture2.00 Survival2.23 Aim2.02

Skill: Sword0.09



I became speechless.

I looked many statuses from this morning, but this is my first time to saw others people status to this extent.

All the people whom I observed, commonly they have one or two skills. It may be said for the expert explorer have 3 skills. And their point is within 0.00 to 2.00, I never saw anyone like me who have 3.00 point above.

But this youngster has 9 skills and high point.

Err, what the hell?

「Hey, don’t space out! The manager is dishwashing in the back!」

Ryin scolded me.

「Y, yes!」

Apparently the kitchen became busier. Then I moved to the back.

And I handle the work while shrinking the dirty plates which was collected in the kitchen.

In the middle of doing my work, I’m curious about that youngster, Diablo. The youngster’s status is such like a joke in this world. If I think in the game’s perspective, that youngster is more likely has an important role in this world.

Or the circumstances similar to me. I decided, I want to talk to that youngster and give my opportunity to self-introduction.

When I’m thinking about to build the conversation inside my head while dishwashing, a loud voice broke out from the seat at the table of the bar.

Originally the bar is always noisy. However, I go to look at the situation since I heard the Diablo’s voice that I heard yesterday.

「Hahaha, who want to perform a party with a brat like you and still level 1, I will be troubled if you died right away」

A man is laughing aloud.

Then the people became to crowd.

「My level is surely low, but I’m confident to use the sword and I can use the simple magic a little」

The youngster is arguing with soprano voice to the man.

The youngster of golden hair. I was puzzled a little but seems like Diablo is reliable. Yesterday, he has a long hair and now he has the short hair.  My impression of him is really different from yesterday. Now, He can be seen as the sexless good-looking boy.

Then the sitting women next to him, join to their conversation.

「Ahー, It surely amazing by being able to use Magic. But, level 1 is still not enough for such a brat like you. Normally it’s impossible. To normal life, your parent has to guide you to the level 3. However, if you are still level 1 means you have never faced hardship until now, haven’t you? what a spoiled brat」


Diablo lost words to answer the woman.

「That’s right, It’s impossible for level 1. Hahaha, contrary it is more difficult to find a level 1! Ahahahaha」

The man is making fun of Diablo with his words for some reason and he is enjoying it.

I was hurt since until recently I was level 1 as well.

「Sh, shut up! Don’t take me lightly! I can fight with my low level!」

Then the offended Diablo grabs the man. The man easily dodged it and repeat his insult. Diablo acted violently like a kid.

There is no one to try to stop their argument. The usual me, I will just ignore them like always.  However, I have a different point of view. This Diablo has promising future.

I expect Diablo is the talented person who could gain profit in the future.

He is just still unpolished. Since the Diablo is still level 1, he cannot match the man probably. Then, I intend to sell my favor to her while approaching them.

However, Ryin shut them up first before me.

「Yes, yes, that’s enough. If you just wanted to play just go back already. It’s not like an adult to play against a kid」

Ryin astonished the people around her, apparently she is already getting used to it.

「Oi oi, We were just looking for an explorer. But, this kid didn’t meet the condition so I’m as senior just trying to teach him a lesson」

「Then, That’s already plenty, isn’t it? And you too, stop it!」

Ryin separates Diablo with the man while saying so.


There would be nothing if Diablo fought further. Then Diablo paid the bill and leave the bar.

「There will be no one who want to form a party with you!」

The man is talking badly about Diablo in his back. However, Ryin is not stopping him. Including Ryin, all of the people here have the same opinion. Diablo clicked his tongue and left the bar.

I chant a magic in a low voice at once. I pour most MP and enlarge my magic《Dimension》.  And I chase Diablo with my《Dimension》.

I don’t intend to let you go. Since he is really talented who can help me to challenge the Labyrinth in the future.

「YeーS, then everyone returns to your seat. Sieg, don’t look and go back to your work」

「Ah, Yes」

I return to my work while using《Dimension》on Diablo.

The rest is I do the same work like yesterday, and the bar becomes time for closing afterward.


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