Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 4-1

  1. Before this body vanishing in the darkness, you wished for the 20th level.


In this world, I’m strong. I don’t know why I’m sure about it, but this world is doing me a favor.

I’m talented, in the system, and in magic.

That’s why Alken was overwhelmed by my power.

I understood that the power I had for these few days and also I have proved it.

Simply said, I was too carried away with my power.

I, who obtained this power that equals to the experts of this world just in few days, I thought there will be no match for me in this Labyrinth.

But, that is a mistake.

There is a superior being in this room now.  I just heard it on the day before yesterday.

And at the present time, this superior being is threatening our life now while talking happily in front of us.

「I felt that there is a human who was able to hunt Hang Shadow in amazing speed. I came to look for the situation. I thought the party was about 6 people but I was wrong」

The black liquid has a shape resemble a human, is talking and introduce itself, its name is Tidus.

No words coming from me and Dia.

The alarm keeps ringing in my head. This guy is dangerous. This guy will be surprisingly tough. It will be a one-sided battle. The magic power which is radiated from its body is terrifying. It’s dangerous if this situation turned into a battle.

「The remaining is only 2 people whom I get interested in. ……How about it? Are you gonna take my trial? All this time, though the human reached at last up to the 23th level, but they evade the trial of the 20th level.  If you defeated me, you will become a Hero, you know?」

The black living being is simmering while laughing.

Its invitation is similar to the invitation of the devil.

While I’m thinking about how we should get out of this place, Dia instead tries to speak with the black living being.

「Y, You are…Hmm…You are the one who weren’t able to be defeated by anyone, aren’t you」


「Certainly, your shape is like what the rumor says… That the strongest explorer, Glenn wasn’t able to clear the trial of the 10th Level and 20th level. The legend that can’t be defeated even by the strongest is you, huh?」

「How nostalgic. Years has passed since the last time I met Little Glenn. People said that he was good, but he still a little bit wasn’t enough for me」

I see. This guy existence is legendary, even an expert explorer have to run away if they met this powerful guy.

I grasped the situation, the option that we have is only one.

「ーDia, let’s run away!」

There is no reason to take a risk here.

It’s not a good decision to decide to fight the boss of the 20th level with my MP and stamina run out.

And more, this place is the 5th level. Our level is 6.

This guy is the opponent that we shouldn’t fight.

I shouted at Dia and at the same time, we try to run away from this place.

「We are in the middle of a talk, I won’t let you run away. I leave it to you, Alty」

However, we are being stopped by the girl who is standing on our escape path.

The girl is called Alty who is inferior to the Tidus.

The girl has short red hair as her appearance and her body wrapped in a lot of bandages which engraved her character. More than that, her both feet are too abnormal. Her feet are not a flesh which the blood is running in it but a real fire. The girl who is spewing green flames under her bandages is floating in the air.


Another monster named Alty shows an overpowering feeling by not letting us pass her.

I look up at her status.

「The guardian of the 10th level」The one who steal a law of nature of the fire.

I’m lost my words.

As expected, this fellow is the guardian of the 10th level.

ーー, Hey, this is the 5th level you know! Why many bosses are making their appearance in this place?!!

I shout in my mind, complaining about this situation.

「Sieg, we have no option but to do it. I feel that whoever the opponent is we will be able to win. That’s what I believe」

I heard Dia’s voice behind me.

Dia understood about our situation and he prepares to pull his sword.

ーWait, wait wait wait. He is not listening.

Even though Dia wants to do this, but I don’t want to do it. This is funny. In the first place, it is weird for them to make their appearance in the 5th level. It is not normal.

「Wait, Dia!!!」

I try to stop Dia.

And, I decide to make a conversation with the monster.

Because it is possible to talk with this monster. Therefore, there must be a way besides to fight it.

「Excuse me……, are you called Mr.Tidus?」

To respond my call, Tidus shakes his neck.

「You can call me without putting honorific on me. It’s a human and monster. Otherwise, the atmosphere will not be built」

「I’m sorry, Tidus. We don’t expect any trial from you. Even at once in now, we just want to get out from this place……」

I show that I don’t have any intention to fight against Tidus.

「Hee……, You don’t have any intention to fight with me? But, hey. You are human and I’m a monster. Don’t you think a fight will occur if we encountered each other?」

This bastardー!

Though we don’t have any intention to accept its trial, it seems won’t give us any option.

Tidus is throbbing its black liquid to shows its fighting spirit.

「We are definitely had to fight, aren’t we? Nah, the answer is clear」

I approach Dia while keeping the conversation. To, whatever happens, I have to keep in touch with Dia.

「There must be a suitable case to take a trial of the Labyrinth. I feel that you two are suitable to take this trial」

Apparently, Tidus cannot wait any longer. Tidus praised us and trampling us down for his own encouragement.

「Sieg, let’s prepare for the worst. We are inside of the Labyrinth, this kind of case may happen at anytime」

Dia is also the same.

The powerful enemy, Tidus is laughing. Dia as if to say able to defeat this formidable enemy by himself and he is not hiding his fighting spirit at all.

Dia shows his bad habit again.

「Oh, the other one over there is getting it after all. He is good. You are really good.  Your talent is good and more you have a good face as well. You, you are really similar to that of those Heroes」

「Certainly, he is similiar……」

Tidus is pleased by Dia’s fighting spirit and Alty gives its respond.

「Well then, shall we start?」

Then, finally, Tidus sends his ultimatum to us.

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  3. Oh FFS I hope it kills both of them so we can get a new MC who won’t insist on dragging around a full on Trump level retard with it. This is one the most garbagiest pieces of garbage pretending to be a novel I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. The ‘author’ should just get it over with and their own pathetic life if this is what they think is publishable. Fucking pathetic.



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