Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-4

The next day.

I became able to move my body again when I woke up. I was afraid whether I could move my body again or not.

According to the plan that I decided, today I’m going to go to Varte.

Since I asked about the information of the way to reach Varte, I will be not lost.

Although I resolved to take a long journey to get Varte, but I arrived at the border during the morning. Because the countries clinging to the labyrinth, so the distance between five countries is not really that far.

This was easy to passing the border because there was not such a border passing procedure. I was curious and understood how they manage the people who are come in and go out from the border, seems like it has to do something with 『Magic Stone Line』

I walked a bit to see the Varte, and I was able to understand the difference between Varte and Whoseyards.

The difference is about the gap between poverty and wealth is can be seen.

Almost all of the people here have a standing out of figure as dungeon explorer. Looks like all of the people here is ready to fight for living since they are having a knife with them.

I arrived at the new country, and I already decided my purpose to come here.

My first goal is to return to my original world.

I will die for sure if I stay long in such a dangerous world. And also I left my sister alone in my original world, I should return immediately.

However, the hint of return is really little.

The hint is according to the legend I have no option but to challenge the labyrinth which could granted any wish. If it is a game it might acceptable, but this is the reality.

The left is, I’m looking for another research about culture and magic which could bring me back to my original world. This might my wishful thinking. However, I did find nothing from the library.

As the matter, for now, to researching and capturing the labyrinth, I need money.

It will be cost me copper coins to have a meal and stay at the inn. And also, it will be cost me various tools and weapon to capturing the labyrinth.

In other words, money, money and money. So, I can’t do anything without the money.

For that I decidedーー

「Ooーii, freshman. after you finished dish-washing, go throw away the garbage」


ーThen I started part time job in the Bar.

Honestly, I don’t want to go to the labyrinth again. I don’t want to see anything about the inside again.

I’m thinking so from my heart.

Honestly, it would be faster to gather the money from the labyrinth. But me now, I scared to enter the labyrinth again. If possible, my real intention is to take a rest from entering the labyrinth.

That’s why, after I wondered and I found about recruiting an employee in the bar. The requirement is only interview and trial. I passed the interview after strengthened my lies. And also, I wasn’t asked about my identification.

I was surprised to go well about part time job in this world. Well, it is different to compare with my country which is still recessing until now.

By the way, I have experience about work in a restaurant in my original world. That’s why I have confidence in my cooking. I did think deeply about it. However, since this bar is close to the labyrinth I got sufficient information regarding the labyrinth.

「Sieg, please clean this upー」



I scared to use my real name so I used the false name. There is a possibility if I used my real name, the information about me will be leaked out to the Lastiara.

Siegfried Visitor.

It came out a western style name. In the game, you may laugh about my false name. First of all, I attached the name of the famous hero while insisting I came from the outside.

There is a possibility there may be a people who came from my world in this world. And, I have to use the famous name in order to be noticed by my fellow countrymen.

If it is Siegfried of “Nibelungenlied”, I may be noticed by the people beside Japanese as well. Therefore, it is important to use a famous name which never exist in this world. That will be cleared to use the name 『Siegfried』. But, it will unusual for the resident of this world.

ーWell I mean this is my limit to think about the name. Honestly, I cannot deny that I have been tempted by the coolness of the name. With a name of the country and the religion name as the name, I thought that I should have used the President name of the famous country, but I cannot change my name already that the people here have taken my name as Siegfried.

「Quickly, Siegfried!」

「I’m sorry! Right away!」

The long ear Ryiin who is the poster girl of this bar blames me because I stop doing my work.

Now is dinner time which is the busiest time.

The Labyrinth explorers are filling their stomach here. The atmosphere of liveliness, loud and bustle.

I’m doing my work while gathering the information regarding the Labyrinth.

「Hehe, I was able to earn a lot today」

「Yeah, We were cold sweated by encountered a bunch of group soldiers Ant, but the result is satisfying 」

「Nah, because we were in luck. It was dangerous but we were able to return safely」

「Yeah, the end of the result」

The customers are talking about their stories in the Labyrinth. I learned greatly useful information thanks to them.

I’m keeping the others conversation with《Dimension》while wiping the dirtied table.

「Yo. Are you the freshmen here, boy? did the previous server already quit?」

There are a lot of people talking to me while I was on the way of doing my work.

Unlike in my original world, the restaurant of this world is friendly.

「Yes, My name is Sieg. I just started to work here. I heard the previous server already quit」

「I see. Well, that’s because ridiculously busy here and the paid is low」

The man whom I talked is laughing cheerfully.

「Is it bad to part-time with low paid?」The manager interrupted the man and the man is laughing at the manager.

The balance power in this bar is special. I heard many times the manager was the famous of Labyrinth explorer. The customer is nothing against to the manager. The angry shout of the customers could be shut off many times.

That’s why thanks to the manager, near the labyrinth a bar has been built.

For example, if the customer made fun of Ryin or me, the manager would come to help us.

Though in the short time, the manager is a trustworthy person.

But regarding the management of this bar, the manager couldn’t be trusted since the manager accepted me right away.

「Boy how much you will be paid? There are so many annoying customers here you know? Including me」

「No, everyone is good natured people. I’m comforted to working here」

「HoーSeems like you already get used to it. Unlike the previous server, You are so polite」

「Thank You very much」

「Well, But too polite is not also good…Take it easy boy」

The man claps my shoulder pop.

Then a louder voice is heard.

「Oiii, Corvus! Until when you want to bother him? Don’t’ mess up with our freshman or I will beat you up!」 Looks like the manager and Corvus is an acquaintance and the manager line’s is scary.

「Then I will take your plate and return to work」

「Hehe…I had enough with the manager so please spare me」

Corvus out up one hand and nodded.

I quickly returned to the kitchen.

I brought many plates to the kitchen.

Because my work is to wash the dish.

Starting from the evening until the late of the night.

It was hard but thanks to my experience I could manage it.

And it was more efficient that I was able to push forward things since I developed the 《Dimension》

Then my first day is over in this way.

The night grows and the explorers return to their home little by little.

The manager comes out of the kitchen at the same time as the last customer left the bar.

「Hahー Finally it’s over. Hey, freshman. How was your first day?」

「We did have so many customers, It was worth doing this job」

I appeal a lot of my remaining stamina while cleaning up the floor. Well, I will be desperate if the talented person is usable here since I depend on my strength.

「What an impertinent boy. Looks like with that body of yours, you could take the shift for tomorrow as well」

「Eh? Just now did I do something?」

「No, You didn’t. Well, how to put it. I guess your polite words could be heard as impertinent」

「Certainly, I was told that I was too formal…」

Perhaps there is a culture gap in this different world. To not give discomfort, I intended to talk with polite, but it unusually being used in this world.

It is necessary to change some point of view.

Corvus said the right things, then let’s aim the style of the frank server.

「Well, don’t overdo it. Be used little by little. Since I will expect you to work in the kitchen as well」

「Eh? Sieg is going to take the kitchen tool?」

To hear the word kitchen, Ryin approaches me while shaking her brown long plaits.

「Ah, I think I’m going to let him take the kitchen as well. I examined him before, he holds the knife really well and his skill for cooking is really good. Looks like he has long experience to work in the kitchen」

「That is why he passed, isn’t he?」

「In addition, he could speak politely to the customer, so I have no reason to not accept him」

But it’s still strange to let me work without I could explain well about my identity.

But I just stand and didn’t let out my thought to them.

「You are right, I also don’t really have anything to teach him anymore」

「Right? My eyes are perfect to look at someone qualities. Then, I will return to the back. The rest I will leave it to you」


The manager said so and went to the kitchen in order to clean it up.

「Good for you Sieg. You need the money right away, don’t you?」

「Yes, It was saved me a lot. But, don’t expect me too much since my hometown is really different to compare here」

I set up a precaution because I will be troubled if I was expected too much.

「Ah, from a really far country, aren’t you? I’m sure the country is……」

「It’s Fania」

「Ya ya, Fania. I have never heard of it. Fania. So you are really coming from the far country」

「Yes, I have a dream to challenge the Labyrinth, but my state is like this」

I showed her the burnt wound in my neck.

From rural area to have dream get a lot of money in the Labyrinth, but in one day I was beaten up like this. That is what I set up for my stories to them.

「UrgghーThat’s looks painful. But still good for you. Your arms and eyes still attached to you. You will not die to work in here」

Ryin said scary things lightly.

Well, my point of view is different, I could see various things while working in this bar since this bar is located at where the first line to capture the Labyrinth. Though the things were dangerous.

「First of all, I don’t have to worry about the meal by working in here」

「Yup, yup, yup, you may work in here. This older sister is also supporting you. You are absolutely politer than the previous server, I’m glad」

Seems like Ryin have a good impression about me somehow. However, the difference of the manners is reflected on your education backgrounds, as the large part thanks to the 《Dimension》I could learn many things. I feel embarrassed a little because it made me looks like work with a sly trick.

「Let I do my best. Very well then, I’m going to clean up the table」

「Yup, I will help you」

If the putting order in the shop was finished, I’m going to talk with the manager about the contract details. Since the bar has not enough hands, I was told that I will be treated well, but still there might things which I should decline, so I have to understand the contract details. The part-time job is only meant for me and the important things to try various things now.

「AhーIt’s overー Sieg, the last thing to do is lock the door of the entrance」


Ryin gave me the last instruction and walked to the back.

I go to the entrance door like I was told to do to lock the door.

Then, I noticed a someone.

I used the《Dimension》to look at it.

Looks like there is someone in front of the bar. I confirm again with my remaining MP.

「Status, It’s not good… Magic 《Dimension・Multiple Development》」

I used my remaining MP and picked up the information from the inside.

By the way, this 《Dimension Multiple Development》is derivation magic of 《Dimension》. I increased the consumption of MP and only enlarged the area, but it was plain and changed the name from normal 《Dimension》

There is an effect that the exhilaration is increased when using it depend on the longer its name.

There is a big bulletin board at outside of the bar. Apparently in the outside, a teenager who looks like about the same as me wearing a hood while crouching down.

I was curious and go to the outside.

In the outside, a white grain is raining. It was a beautiful scene.

By the way, this white grain is called Teare Ray, and my world’s snow seems to be another thing. Not snow crystal falling in winter, but the crystal of the magical power that piled up falls in the sky.

Although I learned this in the Library, I don’t understand the details.

The teenager lets the Teare Ray pile up on her hood while crouching down.

I try to call out to her.

「Hey, are you awake?」


The girl’s face which covered by her hood is looking at this way.

My eyes match her eyes which opened wide in surprise.

The teenager is actually a girl.

Her golden hair spills out from the hood which she is wearing and She raised her face. Her hair is can be seen as if warm sunlight, and her hair is long. Slightly her big blue eyes are impressive and she have an innocent sexless look.

The girl watched me and stood up.

Even she is about the same age as me, her back is smaller than me. She is a little girl.

I greet her as the worker here.

「I’m glad you are still awake, but the bar is already closed…」

「……Is it prohibited if I stay here?」

The girl answered me curtly.

「Yes, as long you don’t do any weird things. Maybe」

「Is that so? Then let me stay at here. Just tell me if I bothered you」

The girl said so and sits down.

The girl was doing manly argument without matching her face.

「No, it is not like that. Since this already midnight, it will be dangerous to let a girl alone stay here」


I may say meddlesome things without knowing her circumstances. However, this is the common sense from my original world.

「Please go to the place somewhere you able to stayー」

「I don’t have any money. I’m just taking the warmth in front of the bar here」

The girl cuts off my words slashingly.

Then there is nothing I can say to her.

It cannot be helped that I have to close the bar. However, I worry about her to sleep at outside.

「So, then I will close the door」


However, I’m not doing things which can be say angry the other girl.

It is just I don’t have any spare time anymore.

I returned to the bar and I closed the door.

「By the way, I’m not a little girl. Don’t worry about me」

I heard her voice through the closed door.

No, sounds like a boy. Looks life I don’t have to worry since he is the man.

I finished closing the bar while being surprised at the fact.

I don’t know whether it was a lie or not. However, it’s useless to further think about it.

I begin to walk to the back of the bar where the manager is waiting.

I shake off the sexless beautiful face which I just meet, and I begin to talk to the manager about the contract.

In the end, it was just a small things compare to my world’s contract.

First of all, I will be tested by daily employment in a various way. Seems like the salary can be changed depending on the result of profit. Then for today, I was given approximately ten pieces of copper coins.

Moreover, I have the meals and I was told that to be allowed to stay on the corner of the bar.

I was surprised by the good offer.

On the contrary, I gave a frank respond. It will be unsafe to let a suspicious individual like me stay here, but the persistent manager has the confidence to his eyes.

Ryin said that 「If you did something bad, your face will be broken and caught to the Magic stone Line immediately」 Looks like the 『Magic stone line』is the guard and the crime prevention. It might be a treatment.

In that way, I could be wrapped up in blanket properly now in the place with the roof.

To compare to the girl who I meet earlier is like between heaven and hell.

「Status, Skill」

I’m trying the 『Indication』in various ways by the corner of the bar.

I design a plan calmly while looking for new ability.

ーI could expect a constant income, and fret moderated. The skill ???? Which triggered by the uneasiness feelings and confusion toward this world is not felt today.

In order to return to my original world, I just have to take a step by step.

「I was told, It’s fine to work at only night…… From tomorrow morning until afternoon I shall gather information of the town…」

For the first I have to collect information and understand the common sense of this world. I may challenge the Labyrinth after I could manage the『Indication』and Magic.

Also, after I prepared the tool and the equipment. I continue making trial and error in the 『Indication』until I fell asleep.

The second day in the different world passed peacefully in this way.



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