Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-7

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「Well then, Let’s begins. If we start this, you cannot back down…」

「Yes, I don’t mind」

As a result, all of our suggestion was consented by our agreement.

After that, I don’t care with having provoked them about 2 on 4, it’s already impossible for them to withdraw anyway. After being said this far, if the condition is loosened more, it will be labelled as the coward. They should have pride by being an explorer for a long time for deciding this match.

In the first place, they think that we are low-level children who wouldn’t be able to defeat them, this is only one-sided exploitation for them. In what kind of whatever the condition is, they have no reason to refuse.

I think one of the common sense of this world is about level. They even couldn’t guess that we are level 6.

And, after we made an oath on the correct path, he shares the information of the monster to us.

The name of the monster is Hang Shadow. The characteristic of the monster is a black liquid living thing that sticks like a shadow on the wall of the Labyrinth. The monster often makes a surprise attack on explorers from the shade and committing suicide by hanging its victim. The physical attack that was given by a sword is not effective unless with a powerful physical attack. The effective attack is with Magic Attack. I decided the victory of the match by the numbers of defeated monster because there seems to be an inherent drop item.

「Let’s begins!」

Alken said so and immediately the two groups begin to move. Honestly, I really want to observe their move, but it was decided to split into two groups. I can see they become serious.

「Dia, do you get it?」

「Ah, Yeah I get it」

We don’t make a move.

The men are wondering about us by glancing at us. Even so, the men don’t come back.

After I confirmed that they disappeared from our view, I spread out my magic.

「Well then, Let’s win from them triumphantlyーMagic 《Dimension Multiple Expansion》」

At the same time as I’m casting the magic, I swing my right arm sideways.

I’m getting used handling the 《Dimension》which taking information in the widespread area only in an instant and with minimum consumption of MP.

In the information that comes to my mind, I could recognize monster’s figure in my brain because the view by the Dimension is reflected inside my brain. I suppressed the consumption of MP by limiting the useless move. And, I found several hidden Hang Shadow.

I could suppress the consumption of MP by one digit, it’s a good job for me.

「I have found the target. Certainly, they might be monsters with an excellent hiding skill, but it doesn’t apply to me. This match, definitely our victory」

「As expected, Sieg. For a moment, there is no active role for me, but it can’t be helped……」

「No, Dia’s magic should become the main part of this match」

We begin to run while joking with each other.

In this complicated Labyrinth, we go through the shortest path to reach the target. Thanks to the Dimension I could grasp their position and if we were close to the target, I will pinpoint their position to Dia. After that be prepare to snipe from far away.

「There is one which close to us. Well then. Do the same things like we did to the previous Boss. Go put your arm on top of my arm」

「Ok. Go, 《Flame Arrow》!」

A flash of light split the darkness.

The first one died instantly without problems. Immediately we pick the dropped items and move for the next target. Our team work’s efficiency is really high since Hang Shadow is not really moving that much.

「Yes, Next, Shoot itー」

「Ah, Ya.  ー《Flame Arrow》!」

Also, the second died instantly without a problem.

It does not even pass the 10 minutes yet. I look at my remaining MP, I think it would be enough for one hour. With the second use of 《Dimension Multiple Expansion》, I have found another target far away.

「Yes, Let’s go for another」

「ー《Flame Arrow》!」

We hunt the Hang Shadow without any problem. Sometimes they still could evade from our snipe, but still I’m good, even they conceals their appearance. As long as I use the《Dimension》, there is no place for them to hide from my sight.

The hunting is going well.

The only thing I’m worrying about is the voice when Hang Shadow death, the voice gradually becomes louder.

Because the surroundings monster doesn’t make a move in response to the Hang Shadow’s voice, I continue the hunting without thinking that much. There will be no lost in this match for us, and now we are still in the middle of the match. I decided not to think too much.

But, their voice of death still echoed in my ears. I have a bad feeling about their scream.

And, less than in one hour, we obtain drop items from the 11 Hang Shadow.

「……That’s enough. Let’s go back」

Then we are heading to the meeting place.

The meeting place is near to the 5th level’s stairs which direct to the 6th level of the Labyrinth.

For each level only has two doorway, so we just go follow the correct path and then we wait for Alken and his companion at the meeting place.

Before long, Alken and his companions came back from their hunting and we identify each other’s dropped items.

Alken and his companion’s face becomes pale.

「That’s Impossible……!!!」


「Wait, Alken! This is your fault!」

The four people still can’t believe about the reality they are facing now.  Well, that may be the case. Only in one hour, they will lose all of their money.

Alken shouts.

「This is a lie!!! You two must be cheating!!! Right? It’s unbelievable!! The other one might be a veteran but that brat was level 1 you know? However, they got 11? 11 you know?」

To catch the moment, Alken approaches us.

His reaction is just as expected.

「No, We really did beat 11」

「That’s right, that’s right, stop making excuse!!! We, especially Sieg is really strong. So it as expected!」

Dia follows to my objections.

Its pointlessness to be manly now.

「Imp, impossible! That bastard of the bar staff over there is just from the countryside! Much more he got beaten up before! Unbelievable with this kind of his achievement!」

Alken repeats his word 「Unbelievable」

Perhaps he assumed that we pick the dropped items somewhere or we possessed it beforehand. The situation becomes bad unexpectedly.

「Shit! Oi! you guys go surround them」

And, Alken is using force for his action.

I also expected this already.

After all, in such a match, only the strong man can stand for victory.

The strong one cheats the weak. Thus, the match will be directed in that direction. Well, there is no other rules.

Perhaps, it is thanks to my experience that I had before when I was on my first day to come in this world. The weak me asked for help but, just the opposite, they used me for escaping.

I hold strong hostility for their selfish behavior,

「Well, well, the situation became like this after all. If we are the one who lost here and do the same things like you are doing it now, you think that you would be able to trample down us, right? That’s why you set a competition. And, if you are the one who get defeated it will become a fighting scene. You are just trying to plunder the weak who don’t know anything and take their money, right? That’s all」

I criticise Alken coldly.

「So what?! In this world, only the strong one can survive!!!」

I respond to Alken’s shout.

「Duel my ass, Oath my ass. It will be no problem for you to escape from this country, right? After dealing with us and escape to another country, then makes another scheme to get rich quickly」

From the beginning, such rule is nothing at all.

Like I want to puke and spit out over it.

「Haa, you get it after all. Even if it not from the Labyrinth, the moneymaking can be done elsewhere. Well my bad, but I will have you die in this place」

Alken pulls out his sword and his companion behind follows him as well.

I give up having the conversation with them, then I talk to Dia.

「See? Dia! Like I said before, they are not worth at all」

「Aaaa……, you are right, Sieg……」

Dia looks down by the Alken is using force and violate the duel.

He might have been believing that the match is fair. If he wins this, he will be acknowledged by them. Perhaps that is what he thought. However, that’s what only in the dream.

The left is a quarrel with the name of violence only. Dia is still in shocks even though we did a fair duel and made an oath.

「The rest is, leave it to me. Dia just stands back」

「……I want to help」

「No, It’s ok just me alone」

I pull out my sword.

My remaining MP is about 30 percent. In a case of emergency I left some MP for this kind of situation. It still enough to overwhelm them.

And, I mutter myself.

「ーMagic 《Dimension Battle Operation》」

「You shit brats!!!」

In front of me, Alken tried to stab me.

More, his companions, the human beast fellow of swordsman and the human beast with his light spear follows after Alken’s attack. In addition, the Magician woman who had started to chant a magic could be seen. Based on my vision, I take to control the shortest route to take the initiative.

Alken’s sword grazes the space in front of me.

Too slow.

Alken’s movement is too slow for me. Though his level is higher than me. However, his dexterity and speed are lower than me. Furthermore, with the 《Dimension Battle Operation》, I could take his hit and evade it.

With the absolute difference in abilities, I could make a dash to him.

First, I cut lightly with my sword on Alken’s dominant hand, next is to hurt his both legs. I make sure that Alken falls down then I dodge the attack from spear’s user. Then, I cut his dominant hand with my sword. As it is, I make sure his foot cannot be moved then I head to the direction where the magician is chanting her magic. Along the way, the human beast throws itself towards me while roaring, before it swings down its sword, I cut its hand. Then I hurt the swordsman of the human beast’s leg so the pain will run to its head. At the end, I point out the tip of my sword at the neck of magician woman who was about to cast a magic just now.

I did it just in a few seconds.

I talk in a voice as low as possible.

「The things which I seek from this match is not money. My wish is, you who insulted Dia, never appear in front of us again. So, I will not do anything if all of you just get lost from my sight」

「Un, unbelievable……」

Alken and his companions are muttering while their hand has been cut by me.

The fight is finished only in several seconds. I believe they don’t have this kind of experience. They are in surprise, my sword is seen to be pointed at their magician.

「I want you to answer me quickly. If you didn’t say to withdraw, I will have to hurt you guys more」

As I speak, my sword which pointed at the magician’s neck is getting closer to her neck.

「I, I get it! I surrender. I will get lost from your sight immediately」

First, the magician woman whom I pointed at her neck with my sword is admitting to surrender.

Along with the situation, the human beast of swordsman and spear’s user also shows the intention of giving up.

「Damn it! We did it on the correct path. This country doesn’t need us anymore」

And, Alken and his companions talk about going out from the country.

The difference between our powers is obvious. I cannot help but to let them escape.

Above all, Since our purpose is not their money we keep quiet about their decision.

「Good, it is resolved in this way. Let’s hope not to meet each other again」

I said so and urged Alken to get out of this place by pointing my sword out.

「If we got out from this country, you will not do anything to us. won’t you?」

「I won’t. But, since I’m going to report this accident to the Guild, so all of you better get out from the Allied Nation and get lost from our sight right away that will be saved us from trouble」

「Damn it! I will get lost from your sight right away」

Alken immediately begins to walk out.

The human beast of the swordsman is helping Alken to walk, the four people are settled and get out of this place right away. Their quarreling in a small voice still can be heard.

I don’t care about it and see them off in this way.

They soon disappear from our sight then I let my breath out.


「So, Sorry. I have put you into trouble because of me」

To that end, after they gone, Dia apologise to me while bowing his head.

「No, I was angry at them too. If they appeared in my sight again, I will get rid of them」

「I, I didn’t have that kind of intend…… I just want to be acknowledged by them, that’s all……」

Though it relieved the stress by making Alken and his companions tearful on their face, but Dia doesn’t seem to be like that. Perhaps Dia who have good or worse sincerity was just trying to get praised by having a good fight.

However, that’s just only in the dream.

「Sorry, but that’s more difficult. With that kind of their nature, it is just difficult」

For example, do I recognise this world? ーーIt’s a difficult question.

「So……What should we do about today?」

「Well, My MP has decreased, so we better go baー」

「ーNo, you will trouble me if you went back now」

My suggestion is being interrupted by the voice from above.

It is not the voice of Alken and his companions. The voice is more low, dry, and horrible voice.


I’m surprised by the impolite voice, and I jumps backward.

Because I was too focused about Alken and his companions with using 《Dimension Battle Operation》, I lost my guard about another passing explorer on the correct path.

Dia also jumps back after me.

「Ah, you surprised? But, you will trouble me if you went back now. Since it’s rare to be able to meet the child like you. Ah, I did a disgraceful act」

The owner of the voice is on the ceiling of the Labyrinth.

The figure is similar to the Hang Shadow that we hunted some time ago. Similar but completely different. The shape of Hang Shadow is not a human shape, and more they are not able to speak.

However, this fellow makes a black liquid such as the shadow man and talks with its intelligence.

The black liquid wriggling its body. It doesn’t have fair lines on its face. A genuine talking monster appeared. The monster sticks on the ceiling and the monster facing toward us.

I immediately use 【Observe】to confirm the details of the monster.

【The guardian of 20th level】The one who steal a law of nature of the darkness.

It is not a human.

And, the level is not attached to this monster, but it is written that this monster is the guardian of 20th level.

The monster with the black face is laughing.

「Fufufu, I’m the guardian of the 20th level of this Labyrinth, the one who steal the law of nature of the darkness. Best regards!」

And, its self-introduction told us that it is the boss monster that is the guardian of the 20th level of this Labyrinth.


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