Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-5

ーThe next morning, I already awake, begins the preparation for exploration in the Labyrinth. I don’t have any particular person whom I want to stay together. I don’t have time to complain since I’m alone in this world.

In the morning, I go out to buy necessities for the Labyrinth. I bought some armor since I could easily get money.

After that, I meet with Dia.

My left hand is equipped with the gauntlet which was a bargain and there is a spare sword in my 『Belonging』.

I gave a light breastplate to Dia. Though he held back but this equipment will be useful in the fight so I persuaded him somehow.

After that, we pay a visit to the church then lastly we check our preparation.

Dia is happily telling me about his level up.

「Sieg! I asked the priest and he told me that I’m level 6 now!」

「Good for you. by the way, I’m level 6 too」

I confirm our status while he is happily like a child.

I jumped in surprise after took a look at our rapid growth.

By the way, I used my point to increase the MP.

It’s fine for Dia to increase the strength and vitality. I felt relieved a little because Dia specialized in Magic so I thought he won’t increase them.

The one that makes me uneasy is his class.

My class remains a blank and Dia is Swordsman. Possibly, in Dia’s case, his strength and vitality could become a benefit for his class. If that the case, then the bonus point that I got to level 6 is wasted.  I want to fix it as soon as possible. However, I don’t have the class myself. My case is not even recorded in the books and I asked everyone in the bar but I was asked back by them. Dia insists on becoming Swordsman, when I asked him how he did it, his answer just holds a sword then he became a Swordsman.

I couldn’t figure out how everyone got their class.

When I’m thinking about the class, Dia comes to give his suggestion.

「With level 6, we could advance deeper. Today, let’s try to explore as much further as we can go」

「That’s a good idea. Since I’m on my vacation today」

「Eh, are you on a break?」

「Yup, I got a break for one day after three days of work. I was told to take a break when the day of sun」

The day of sun. Probably, it’s Sunday of saying in my original world.

「OH? Then, let’s go to explore the whole day today!」

「Why not?」

With our current level, we could do hunting near around 10th level.  So we are going to hunt at around 10th level. Our growth and skill are too strong.

With our current situation, level 6 could be compared equally to the explorer’s status who are level 10. This is perhaps something caused by the Quality. Anyway, other than me and Dia, all human beings whom I met so far their Quality doesn’t even reach 1.00. My point of Quality is 7.00 and Dia is 5.00.

「All right, Let’s goー」

Dia energetically rushed into the Labyrinth. I follow him from behind.

Today, since we walk on the correct path which secured by the country, I will have no problem to follow Dia’s lead. From behind of Dia, I walked as if I watch a naughty little brother or little sister

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  1. Hosshu

    So does the raw say her and him by alternating between those or are you just assuming, I also think Dia is female, but until it’s specified try to stick to one gender in the sentence, it’s extremely confusing, and if in japanese the sex is neutral use “he” and even add the “” if you want, that will solve it…

    also Thanks for the TL


    1. The worst part about translating into English? The goddamn gender-related pronouns…..

      It’s better to not give a damn about the gender; just stick with “he” or “she”, and change it after its gender be revealed later.


      1. That’s true, since It’s rarely we found “Subject” in the Japanese sentence so we have to figure our self who is the subject.
        Well, regarding this case its kinda reflect to type she not he since I already know, my bad.
        Thank you. =)


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