Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 3-1

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Translator: I apologize for the delay, here we go…Vol 2 Chapter 3-1

Translated by: Bluestar.h

Edited by: Khorinthian


  1. The Fourth Companion

After I left Maria at home, I head over to the bar.

My days are like usual, and nothing really changed. Before I start work, I greet the Manager and Ryn. I bring the plates from the tables to the kitchen and wash them like I usually do. Of course, as the bar operates, I don’t neglect my gathering of information. For now, I need to know more about the dungeon’s 20th floor and Dimension magic.

Today, I approach a warrior I’m acquainted with, Crow.

“Heh, so there’s only a few monsters on the 14th floor huh?”

“Mhm, yup. Unlike the wetland area of the 13th floor, the 14th floor is different. It’s a sterile area. There’s no water at all, just a vast desert area. Few monsters live there, and similarly, there’s very few bosses there as well. So, on that floor, you’d barely be able to hunt anything. Usually, other explorers simply skip to the next floor.”

“I would think so too. Since that floor is a desert, it should be quite hot.”

“That’s the biggest problem. Due to the high temperatures, the fluids in your body quickly dry up. That’s why the 14th floor still has a lot of areas left unexplored.”

“He… I see.”

Crow is a kind-hearted and lively person. When I’m at work, he usually comes and enjoys the booze in this bar.

While I’m having a chat with Crow, a rather conspicuous group of people came.

They’re a group I haven’t seen before. From the looks of their clothing, they were wearing Varte apparel. They looked rather good.

More than that, the biggest impression they had upon people is that they should be from a wealthy family.

There’s a strong presence among them, so I try using [Observe] on her.

Name: Radiant Sera HP: 256/256 MP: 101/101
Level: 21
Strength: 6.22 Vitality: 7.91 Speed: 10.02
Wisdom: 5.60 Magic: 7.77
Quality: 1.57
Original Skill: Intuition: 1.77
Acquired Skill: Sword Technique: 2.12
Holy Magic: 0.89

Oh wow, a tough lady just came.

She has bluish-silver hair; the hair on the left of her bangs extends to her neck and the hair at the back of her head extends down all the way to her waist. Looking at her furry ears and her wolf-like bushy tail one can tell that she’s one of the beastmen race. Her eyes were bright and sharp like those of wolves’. She wears snug clothing together with decent protective armor to remain mobile while having good defense. A sword hung on her lower back. Now, she’s walking while looking for… someone?

Everyone in the bar is curious about what she’s doing. Then she shouts;

“Is there a man named ‘Sieg’ who works in this bar?!”

Upon hearing this, my heart jumped. Why does she know my name?!

When the people in the bar heard this, they turned their sights towards me. Since almost everyone in the bar now are regulars, they already know my name.

Ah, she found me.

“You, is your name Sieg?”

The woman suddenly demanded to me.

I decide to answer her honestly. This situation has become a problem, and I don’t even know why she’s looking for me. From what I could tell from the others that came with her, this isn’t good; they’re giving me a rather scary look.

“Yes, I’m Sieg. Currently, I’m working here as part of the staff…”

“Mhm, I see. My name is Radiant Sera. I’m one of the [Seven Celestial Knights] of Whoseyards. I came because I only have one business. That is, I want to challenge you to a duel!”

Right after declaring her intent, she brandished her sword and pointed it at me.

The bar became noisy. Everyone was surprised at this sudden declaration.

“I don’t understand. Why do you want to duel me?”

I tried to remain calm. First, a knight named Palinchron showed up, and now this? I don’t get it at all.

“Why, you ask?! What impudence—!”

Oh wow, she got angry fast. With a rather pissed-off face she marches towards where I am, but then she’s interrupted by Crow.

“Oi, wait a second. I don’t know if you’re a Whoseyard Knight or not, but we don’t accept that kind of attitude of yours here. You do understand that this place is a bar, right? You can’t just do whatever you want to the staff here!”

Everyone in the bar agrees with what Crow said, and they were shouting out against the intruders.

Things quickly became complicated.

“Well it was interesting at first, but dangerous things such as duels, especially against the staff is different!”

“Oy don’t look down on us just because you’re knights!”

“You people look suspicious anyway!”

Everyone starts complaining to Radiant. They are trying to defend me.

“Right? Manager!”

Among the people shouting, someone called out to the Manager.

I didn’t realize, but Manager is suddenly just behind me. I thought he’s at the kitchen?

The manager starts speaking,

“You people are going too far. This place is a bar. You can’t just do anything you please especially with our staff, little miss Whoseyard knight.”

As expected, the pressure from a man whose level is in the 20s is something else.

“…………… Excuse me. It looks like I lost my temper. I didn’t intend to make such a ruckus in the first place. But, we are on a critical mission. That is, we were ordered to take back our Miss. Because our Miss is with him, I figured that I need to beat him to take her back.”

What a muscle-headed approach.

For all the commotion she made, Radiant apologizes to the Manager and tries to explain.

After hearing her out, the Manager turns his face towards me and laughs.

“Hoh, this is interesting. Oy, Sieg, did you put your hands on some noble woman?”

“Do you take me for someone who does something like that?”

“No, but it’s possible, right?”

“What? I did not!”

The manager is definitely interested in this matter. Before, the atmosphere was dense but now it’s back to normal.

“Hey, Radiant. You heard that? But eh, you two should solve your problems amongst yourselves. But at least wait for him to finish his shift.”

“Okay. I didn’t mean to make a commotion. I will wait for him until his break. For now, I’ll make an order”

After saying so, Radiant took an empty seat and became a typical customer.

“Oi oi, is that okay? Manager,” one of the customers asked.

“It’ll be fine. Their problem isn’t ours. It’s Sieg’s, right?”

“Well, but still…”

The manager tries to calm the customers down. However, this situation is still dangerous for me, so I ask for help.

“Manager, that’s unfair. I didn’t do anything!”

“You?! Are you still denying it?!”

Radiant became angry again.

“But she said you did it right? Well after this you should go and try to explain your story to her.”

After saying so, the Manager returns to the kitchen.

“Fufufu, your life will be over, just wait until your break comes. Get your ass ready.”

(ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol)

Radiant tries to threaten me. Suddenly someone’s aiming for my life for something I didn’t do. Until my break, I’ll have to continue working. Such a bother.

“What the hell is happening…”

For now, I need to concentrate on working despite receiving her piercing glare on me the entire time…

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    I wonder who’s her master ? That Palinchron guy said that Franruhle isn’t his master. Since they both are havens 7 celestial knights from Whoseyard.



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