Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-6

I confirmed the trace of Diablo who entered the Labyrinth with using《Dimension》. But, I knew the result already, Diablo came out with crumbled appearance immediately.

After closing the bar, I performed a basic grinding and gave the manager a light meal. I just served it and put it on the table of the bar.

And I went to look for Diablo in my next schedule.

I used up my last MP and caught up to Diablo while crouching down in the back of the alley.

「I’m hungry」

Apparently he is depressed for hunger.

「Ah, We met again」

I call out to Diablo while posing as coincidence.

「You are, the worker of the bar…?」

「Yup. You have no money for today as well?」

「As you can see, I’m troubled with a thing to eat」

Diablo shrugs while sneering at himself.

「……I was just right. This is the remaining dish. Do you want to eat it?」

「The remaining dish?」

Seems I was suspected only a little. I return to the lines which I have been prepared.

I set up a story, after closing the bar, I practiced the cook in the bar. Well, the failure dish that’s what I told her.

「Ah, is that so? But, is this fine? I don’t really feel good for having you shared me this much……」

「……In fact, I was present when you caused the uproar today. Though as the worker there, I should have separated you but I was coward. So as for my apologies, I have to do something for you」

「Ah, you saw me. I don’t mind about it anymore. ……But, I will take the meal. I will take everything from anyone who gave me something」

The Diablo said so and stand up.

He might have a little doubt about me, but seems he be able to catch with the food well.

We come back to the bar while having a light conversation and begin to have a meal with only us.

The Diablo was surprised to taste my delicious cooking. The culture of this world may not advance very much regarding the cooking.

「It’s delicious. ……By the way, you look like have an experienced to the Labyrinth. I heard from the woman worker」

「Well, yeah」

Sometimes I was swallowed by work during the work. He asked the Ryin because he saw my burnt wound.

「Until where have you go?」

He has the interest regarding the Labyrinth. Naturally the conversation is running well.

I chose my words carefully and not to get impatient.

「I challenged the Labyrinth alone and severed serious injury myself. Since then, I survived」

「You were solo?」

The Diablo smiles. I found the same reason to laugh as well.

「Because I don’t have any companion」

「I see…」

I watch the Diablo’s expression carefully. I’m expecting his respond.

I talk about my knowledge regarding the Labyrinth, level, and status.

I repeated my story a little and drew long-awaited words from Diablo.

「Hey…If you are fine with me, do you want to go to the labyrinth with me?」

The Diablo invites me.

I was about to invite him if he took too long. I received the invitation from Diablo without hesitation.

「Well, that’s not bad. Our difference of power is not really that different. And it’s good to help each other」

「Is that so? Thank You!」

「But, I have to go work in this bar at night. So, I would be able to help you in the morning」

「No, That’s fine. No problem. You saved me!」

Diablo continue thanking me with a smile on his face.

My impression seems he had a lot of trouble for looking a companion. I don’t intend to ask any further and I take the victory pose in my heart. Naturally, a cooperation is the form of selling favor. If he knew a lot about this world, it became easy for me.

「Well then, let’s get started from tomorrow morning!?」

「Sure, I have no problem. My name is Siegfried・Visitor. Just call me Sieg」

「I understand. My name is Dia. No family name. Just Dia」

Finally, we finished self-introduction.

There was no reaction after heard my name. I expected him a little that he came from my original world.

And his name is different. According to the『Indication』his name is Diablo・Sith, there is a family name attached to him. But I don’t look Dia is lying. Possibly, there is a possibility that he is taking his display name for the future.

This game-like「Indication」has a pit.


Dia is joyfully by being my companion.

As for his expression, several times he looks a like cute girl. In my opinion, He doesn’t look like a man. I try to confirm with my『Indication』about his gender, but It wasn’t written about the gender.

Well, it has nothing to do with his gender since it is not related to the Labyrinth. So I stop thinking about his gender.

「Then, I will be in your care, Dia」



Diablo・Sith is joined to the party.

After being thanked for my cooking, I part with her with a smile. He said that he is homeless, so I didn’t know what I should do to him. Just to let him in after the bar is closed is already not good, I cannot do further than this.

I’m thinking in the corner of the bar about tomorrow.

I feel asleep while thinking about a strategy to go the Labyrinth with Dia.


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