Arcadia=Garden ~Age of Heaven~ Vol1 Chapter 1 Part 1

We all know that a forest isn’t without its dangers.There are pits along the hills; even just walking through the Sea Forest is difficult because of the density of the branches at a low elevation.

“Uh—o, ohhh–?!”

At present, Gray is experiencing it all.

Alone, inside the Sea Forest, Gray leaves a trail of crushed leaves and branches.


He’s doing his best to pass through quickly, but then a ripping sound came from his overcoat.


He tries his best to avoid all the branches around him, occasionally needing to break them down, but the consistently falling wet leaves hinders his progress. Then, stepping onto uneven terrain, he falls down face first onto the ground.

“Damn it! You’ve gotta be kidding me–!”

Around the area he falls onto, a shadow approaches.

The creature has metallic fur, and has long fangs and claws. It howls loudly; its bright eyes adding to the intimidation. It’s a creature with a <Magic Stone> on its chest.

“A werewolf…”

Werewolves have strong bodies, making it a tough opponent. They also had strong abilities and high intelligence. They were dangerous opponents for adventurers, as werewolves belongs among the powerful types of the <Demon Race>

“There’s usually just one or two around the outer edge of this area, right?!”

At present there isn’t just one, two or three werewolves chasing him.

“What’s with five werewolves?! What’s happening?!”

The young man currently running for his life while shouting complaints is Gray Acstar. He’s an adventurer with gray hair and a strong look to his eyes. With his gray-colored overcoat caked with mud, and with the current circumstances, he’s in quite a bad mood.

From the quest, it should have just been a simple extermination mission. In case a monster appeared, it would have just been around one or two werewolves; something he could deal with without a problem. This should have been a simple quest…

Well, reality is quite different.

The five werewolves make ready to charge at him.

He needs to get out of this situation. His life is on the line after all.


Tightly holding his sword, Gray readies himself for any situation. He’s not the sort of person who likes to rely on his sword for anything, but the current situation calls for it, much to his chagrin.

A hero’s victory over a difficult situation using his sword… Gray mutters to himself.

But, he chose to run away.

He decided that running away is far better than recklessly facing something he isn’t required to.

The five werewolves aggressively maintained their chase.

In such a situation, Gray is thinking. This world isn’t a pachinko machine. It’s not enough to just gather information about his surroundings. If you’re careless, you get beaten down. Making mistakes and misunderstanding are human errors. This world is governed by clever laws. Good ones and bad ones.


Thinking up to that point, the young man laughs and continues his escape.

Tragedy and misfortune are always unexpected.

No one will give you sympathy even if you look like you’ve suffered a lot. Other than that, you can just run away and laugh.

While passing through the woods, dodging branch upon branch, pit over pit, over rocks and more, the young man ran. A werewolf lunges at the young man with its claws.

The sounds the werewolf made when it attacked gave Gray goosebumps on his neck.


At this point all Gray could do was laugh and run.

If this kind of situation happened to an ordinary man, he would have already been pulled apart by the werewolves’ fangs and claws. But Gray, not being ordinary, is able to run away from them, even though a werewolf’s running speed is amazingly fast.

The werewolves tried attacking from different directions, but—


The screams came from the werewolves. They ran into steel wires attached firmly between trees, cutting into their eyes and neck.

“Yeah! Direct hit!”

Without confirming the number of downed werewolves, Gray continues his escape.

It’s because he knows how strong werewolves are. There is no point in taking unnecessary risks.

Due to the wounds over their faces, the demons’ pursuit slows down. The purpose of the traps isn’t simply to injure them. Now that the werewolves know that their prey uses traps, what are the chances that there would be more? Thinking that, they become more cautious, and thus slowing them down. Thanks to this, Gray is able to widen the gap between him and his pursuers.

“Haaa… Haaaaaaa…”

He ran and ran and ran. He ran until a new field came into view.

He can see the clear sky.

Apparently, he ran all the way to a cliff. And beneath the cliff, there is nothing.

Yep, there is nothing.

Another landscape couldn’t be seen below the precipice.

So, at this place, only a sea of clouds, the blue sky and a floating block of rock can be seen. To explain better, from a bird’s eye perspective, Gray is at the edge of a floating island on a sea of clouds.

… This world isn’t like Earth. Or at least how it was previously.

This was the result of the fight between the Hero and the Crawling Darkness. Many things vanished.

(TL: Like the Romeo X Juliet anime?)

(ED: Yeah. I liken it more to Ar tonelico though, likely the land below is uninhabitable.)

In this era, people rely on floating island bridges and airships to continue their life.

He needs to retreat from this place. However, his pursuers suddenly appeared.

Looks like he has nowhere else to run. While making faces like they are about to kidnap someone, the werewolves surrounded Gray.

“… Hahaha!”

But, Gray laughed.


An explosion from a fireball.

One of the werewolves fall down. Then, two, three more of them falls.

The remaining werewolf, surprised and stiff, looked behind it.

“Hehe, come here if you dare!”

The owner of the voice appeared; she was standing on a floating rock above the canopy.

“Suriya! Mark those five!”

“Got it! This is a big catch!”

The young girl’s name is Suriya. She has brown skin and cream-colored hair with a bamboo grass headband on her hair. She also has long ears. Her fashion suggests she’s of southern descent. And, perhaps to look cool, she has on her appendages a lot of gold bracelets.


She holds onto something long and narrow. It’s something like a weapon made of steel and lumber. But it’s not a gun.

This weapon is called a Magical Weapon, a <Wand>.

<Wands> were invented by the application of alchemy and magic together. Using this weapon depends on the attached magic stone to stabilize it when casting spells. This weapon makes it easier to use spells with many Magic Formations involved.


All magicians of today depends on wands. With just a short spell, one can unleash a powerful fireball.

The werewolf’s group (or rather, what remains) are pushed to the edge of the island this time. Because if not, they would have escaped to the forest. However, because they are of the great Demon Race, Gray can’t let his guard down, and he stays vigilant to prevent them from escaping at any time.

Fortunately, the werewolves are beaten by the long-range <Fireball> attacks.

— Thus, the werewolves’ group was annihilated in quick succession.​


Editor’s Note: Heyyy, I kinda like the setting on this. Like we mentioned earlier, the setting resembles either the anime Romeo X Juliet, or probably the Ar tonelico series. Post-apocalyptic with a fantasy trend.

Next is another Aim for the Deepest Part of the Labyrinth part (2 parts, then probably Arcadia again). You guys can probably ask Ridwan for a more uniform release schedule, like 2 each on rotation.

TL: Well sorry to disappoint you but I have no release schedule. So, I will do the tranlslation when I just have a lot of free time. I apologize for the previous case, but I will do harder to release the translation at least 2 or 3 in a month. Thanks =)

I have finished the two part of the chapter of Aim for the Deepest Part of the Labyrinth and still on editing by the Editor. Probably it will be done by next week.

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