Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 3-4

I’m looking at a dream.

Though it is a dream, it is a settlement of my past memory.

The dream is the event when I was in my original world.

However, the memory is not showing clearly. As expected of a dream, it is like noisy sounds of a damaged tape.

However, I could understand it clearly.

This dream is about the memory on that day.

The dream is about me who was still in my original world decided how I will live.

Kanami Aikawa’s root memories.

On that day, in the hospital room, I met face to face with my beloved little sister.

In the dream, my sister is smiling gently.

She is my only sister in the world. Her name is Hitaki Aikawa.

She is my proud little sister who has long jet-black hair like a graceful Japanese woman.

Hitaki who has a white body is sitting on the pure white bed. She moves her white body, she is looked as in pain and the clean hospital bed is bent because she is sitting.

Her jet-black hairs pushed back her slender arms. Her white body and pair of unkempt jet-black hairs are filling the atmosphere of hospital’s room. Her long straight black hairs are enough to make you think hard to harm it.

At the moment, I hear the voice of Hitaki.

『Big brother……Did you come to visit me today too?』

『Of course. From now on, I’m going to visit you everyday』

That’s obvious.

Hitaki has a disease.

And, the cause of her disease is me. It’s obvious I have to visit her.

「Big brother? Everyday? Maybe tomorrow is going to rain」

Hitaki is laughing with her sarcasm towards me.

「Ah, from now on we are going to be together always……」

I seriously promise her without losing her sarcasm.

「But, you will not be able to play your favorite game, you know? Even so, you don’t mind?」

「Certainly that’s too bad. But, I will endure it. I don’t have time to play the game anymore since for Hitaki only have nobody but me. From now on, I will protect you. I will definitely protect you」

On that day, our parent’s existence disappeared from family. ーWe erased them. And, the Aikawa family members are only us. Therefore, we decided to treasure and to take care each other.

「From now on, Big brother is……?」

「Yup, I will protect you and always be together」

Until that day, I wasn’t even able to do my role properly. I went away from the Aikawa family, and my little sister has been treated as nothing at all by our parents. My little sister was doing her best but all I can was just run away. That is my miserable and sinful story. I have to make a redemption.

「I’m happy…… Finally, at last……my brother do care about me……」

Hitaki’s hands are trembling with teary eyes and her tear falls on her chest.

It is painful to see her weak appearance. However, I can’t look away. I have to look at her. With no one else but our bond as brother and sister.

I hug her trembling body.

I’m hugging her until her tears stop and her trembling stops.

And, my little sister lets out a voice slowly while hearing my beating heart.

She let out words in the state while she is weaving.

「We will always be together……? I’m really happy……」

「I promise. Always be together」


I promised to my sister. 『Always together』

This is all for me.

Not as Siegfried Visitor but as Kanami Aikawa.


ーIf I awaken from this dream, Me and my little sister are not going to be together.

Me, who have been crossed to a different world, pulled back to the reality.

The current situation is, I’m alone in the different world and my little sister alone in my original world.

No matter what ーI will definitelyー Even if I have to pay for my life, I will definitely get back to my original world.

My little sister cannot live without me.

I cannot accept that my little sister because of the illness, she became not able to live happily. That should have happened to me who became not able to live happily.

That’s why I’m thinking about how to go back to my original world as soon as possible.

「I will definitely save you, Therefore, I willー!!」

I shout it loud. I vowed to myself that I will protect my little sister.

However, my shouting doesn’t reach her.

I did an action which different from my past memory and the dream about my past in the hospital room begins to stop.

And my dream starts to collapse.

Like the puzzle piece that collapses disjointedly and dream’s space is broken down.

The window, furniture, ceiling, door, floor, everything which is inside the dream are disappearing.

And the last is my sister is still remaining to sit on the bed who is going to disappear as well.

My dream is gradually swallowing in darkness.

When I opened my eyes, I think I should forget about this dream.

Otherwise, I will not be able to live in this world. By staying calm and rational so I will be able to explore the Labyrinth.

On the contrary, I may go mad with the feeling of irritation and guilty. That makes me enough to rush for conquering the deepest part of the Labyrinth without neither eating nor drinking. But such a thing just a reckless thing. Nothing benefits from it. That’s going to become a thing not for Hitaki anymore.

I cannot help it that I have to think of the way.

I push back the Kanami Aikawa and thinking as the Siegfried Visitor to look for the way to return to my original world. I cannot help it this my only way.

It’s about time. I really open my eyes after a while passed.

The darkness is fading away and I understand I’m going to awaken soon.

After I got up I will be alone.

I become the explorer, Siegfried Visitor who is aiming to conquer the deepest part of the Labyrinth.

It is hard.

It is really hard.

When I’m feeling so, the light spreads in the darkness.

My body is wrapped by the sunlight.

And, I open my eyes.

I opened my eyes, and there is just me alone.

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