Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-7

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I wake up early in the morning to go out shopping to buy necessities. My sleeping hours is decreasing lately, but I’m getting used to it.

I still have plenty of time before my meeting with Dia. We’ve decided to meet at the Church. So I’m going there now.

Inside, I can see a Priest reading something like a bible and a lot of people are praying. Among them, I can see Dia.

In this world, a lot of people are worshipping the god. A lot of people are simply believing in the religion, even for the explorer as well. Because praying is another requirement for level up. People with various circumstances visit the church. And the Priests, besides teaching, they are handling the level up as well.

This world’s God seems different than the God in my world who doesn’t do anything. I understand that in the Allied Nations, religion can raise someone’s level.

Dia who has already finished her prayer talks to the priest and then meeting me.

「Ah. Sieg, you come already」

「Morning. Dia, You come early」

「I thought that my level will possibly go up, but it didn’t」

「I see. That’s too bad」

I check Dia’s status.


Name: Diablo・Sith   HP39/52 MP431/431   Class: Swordsman  Level 1

Strength0.59  Vitality1.12  Dex0.92 Speed0.88 Wisdom1.34 Magic23.25  Qualities5.00 State: Divine protection1.00  Experience: 89/100

Apparently, he can level up… Just a little more.

And, as usual, his status is abnormal. Especially his magic.

While heading to the Labyrinth, we’re talking about our teamwork strategy.

「Then is that fine? The only thing I do is to attract the monster’s attention」

「I’m sorry but please. I don’t have power, I can’t damage the monster with my sword. Since it’s only 2 people, I intended to use magic」

Looks like Dia can’t beat the monster alone. That’s why he ask for help from that kind of fellows. As expected, it will be hard just using one’s magic to beat the monster. If that’s so, you’re not a swordsman afterall. Why don’t you just put down your sword. I disagree with his idea, about him being a swordsman.

「Okay. But, I prefer to avoid it. I just don’t want to get any injury」

「That’s fine. It’s enough if you could just buy me some time」

「I think this the best strategy. Since the only thing I need to do is to attract the enemy and disturb it」

「If my level is raised up, I will fight with my sword. Please until then, bear with me」

No, I think he is better to focus more on his Magic.

But, I can’t speak about it because he will ask why? I just can’t explain about 『Indication』

「Then I will look for the first monster」

We entered the Labyrinth while talking about it. It’s different if I compared to the Whoseyards’s Labyrinth entrance which is beautiful. This labyrinth is very rough. There is no guard at the entrance here.

「Well then, Let’s go」

This is my second time challenging the Labyrinth.

I feel Anxiety and fear inside my heart.

I already gathered the information before. I gathered it from books about the monster. I also heard various things about monster according to the customers (bar) experience. The equipment is good, and the tool is also ready. I feel a little bit anxious since I have a companion who is very talented. I can take any action while displaying the『Indication』. While doing that, I can use magic too. Well, there is nothing wrong challenging the Labyrinth.

I calm myself while my heart is beating fast. Then I passed the entrance.

Again, I come back to this dim hell.

The nasty smell which hurt my nose. I now walk inside this dim light corridor.

And then, we encountered a Ripper Beadle.

We discovered it near the outside range of correct path where it’s close to the entrance. Based on the information, there is so many Insect monsters appear in Varte, so we discovered one here.

I take the first move using 《Dimension》to look for the enemy, and now I invoke the magic《Dimension: Battle Operation》. This magic specialized in combat. The view is narrow but greatly useful to sense enemy distance and awareness.

The magic can be changed depending on the image. That’s what I heard from the Magician who is the customer of the bar. This 《Dimension: Battle Operation》is for the example.

Thanks to the 《Dimension: Battle Operation》, I can sense every movement of the monster.

「It’s just one monster. Let’s go as we planned」


We move according to our plan. Dia takes his part to cast the magic, and my job is to buy him some time and keeping the monster away from Dia with my sword.

The Ripper Beadle rushed forward towards me. I stopped it with my sword, full force.

We are exchanging attack and dodging. I’m focusing on defense so it won’t rush towards Dia. I can see its movement with my magic. From 2 standpoint, it really can’t impose on me.

Although this is the first fight after a long time, I still can manage it because I had faced them before.

Moreover, I feel this monster is weaker than before.

My speed is raised up already, thanks to the level up, so the Ripper Beadle looks slow for me. Now my strength is also increased, so I can crack its steel shell which I didn’t able to do before. I have no fear towards it.

At the same time, I feel the abnormally of the level system in this world.

「Sieg! I will shoot!」

A signal is blown off from my behind when I continue holding the Ripper Beadle. I shifted to the side, so the monster will be visible to Dia.

「《Flame Arrow》!」

Dia completed his chanting and cast the magic.

Flame Magic 《Flame Arrow》. We talked about this before, that it is the magical power, with the excessive heat emitted the arrow. Dia is only able to cast the basic Flame Magic.

When I heard about his story, I could imagine it only from the name. I imagined a Flame in the shape of arrows.

However, this is completely different.

Not an arrow but a ray. Instantly, a “Ray” shot through space towards the monster. I can’t follow it with my eyes. When it was flashed, the ray has vanished.

I opened my mouth shockingly.

ーEh? Wait! Is that what you called  《Flame Arrow》?


Dia clenches his fist and poses successful expression.

Due the Dia’s laser, the Ripper Beadle’s body is going to vanish.

ーOne hit KO.  That Magic killed it instantly.

「Yeayy! I beat it!」

Dia is joying happily behind my back.

But I still dumbfounded.


I follow the joyous atmosphere.

「Yeah! Thanks! This is my first time to beat this kind of big monster!」

「Well that’s good for you」

My cold sweat is not stopping.

Dia doesn’t understand what he has done.

That magic has never been heard and seen in this world according to the information that I gathered in the Library.

Certainly, Dia’s Magic is 23.25 and element magic is 2.09. Perhaps the caused is from other factors. I couldn’t explain further than this.

I decided for the future combat, I want to become a man, who has a gun laser (Dia) in my back. It hasn’t been long since I met Dia, but I can put my trust in him. I don’t understand why.  For the magic attack, which doesn’t have any malicious attack, can make a hole inside me if he fired mistakenly or I moved mistakenly.

My cowardly heart is trembling in horror.

「Thanks to you Sieg, I was able to concentrate on casting my magic, I feel good」

「All right. But, please be careful when you shoot your magic. Really, Seriously, I mean it」

「Ah, ya I get it! Leave it to me!」


Dia really excited after beating the monster but my anxiety is accelerating.

「Well then, let’s go? Be quiet, since I will look for another monster.  And, at the time of unexpected situation, follow my instructions. Please do not arbitrarily shoot your magic」

I expanded my 《Dimension》while warning her.

「Okay. I will follow your instructions.  I have no doubt towards your words, Sieg」

Dia takes my words obediently. I can feel his trust in me.

I continue to look for the monster while confirming my experience and MP’s consumption.

The experience from the monster which Dia knocked down is divided to me as well. It cost me 5 MP to look for the monster until now, and it cost me 3 HP from the previous fight.

Dia is really amazing.

It’s cost her low MP to shoot a powerful magic. A scary laser like that possessed by human beings. Then a conversation occurs in the spare time while I found the other one.

「Ah, Once you turn to that corner, you will encounter one」


I found a big monster thanks to 《Dimension》, then I tell Dia.

I confirmed the name and the level of the monster with 『Indication』. After we think about the strategy, we confront the monster.

The monster has spider’s shape.

However, we follow the same strategy as we decided before, so we can defeat it safely.

After that, we defeat it and the spider’s body is vanishing with a light.

「OH, We defeat it again!」


Even though I frightened about Labyrinth, this was too easy.

Is it because I used 《Dimension》which prevent me from getting any attack?

Is it because the bonus point, like in the game, which is greatly increasing the hit and evasion?

And more about Dia’s 《Flame Arrow》with great fire power and hitting the target with high speed.

I’m looking for another monster in the best position to take. If it didn’t notice us, I just have used Dia’s 《Flame Arrow》to defeat it. If Dia’s missed the target, I will just have to attract it to make it pursue me since I will at the different position to buy Dia’s some time.

If there is something wrong, I will just make it slow so I can still give Dia’s time. However, I wonder is it because my level is 4 so I can’t feel any danger from the attack of monster which its level lower than me?

One by one we defeated several monster already.

「It’s easy victory again」

「……Sieg, is it because the party was formed so to beat the monster became this easy?」

Dia is overjoyed, and on the contrary, the monster wondered what the cause of them got killed.

「No, off course not. According to the story that I heard from the bar, there were so many people died even though there were in as a party. So I think only both of us are weird」

「That’s mean we are strong?」

That’s right. One of the factor, the level 1, Dia’s magic has the offensive power too much.

However, if I praised Dia here, I wouldn’t be able to appeal my usefulness. If possible, I want to have long relationships with him.

「Ah, It’s because Dia is very talent in magic」

「Is that so? Thenー」

「However, what’s made it went well is our compatibility」

「Our compatibility?」


Our compatibility which is tactic to eliminated our gap.

「thanks to my skill, which could search the monster. so we were able to get the result」

「That’s reminding me, even though you, Sieg, in this dark was still able to presence the monster which is far away」

「Yup. The truth is I used magic to find monster. That’s why, I made the monster not to aim at you, who need time to cast the magic. So you will be able to take the best position to attack the monster. Moreover, you can aim first, then attack. I covered you so you were able to cast it perfectly. That’s our compatibility」

「Certainly, when the time I fought alone I wasn’t able to get a chance for casting magic to the monster. It discovered me first. But, how did you find the monster? There is no such magic」

If I talked about it all, maybe he will understand.

Dimension Magic 《Dimension》, The 『Indication』which is displayed in my eyes, with this, I can locate the monster.

However, My Dimension magic is unknown in this world. And only me who can use 『Indication』. I hate every trouble comes, and in this way, It’s difficult for me to reveal my ability to anyone since I’m a coward.

「The magic that I use is an ancient magic from my hometown. I have magic that can search for monster, but I can’t reveal more than this」

「I see, so it’s a rare magic」

Apparently Dia understands my explanation. In the first place, he expected for a person to not reveal the one’s hands that easily.  Looks like he understands so he didn’t ask any further.

「But, my magic consumption is massive, if I compared to Dia, it will be hundred times」

「That’s right. Since Sieg was using magic even not in the battle or in the battle to attract the monster」

Dia expressed his apologies.

Okay. Apparently I successfully show off my power to him.

「Please, tell me when your MP is going to drain. I think it will finish soon, honestly, I didn’t intend to stay here this long. Since I still have to work at the bar」


「Okay. Then, let’s go to the deeper part, I wonder if there is any strong monster?」

「No problem.  According to what I heard from the bar, in that direction, a strong monster will appear」

「Then, Let’s goー」

I can see its level by using 『Indication』. There is a monster, a low threat one. So I agree with Dia’s opinion to get deeper.

Thus, the easy Victory is continued by repeating the same pattern.

We continue hunting monsters until morning’s over, without getting tired.


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