Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 2-6

Translator: Bluestar.H
Barely enough in time, I was able to finish it during right after I had a lot of exams. Maybe there will be another new part for next week but I afraid for the part after next week’s part will be delayed since I’m going to take my vacation.

Anyway, please enjoy~

Editor: Khorinthian

I edited part 4 already, but I won’t have time to edit part 5 anytime soon. I’ll be working on this part and onwards. I placed the [Status] entries into a table, and will do so from now onwards (if I’m the editor). Feedback is appreciated.



Name: Maria HP: 92/92 MP: 102/102 Class: Slave
Level: 7
Attack: 2.92 Vitality: 3.12 Dex: 2.25 Speed: 1.75
Wisdom: 3.07 Magic: 4.91
Quality: 1.52
Experience: 221/6400
Status: Confusion: 0.28
Equipment: Iron Knife Hardy Overcoat Leather Armor
Leather Gauntlet Silk Cloth

「It says it’s level 7…」

「Yea, congratulations」

Maria is curiously looking at both of her trembling hands.

I gave her words of praise as I was eating soup.

After we finished our business at the church, we are currently having a meal at the bar.

「Even though I didn’t do anything………?」

「It’s because I have a skill that can share the experience with companions who joined the party to allow them to level up. That’s the reason why I brought you along to the Labyrinth」

With this, Maria should already understand.

「No way! An average adult villager’s level is 5! There is no way I could just easily make it to level 7 in one day! 」

Even though she knows for a fact that her level went up to 7, she still can’t believe it. She raised her voice and hit the table.

「Ca, calm down! If others find out about it, it will bring me trouble」

I told her to be quiet using my finger on my lips.

I don’t want other people to hear about my abilities. If my way of leveling becomes known by an authority figure, they’ll have me captured. However, even if that happens, I don’t have any intention of obediently being caught. My power now is different compared to the first time I came to this world.

「I, I’m very sorry. Excuse me, my Master,」

Perhaps Maria realized my thoughts by the expression on my face. She apologized.

「I told you to stop calling me “Master.” Anyway, with my skill, you can become an explorer too. In a short time, you will become stronger than the other adults」

「Your skill is just like cheating……」

Maria began to eat while still muttering things.


With her “Insight,” Maria judged me to be “Cheating.”

「Yup, it is just like you say…」

I continue my meal while acknowledging Maria’s words.

With my method of leveling, I can produce a skilled explorer in just one day. If I raised my level in the future, I could further speed up this process by challenging higher floors.

I could say my experiment is working.

By understanding the Party System for leveling, I have a wider range of options.

Understanding the importance of the “Display” and “System” is crucial. By repeatedly conducting these experiments, I can exceed the current paradigm. If I continue like this, in a short time I would be able to reach the deepest part of the Labyrinth.


Maria and I are keeping to our meal while the staff, Ryn is in high spirits greeting the customers.

It isn’t supposed to be busy at this time, but unusually it became noisy. The moment I looked at the customers who came to enjoy alcohol during the daytime, I immediately recognized someone familiar…

「Ma, Maria! Bow your head…! 」

「Eh? Y, Yes!」

I told her in a small voice. Maria obediently bowed her head at once.

I hold my breath and hope that the mentioned customers kindly just pass us by. Maria is curious but still kept eating her soup silently. Maria’s eyes are moving as if she’s curious about what will happen, but her gaze stopped something behind me.

「Yo, Sieg! Really! What a coincidence! 」

Someone at my back called out my name. Looks like my prayer wasn’t granted.


「Someone called you」

Encouraging me, Maria swings her hand while still holding a spoon.

I had prayed for them to not notice me. However, I cannot keep pretending any further since Maria already responded to them. Can’t be helped.

「What are you doing, Alty?」

「So cold. We’ve cooperated before, haven’t we? ーAh,  The cute girl over there, sorry but let me sit here」

Who I saw earlier was Alty who’s wearing El-Thoralew Academy’s uniform. (Where the hell did she get that uniform…was what I thought) Moreover, the woman who came along with her is…

「E, Eh? Mr. Sieg?! Really!?」

It was Franruhle.

「It has been a while, Franruhle……」

「Oh…I’m thrilled! Alty told me that she was going to take me to a good place, at first I wondered where it could be, but look! I could meet Mr. Sieg again this soon」

Oh, my… Why did it have to be this soon…? She should be at El-Thoralew right now.

「Look, just give up, Sieg.」

Alty told me as she took a seat at our table. It can’t be helped. In order to give them a place to sit, I moved myself beside Maria.

Right after those two took their seats, I call out Ryn to make an order.

In this situation, there is no way I could relax. I thought to myself: I have to find a way to get out from here.

While I’m still lost in my thoughts, the curious Alty asks Maria to introduce herself. However, Franruhle doesn’t look like she cares.

Well, for the time being, let’s introduce Maria first.

「Ah, This girl is Maria, she just joined as my companion to explore the Labyrinth」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Maria」

Maria gave them her greetings.

「I’m Alty. Best regards」

「I’m the seventh daughter of the Helvyrushain family, Franruhle」

While Alty was giving light greetings, Franruhle also gave her short introduction.

「Well then, Alty. What’s business do you have here? You know I’m busy」

「Fufu, meeting you here is just a coincidence. 」

「There is no way such a coincidence could happen when we were having lunch.  You used your ability to track me, didn’t you? 」

It was strange to encounter them during this time and moreover this place is a bar. That’s why there’s no other explanation aside from Alty using a skill to track me. Just like the time when we encountered each other at the entrance to the Labyrinth yesterday.

「Wow. Yeah, it is as you say; I can use a sort of sensing skill using flames. Though, it’s really just pure luck that I know where you are during this time. Yup, this is fate. I have business with that fate. You do understand, don’t you?」

Fate, huh. In other words, it’s regarding Franruhle love affair.

In response, I could just act coldly towards Franruhle. Because I can’t afford to give Franruhle any hope about love.

「I told you I have such feelings. So just aim for another boy, not me」

「Fufu, even so, I still want to try anyway」

We’re talking about the love Alty desires using abstract expressions.

Franruhle and Maria are wondering what we are talking about.

「Alty, I told you to wait patiently. There is something I need to do that should come first. So, don’t be pushy. 」

「There’s no choice, huh?  It’s not my intention to stand in your way. From now on I’ll just shut up then」

Right after she said that she turned quiet.

The situation turned to Franruhle’s favor. She immediately threw a lot of questions at me like where I was staying or where I usually eat, or what are the places I find interesting, etc. However, I’m not going to tell her everything, so I gave her false information to some of her questions.

As time went by, we finally started talking about the Labyrinth. Fortunately, even though I don’t have any interests beside the Labyrinth, Franruhle doesn’t look like she hates it.

Alty suddenly cuts in the moment I talked about what I recently did.

「ーEh, you dashed? You ran while carrying Maria on your back until 5th floor?」

Alty makes doubtful face after hearing how we entered the Labyrinth.

「Yeah. I can’t do that? 」

「No, I’m just surprised. Sieg, you are a user of Dimension Magic, aren’t you? Then, shouldn’t you have able to use Warp Transport-Magic?」

「Wait! How did you know that I’m a user of Dimension Magic?」

Those were supposed to be unknown words for people. I never revealed myself and used it in front of Alty.

「It was meant to be secret huh? If so, I’m sorry. I just knew the moment I saw you fight. It’s because you resemble one of my old acquaintances. If I’m not mistaken, my old acquaintance could use Warp Transport at that time……… if I remember it correctly」

Even though she said it herself, it looks like she’s not confident about it.

「What the hell is that? Tell me clearly!」

「… No, it’s just… I remembered something about the past…… I wonder why. ……Anyway, there is a way to move instantly inside the Labyrinth. ーRight? The top rank of Academy, Fran?」

Alty pushed the conversation towards Franruhle. Franruhle was in a flowery mood listening to us but when she was suddenly asked by Alty, she was surprised.

「Eh, Dimension Magic? Certainly, there not many people who have that kind of magic. However, even for me I don’t have much knowledge about it since it isn’t included within the coverage of our exams… 」

「Ah? Heh? Are there not many users of Dimension Magic in this age?」

「Yes, in fact there isn’t any student that has that kind of attribute in Academy」

「Wow, the generation gap is huge… 」

Alty just realized enormity of the differences of their generations; perhaps she is much older than I think. Franruhle is talking to Alty not knowing how far apart their ages are. I am curious about their relationship but since I don’t want to go too deep, I decided not to ask.

Since Franruhle doesn’t know much about Dimension Magic, in her place, Alty began to explain.

「Alright, since Fran doesn’t know about it, it falls to me to give an explanation. The defining characteristic of Dimension Magic is its ability to rule over the space. To master it, you have to grasp an understanding of space, to manipulate it, and to make a connection. With it, you can create things, but at the same time, also destroy things. You can also connect a space with another space with Dimension Magic… Yeah, the name is《Connection》if I remember correctly. If you use it, you won’t have to carry Maria on your back anymore」

「Connect a space with another space? Can you do that? 」

I was surprised when she said I could create and destroy space. If I could increase my level more and improve my magic, will I be able to learn how to do that? Just by thinking about it shivers my body.

「Yup. It’s possible. Look, try to imagine it. Image a door that can connect a space to another space. By imagining that you could learn the skill 《Connection》. I’m sure about it! 」

Alty is excitedly telling me the details.

Even though I’m in doubt, I try it out according to Alty’s instructions.

However, Franruhle who is looking our way suddenly screams out.

「Hey, Alty! There is no way you could just create magic!」

「Yes that’s true. The possibility to create magic is just a myth」

(Editor Note: The line above is probably Maria’s)

Surprised by their voices, my imagination failed me. Alty and I met gazes.

「Eh, Sieg? Is it not possible to create magic in this age? 」

Alty questions me.

「Don’t ask me, how the hell should I know? I thought that as long as I could increase my level, I’ll do anything」

「Yeah, I think so as well. Creating magic is common as long as one has the talent… 」

Unexpectedly my thoughts matched with Alty’s.

After hearing us talk, Maria gives her opinion.

「That’s impossible. Learning magic is not the same as creating it. Except for certain people who lived far in the past who used ancestral magic. But, that’s in the past. If you’re not related to them by blood, it’s impossible to create magic. Magic just can’t be set up from anywhere. 」

(Editor Note: What I think everything means is that 《Connection》 is a magic that you can naturally learn if you improve your mastery over Dimension. What Alty is trying to get Sieg to do is to, instead of learning it naturally, just “create” the magic through I~M~A~G~I~N~A~T~I~O~N)

To follow up Maria’s argument, Franruhle also gives hers.

「However, there is a way to learn a magic by swallowing a magic stone which contains the magic formula. That allows the blood in the body to grasp the formula and allow you to be able to use the magic. Thus, it’s possible for children to use magic at their early age by swallowing those magic stones.  In other words, there is no way to acquire magic without swallowing a magic stone, so your way of acquiring magic is impossible」

(Editor Note: Thanks to Jackal for pointing out the ‘swallow’/’drink’ dilemma)

Franruhle and Maria agree with each other.

I just discovered previously unknown information regarding obtaining magic.

Apparently, they know a lot about magic. Next time, I should treat them much better.

「I, I get it. Thanks for your explanation. In other words, the proper way to obtain magic is by swallowing a magic stone which contains the magic formula, right? 」

「Yes, correct」


Franruhle and Maria nods.

It seems I’m not wrong.

「Well then, shall we buy those magic stone today…?」

After Maria finished with her meal, I make an excuse to get out. Perhaps Maria was thinking of the same thing, and she immediately agreed with me.

「That’s a good idea. 」

We stand up and prepare to leave.

「Th, Then let me be your guide! I know the store that’s selling the best magic stones in townー」

「Oi, oi, Fran. Don’t you have other things to do? Our time is up. You should give up, even just for now. 」

「Guh, yes you’re right… let’s just give up this time…」

Apparently, they don’t have time after this.

「Well then, we’ll take our leave. You two can take it slowly and have your meal」

Right after that, I call out the Ryn to pay the bill.

「Then, see you later, Sieg and Maria 」

「Mr. Sieg. Let’s meet again sometime! 」

We bid them farewell and head out.

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