Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-6

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「We arrived at the 3rd levelー」

We reached the 3rd level just in one hour. Perhaps, due to our increased status, we don’t feel much fatigue. Dia is in joy because she is reaching the 3rd level of the Labyrinth.

The monster that appeared on the correct path was not that much.  Because the country puts a barrier which protects human on the correct path. I got painful experience by not recognise correct path earlier so I had everyone in the bar taught me about it.

I could arrive at the next level of the Labyrinth with the correct path, and the stairs are made to close the distance between levels in the Labyrinth. Currently, the correct path is being initialized until the 23th level of the Labyrinth. The current peoples are exploring until this far. This Correct Path is an achievement of Glenn who is called the strongest.

However, the correct path is still stagnant recently. When the first time correct path was built, it reached the 20th level of the Labyrinth at once and it has advanced again only by three level for these several years. Rumour has said that after the 20th level, it is really different compared to the previous level.

It is not likely the correct path is a success since the trial in the level is not completely cleared yet. The strongest explorer, Glenn didn’t able to defeat the guardian of 10th level and 20th level, he leaves that matter for later. In that rumour, in future prospect, the Labyrinth’s explorer will find difficult to conquer the Labyrinth.

「It is a good idea to advance deeper since I’m planning to reach 10th level today」

「Eh, Really!?」

「We are just following the correct path so it will not be a problem. We will understand the enemy’s level if we fight once for each level of the Labyrinth」

「I get it. If you say so I will believe you, Sieg」

For some reason why Dia puts high expectation in me? I don’t warn him since we are having an important talk.

「I will take the lead soon. In case of emergency, I have to become your shield, since it doesn’t mean the monster will not appear on the correct path.」

「No, I want to show my swords skill since I’m level 6 now」

「Ah, that’s fine until 5th level」

「I understand if you are not allowing me, I get it, but…I do want to show my swordsーeh? is that ok?」

「I don’t mind if until 5th level 」

I already prepared in advance to answer Dia’s proposal.

We will be fine until 5th level according to what I saw from Dia’s status of level 6.

Dia’s strength is around 4.00 point. Before, Dia’s strength didn’t even reach 1.00 so he wasn’t able to damage much to the monster. From what I observed the customers of the bar, their average strength is about 3.00 to 5.00 and they can stand the exploring until 5th level.

That is why the level and strength is important.

Besides, it is a good idea to get Dia customized to the close range combat and I, at the long range combat.

「Thanks, Sieg!」

「It will not be a problem until the 5th level, I don’t mind….Hey, hear me out, Oy!!!」

Dia expresses joyfully. He hugs me suddenly but I shake him off and pretend in a hurry. The short cut hair, Dia claims himself as a man but he has a face like a woman. I feel like much awareness if he gets too close to me.

His gesture reminds me of my younger sister above all. This thinking is the greatest taboo for me.

If I thought about my little sister, its make me want to clear this Labyrinth right away. But that is not good.

As much as possible, it is better to not think about my little sister for a while.

For now, one day one level (level of Labyrinth) is enough. It’s possible to reach the 100th level within a year. To losing composure, wasting 『???』, reckless things, seriously injured, those are all of the things that I should avoid.

At least, in one year I should not reveal my 『Kanami Aikawa』’s personality.

I’m Sieg, the explorer who is aiming the deepest part of the Labyrinth.  That will be fine for now.

「Haha, All right. Let’s drift away a little from correct path and beat some monster!」

「Eh? hold on, that will be wasting time if we drifted away from the pathー」

「But, the monster may not appear until we reach 5th level」

「That can’t be helped」

It is going to take some time again to persuade Dia, so I approved his Idea.

「Ok, Let’s go~」

Dia drifted away from the path and looking for the monster.

I, at the behind of Dia, using the 《Dimension》looking for the monster.

In a few minutes, I sense a monster immediately.

It’s a big feathered fish which swims into the air. At the 3rd level, the dominant monster is the aquatic monster since there is a lot of lake and rivers. Among them, especially the sky fish make an appearance. If this was in my world, it’s going to be a big news.

「Dia, there is a monster after the next corner. The name is sky fish. Be careful not to get bitten by it since it is swimming into the air」

「I get it」

Honestly, by knowing the information in advance the outcome is already been decided. It is no exaggeration to say that the information could make the outcome of the battle. I recalled something like that was written in the book Sun Tzu’s statement, so I reaffirm about the foul condition of 《Dimension》.


Dia, after turned the corner, immediately trying to cut the sky fish.

Perhaps Dia was boasting too much, so they are exchanging sword now. The sky fish is going to bite for a sudden assailant. Dia block the attack with main part of his sword.

Apparently, he could read its movement.

To avoid him being injured, I’m going to cast the magic to cover him.

「Magic 《Ice・Rapid Making Arrow》」

I’m concentrating and the freezing magic is reciting.

This magic is the useless magic that I used before. At that time my level was low and my image wasn’t enough. After at the bar I made a conclusion based on the conversation with the magicians, I made a new magic 《Ice・Rapid Making Arrow》.

The important part is “Image”.

During I generate the ice, I imagine a sharp thing keenly.  It is long like an arrow which is attached to Ice, Ice arrow.

After a few seconds, on my hands, I hold an Ice arrow which has resulted from my image earlier.

But it cannot be shot like how in the game. If that the case, it is not 《Ice・Rapid Making Arrow》anymore, but the real thing 《Ice Arrow》 This is different. I grab the Ice arrow onto my hand.

「Dia.  I’m going to throw the Ice arrow, so you stay back a little」

「I, I get it」

Dia pulls back and takes a distance from the sky fish.

With 《Dimension》,I grasp the position and I throw the Ice Arrow accurately.

With my throwing which is my strength and dexterity increased by turning level 6, I could strike the sky fish with terrifying speed and accuracy.

The level of sky fish is not level 1 but level 3.  The sky fish spin its body because it realises my attack.

My Ice Arrow hit its wing. As the result, the sky fish is losing its posture. And Dia, to not lose the chance he approaches it with his sword.

He slashed the sky fish, splitting it in two by his sword. Due the increased strength, Dia surely is able to defeat it with one attack.

「I, I did it……!」

Dia seems not to believe in his strength, then he is starring the defeated monster and his sword. Before long the sky fish is emitting light and vanished.


「Thanks, Sieg. How do I put it, I’m really happy. This is my dream since I was child, to defeat a monster with a sword」

While he is saying so, Dia clench strongly his sword on his hand.

I wonder he has some sort of feelings to the sword? By looking he swing his sword, I know that his sword is old and I confirm the details of his sword.

【Treasured Sword of Array House】

Attack 5 add to Dexterity 20% for increase the attack power.

「Then shall we advance while defeating the monster on the way?」


Dia responded, his face shows no more hesitations.

I’m a little in trouble with him using his sword, but I’m glad to look at his happy face.

After that, we repeated the battle several times by taking the level 3’s monster as the opponent. Even to make Dia as the vanguard, we are able to pass monsters without rushing.

We didn’t find any trouble by passing the 3rd level 4th level of the Labyrinth, and advance to the 5th level.

We could see the part of the 5th level from here.

A monster which has the scorpion shape, Onyx Scorpion evades the sword which is swung by Dia.

「Look out, Dia!」

「ーWaaa, Sorry!」

I block the monster’s attack by advancing in front of Dia.

The surprised Dia by the monster’s attack, get panicked and backing down.

After I confirm Dia has pulled back to the safe distance, I change the 《Dimension》to 《Dimension Battle Operation》mode, I attack it with my full force.

By not considering Dia’s support, I attack the onyx scorpion. I Pierce the center part’s body of Onyx scorpion by not blocking its attack with my sword but avoid its attack with my body. I pierced the Onyx Scorpion and its body is emitting light then vanished.

「That was close, That was close, fuuuー」

「Th, Thanks, Sieg. Are you all right…?」

Dia is timidly looking at my complex face. In the battle just now, I might find myself in the dangerous situation. Thanks to《Dimension》I could make it. Dia seems to be worried about me.

「No, No problem!」

「But, Siegー」

「Oi OiーWere you about to die just now!」

Dia’s words were interrupted by the man’s voice.

「You, it’s you!」

「You are the level 1 whom I met before, aren’t you? As I thought, to be about to die in this kind of place. hahaha!」

The man who is carrying a large sword shows up. There are 3 people who seem his companion around him.

I’m not surprised to have them approaches us since I’m using the 《Dimension》 If the fighting scene occurred, It won’t have a problem with the people who are in this level of Labyrinth, so I didn’t pay attention to them.

This man is… Hmmm, at that time…

Anyway, he is the man who made a ruckus with Dia who was still level 1 in the bar. I don’t remember his name.

「Shut up! It’s not like I was going to die! I was just careless!」

「Oi Oi, He said he was careless in the Labyrinth. My goodness, what a stubborn brat. It’s not weird for you to die here」

Apparently Dia and this man have a bad relationship.

I leave the two of them alone.

By the way, after I confirmed the man’s status. His name is Alken. A swordsman and level 9. I didn’t find any special about his companion.

I could judge, I’m able to defeat his party by myself after looking at their status. There is no monster at our surrounding as well. I think there is no risk if these two squabbled.

「This bastard, are you looking for a fight!」

「Oi Oi, It will be us who are bullying the weakling. More than that, this place is near to correct path. Our fight could be seen by the other people you know?」

I don’t think this man, Alken has caught me using 《Dimension Battle Operation》. It’s supposed opposite you are the one that weakling,

Rather than that, Alken said that if we fought, it would be seen since we are near to the correct path. There seems the correct path has a security role as crime prevention after all.

「I’m not weak! I will not lose to all of you!」

「Oi Oi, It is you who are looking for a fight! I don’t have time for this shit. We are in the middle of finishing the quest from the Guild」

Alken shrugged his body while saying so.

He is right, the one who is looking for a fight is Dia. Even though Dia doesn’t have any skill for PvP, he surely has confident to challenge him. His posture has a bad shape with his confident.

To be honest, I’m not interested in those two’s fight. My interest is directed to the quest which is commissioned by the Guild.


It’s the place where the explorer who have the same interest gathering and cooperating community. The information that I know, Guild has many kinds. For example like the place where the beginners are gathering. Perhaps the quest which given to the guild is by the Big Guild.

However, I don’t have time to care about people’s gathering. I must hurry to surpass the limit of the human in this world. It doesn’t mean if I didn’t gather, I won’t be able to explore.

But, I’m interested in the quest part. I take its interest since its like how in the game that I like.

「I’m different compared to before! Running away?!」

「……Humph, like I will run away! But, we are the explorer of the guild.  I cannot fight in the public place. Let’s see, how about we compete to finish our quest?」

Alken distorts his face when he said about interesting things.

「Compete to clear your quest?」

「Yeah, we are in the middle of monster subjugation. Thus regularly, this quest is given by the country to the powerful explorer」

「Hey, all of you is not powerful at all」

「Well, don’t be like that. So it is. If you say you are not weak, then show me by clearing this monster subjugation」

「……Ohh, I will take your challenge. I’ll take you on」

Dia approved his challenge.

Well, I didn’t interfere their quarrel. Honestly, sounds like fresh and fun things might occur. The mood is becoming good.

「Then…What would be the bet?」

Alken further distorts his face.

To me, his word now is outside of my tolerance.

「Fine, I will bet anything」

「We will hear everything you demand us to do, but, I don’t see any value things with you. I wanted to bet on money but seems like you don’t really have it」

「Kkkh, I don’t have that much of money」

Dia makes a bitter face.

「Well then, if you lost I will sell your body and turn it into money. You are rough, but you have a good face there. If you were sold it would be in high price. hahahaha」

「Humph, Fine. If I lost, you can do anything to me. But, if you lost, you have to cry apologise to me and leave some money!」

「Ok, with this we made an aggremeー」

「ーWait, Dia. Stop with this foolish betting. If the bet is another story」

I intended to respect Dia as much as possible by following the flow but this is the limit that I could tolerate him.

Though it is good to bet to boast his pride and dignity but this is not acceptable.

「Oh, What’s with you. This is a match between me and this brat」

「He is right. I don’t want to put my trouble into you, so this will be a match between me and him」

I consider Alken is offended.

Dia, his blood goes up to his head and not seeing his surroundings.

I won’t stop if the fight only to compete with each other. Since it doesn’t mean it’s going to be about someone die, a peaceful one. It will be settled the event with their abilities.

However, I won’t allow that kind of match with betting.

Dia is mine.

I will never permit this and allow the flow to this man, Alken’s favor.

「Dia. They are already prepared for this quest before they entered this Labyrinth with four people. We could see there is a great difference between us and them. More than that, you will not win with just all of your power alone. The favor is not with you, and above all, there is a gap about the experience. Furthermore, since they are selected by the guild so the outcome of how the match is clear enough, it’s already been decided by them. And yet, you offer your body as the bet is a foolish thing! Idiot! A great Idiot!」

I rapidly try to persuade him.


Dia hears my explanation about the strict condition and mumbling himself. However, he received my explanation without being enraged. It may because he trust me so he cannot ignore my advice.

「Above all, the stupid things are why didn’t you try to consult it with me at first? to not dragging me, first it will be no win」

And, I try to appeal myself to him.

「Oh, I get it what you mean. It doesn’t mean I said 1 on 4, but how about 2 on 2?」

Alken accepts my participation for 2 on 2.

But I decline his suggestion.

「No, It doesn’t mean I intend to do 2 on 2. To me, it’s better not have a match. Because I don’t find any chances for us to win」

「Ah, Sieg, thatsー」

Dia starts objecting my attitude.

By raising his hand.

And, I pull him near me and I whisper to him.

「ーAre you trying to compete by throwing everything? I will say it clearly, I don’t find any worth to do with them. If we would be able to win,

Next, the story will go to about how did we who were low level until recently, were able to defeat them. Our unique skill should be hidden not to reveal it too much. If it not, several stupid problems surely will occur」

「……But, I want to beat them with all of my power. I want to give them a lesson. You might think of me like a child, but this is more important for me to be recognised」

Dia persists in a small voice.

To be recognised. It seems he is ready to pay his life for this.

I sigh.

We should back down for now. To not make them as the opponent, it best to look back for the best result.

However, Dia doesn’t settle with it. I know him because I have been with him for a long time. I feel sorry for him if I’m not letting Dia settle it today.

「Haa, I get it! I get it! There may be like that」

「Really? Sieg!」

Dia loses in his enthusiasm. It doesn’t mean Dia let out his tears on his teary eyes like a beautiful woman. ……I want to think like that.

I feel quite stress over it. I want to do a favor for Dia, and it’s not a bad thing to look at Alken’s tearful face.

「Oi! You, in the end, what should we do? Are you going to run away with your tail? or are you going to do it?」

Alken shouts about what should we do.

I glance at Dia, I give him a signal that just leave it to me. Dia Immediately nodded to my signal.

「Oh, I will do it after all.」

「Oh, you are not going to do it but you are going to do it, after all, huh? I surprise you looks clever」

Alken looks like he is tired to our hesitant. Apparently he is observing me well. Risking life in this Labyrinth, and as the party leader.

「Well then, Let’s decide about the condition」

I laugh.

My face might do a merciless smile in dreadfulness. Alken and his companion held their breath.

「Ok, How will we decide to win and lose?」

「Let’s decided it simply with only by the number of subjugation. It will be enough for us if you could tell us the characteristic of the monster」

「Is that all? there will be no handicap?」

「Ah, please put one handicap. Let us decide for the time limit. the limit is 1 hour」

「Hey, it might not you two or us would be able to defeat even one monster」

「No, It might you are able to defeat one monster, aren’t you? Constantly, it might us are able or not. Are you going to take the challenge? Time is precious」

I offer the condition that is the most advantageous to us according to the flow of the story and experience.

If you usually look for a specific one kind of monster, it would make running around during one hour.

For them, it might they know the location of the monster according to the information they got so they definitely find one monster. And, they are holding it.

Anyway, I picked short-term match with using their speculation that we won’t even get one monster. Even they should not be able to take time for this trouble. It’s hard to think that the quest which given by the guild have no time limit.

「Ah, Aaa Ok. Fine, let’s do it according to your suggestion. Certainly, time is surely precious. So, what is the bet? Are you so to decide?」

Alken seems to be wary of me who suggest the condition plainly.

「Rather than that, if you lost, are you really able to pay it? I feel like if you lost, you are going to leave your responsibility at the end」

「Ah, since you are the one who is from the far country Fania, you don’t know huh? In the great country, if we made oath of the duel on the magic stone line, it will be recorded in the document by the country. As the result, no matter what the excuse if you violate the oath it is going to make you become a great criminal even if you escaped. It will be no problem even we are in the Labyrinth if we use magic stone line which is on the correct path」

Alken explains which is easy to be understood by me.

And me, I have a doubt in the Duel and oath system. I hold it to not investigate it for now.

The customers of the bar may know about me who is from a far country, Fania. I’m well to be known as the staff who is from Fania, looking for a fortune then met a terrible experience by having burnt wound.

「I see, what a convenient things Then, for the bet is, let’s see…」

「The bet is?」

「How about to bet all of our owned money? For insufficient amount, it can’t be helped to go with your talking that you had before」

I suggested it with a smile on my whole face.

Thus, Alken and his companion twitched their face and I watched them with joy.

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