Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 4-2

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And, Tidus gave his final ultimatum.
I get behind Dia immediately, in response Alty takes a posture.
Seeing us, Tidus recalled something.
「Ah, I don’t have any intend to do 2 on 2. After all, to against a boss shall be one boss」
Tidus halved their advantages with its light talk in order to keep its fashioned battle.
Looks like they have some kind of rules but I’m trying to think for the way out from here.
「Who is going to be the first? Hey, Alty. Don’t you think it should be you, who is the closest one as the guardian of the 10th level?」
「No, I’m good. There is still something I want to do in this world…… And just a little more step I would be able to solve it」
「I see. So, I will do it. It’s fine for you to just close the door of this room. Go block it with the flame of yours」
「I got it」 
The monsters, happily, decide to make a preparation. while on the other side, I’m concerned about how this situation will turns out. If there was a chance I want to run away, but there wasn’t . However, from what I heard from their conversation we were avoided from the battle of 2 on 2.
Alty is spewing her flames from her body to cover the entrance, exit, and walls with her black flame.
「Since we are on the correct path, I’m not going to wait for you that long, Tidus. Very well then, see you」
「Oh, Thanks, Alty」
After Tidus said so, Alty has disappeared into the flames.
The situation which surrounded us by many bosses has been solved.
However, as her souvenirs, the path of escape has disappeared as well.
「Come on, our battlefield has been built. Now, here is the 20th level. This is my area, Tidus as the one who steal a law of nature of the darkness. I’m sorry for the sudden on your business trip. Well, think of this room as the 20th level and I have you to take the trial of the 20th level here and now!」
Tidus’s face is distorted. It might be serious this time.
The space inside the room has convulsions due to a magical power from its pulsated black liquid body. Humanness body of Tidus is taking a transform.
Its arm is taking a shape to a large blade.
Its foot is taking a shape to the beast-foot.
It is losing its human shape, it transformed into the kind of monster.
「ーMagic《Dimension Battle Operation》!」
I cast the magic of Dimension at once. At the same time, Tidus’s body bends shamelessly like a cat.
Tidus is quickly approaching to Dia and swings its blade to Dia.
I jump toward Dia, protecting him from its attack.
「Khh! I was seen, huh?!」
Tidus cries out in excitement.
I’m sorry it didn’t turn out to your expectations, but I could see you.
In fact, it was barely enough to catch its movement with my《DImension》.
《Dimension》is the basis of my strength. If this skill wasn’t effective, it will be nothing left for me.
Again, in my mind about running away is popping up again. I removed that thinking immediately. Since this situation is not realistic, the opponent’s speed is superior, and more, the wall of that black fire is not just a mere flame.
I put my hope on my sword with my shaken hand aiming at Tidus’s body.
A metallic sound is echoing in the room.
My attack was blocked by the Tidus’s both hand that was transformed into the blade.
And, Tidus is pushing its both hand to push my sword away. It ahead pushing toward my arm. To avoid Tidus’s intend, I pull back my hand away which is holding the sword to block its attack. In the blink of an eye, my sword floats into the air. I grab my sword in the air and me thrust the face of Tidus.
Offense and defense in one breath. It was thanks to 《Dimension Battle Operation》.
However, Tidus looks firmly in its eye and it is laughing.
「Fufufu, your skill, your speed equals to humans who are level 20! You deserve my trial, after all,」
「ー《Flame Arrow》!」
Tidus’s black body is covered by the flash.
It was due to the magic which was cast by Dia. Thanks to it, a hole is appeared on Tidus’s black body.
To not losing this chance, I run to Tidus to cut its body.
「We did it!」
Dia gives the voice of rejoicing to the direct hit of our team work. That body which a hole appear was split into two. We convinced that this is our victory.
However, I let my guard down without alerting the situation.
I’m sweating a cold sweat. My back is in chills.
「Not yet, we are still not finished yet. If you ask why, because I’m a monster」
Tidus’s face distorts like a human’s face.
And, The hole which appears on its body is closing and its both hand which transformed into the blade are changing into a looks like the quality is increasing. It’s both hands is connected and its both hands becomes into a big hammer that mightily attacks us.
I skillfully avoid its attack but that was just the surface of its attack. The way of the its hand weapon to be suddenly changed, it managed to graze my outer body.
「Khh! Uwaa!」
Though it only grazed my outer body, its impact is incredible. My body which is around 60kg was blown off lightly.
By being received the damage, my body roll on the ground of the labyrinth.
It has been a long time I felt this dull pain on my whole body.
Then I notice.
This is my first damage since when I began to using 《Dimension》.
My absolute confidence is cracked.
「Fufu, Amazing. To consider that you were able to receive my body’s attack with the lovely magic of yours. Your slash is also excellent. That made me died for two times」
The shaped hammer of his hand is undone and Tidus talks happily to be as soft as water.
While thinking about its characteristics, I’m worrying about the received physical damage.
ーOh, really. Its characteristic is like the boss in the game.
Judging from the way of my thinking, there must be a weak point, an attack which effective to damage it, or the main core in its body.
This is crazy. In order to defeat the boss like I did in the game. However, I can not think the same way like in the game naively for defeating this boss. For us, we have no means to defeat a boss today.
This fight shouldn’t have occurred.
「Fufufu, apparently you are puzzled to look for a way to defeat me. Honestly, I wanted to tell you about the way for defeating me, but if I told you it would become no trial」
It is a good guy to rub up the nerve at the wrong way.
If you wanted to tell me, just tell me!
「Sieg, what should we do!?」
「Just stance like you are doing it now if you found a chance just shoot your magic!!」
I instruct Dia about what should he do and then I throw myself with every effort towards Tidus.
After all, I still don’t have enough information. The thing I can do for now isー
「Full Energy of 《Dimension Battle Operation》」
ーThis is the only way to torn up that grin on its face in front of me!
「What? you can go faster?!」
I charge desperately towards it and Tidus is feeling admiration in response to my action.
If I did it like the usual way, it will not reach it. In addition, If I think about my remaining MP this decisive battle would able to stand for a short time. But this is my only way but go out to bet.
I lowered my posture while looking for a chance and I grab my sword with my right hand from my left hip to unsheathe my sword. However, I put all of my power and speed only this much. With my remaining magic and stamina, I put all of my power and speed in this attack.
Seeing me, Tidus dropped its hand that was changed into a blade.
I understood the situation thanks to using high-density 《Dimension・Battle Operation》, I can grasp the situation and even its movement in a mili second.
Looks like the time is being compressed and I feels the magic overflowing inside my body and my brain is accelerating. Certainly, the time is in slow motion.
In Instant, I can find the most suitable action for offense and defense.
I’m aiming my blade to the part of Tidus’s body when it dropped its hand. Looks like it doesn’t expect to my attack in 1 milli second slightly.
As the result, I can only break to its belly.
I still don’t loosen my hand.
In respond, Tidus’s face changed.


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