Delay Notice」への13件のフィードバック

  1. leilaila

    Thank you very much for your translation!
    This novel is really interesting and even if everyone else say that it is translated poorly, it is better than not being translated at all (it is hard when someone doesn’t understand native language)
    well, thanks again for your work! 🙂


  2. 2 months have passed… It’s… Disappointing? I don’t know, I guess that when a lot of people chastise someone because of their grammar or something like that they would want to leave and be done with it, but… I don’t know. I expected some sort of message or something for those of us who are still waiting. Well, can’t blame them if they really are gone, I’m just a leach that enjoyed both this author’s work and this translator and editor’s work. Maybe I’m just exaggerating. Maybe they are on holiday or out of motivation. If so I just want them to know that their work is being awaited. If not and they have left… Well they have given me a good time so they have my thanks. This leach salutes.


      1. I’m just honestly happy that you are still around, and yes, please, if you are going to be missing for a lot of time just say it, that would give me peace of mind.



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