Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 2-2

But, the world wasn’t easy to me.

「Hey, wake up!!!」

All the jam-packed air in my lungs is spat out.

My stomach feels like it was crushed and I wake with a pain.

「Hey……come on quickly, quickly wake up!」

I heard a voice.

A highly childish voice.

If I’m not a mistake, this voice is…

「Uhm……hmm……You are」 My eyes opened and confirmed the owner of the voice.

I don’t believe it.

「I brought good things with me so quickly get up!」

The owner of the voice is Lastiara who I came across in the labyrinth before.

Her appearance is not with an armor but she wear rough white silk clothes.

Seem like my stomach was pushed tightly by this girl, Lastiara. She came across the top of my stomach and she is looking down at me.

I couldn’t catch up with this sudden event. However, originally because I don’t know about what happen so I try to talk to her calmly.

「This is my room…」

First of all, let’s start about trespassing. By the way. I don’t know whether there is such a law in this world.

After I looked carefully it is still dark on the outside of the window. It seems of a late-night visit.

She clap her hand while still on my stomach and says

「Ohhh, Ohhhh…Amazing. To not be surprised on this condition」

「I was surprised. It’s just my thought is still not catch up the situation yet」

I spoke to her in politest manner.

She looks mysterious, but the only thing I understand about her is she might a young lady from the upper class after I met her in the labyrinth.

「Is that so? No, I have thought whatever you are in trouble so I came. Since your level is still level 1 it made me interested. It made me curious」

Lastiara said it happily.

Her tone sounds like a young lady disappeared and becomes an easy tone which I can call her a joke friend of the same age. However, it doesn’t mean I respond to her with the cheerful expression.

Her happy eye is scary. It made me became uneasiness by her both eyes.

「You are the one who could see someone’s level, aren’t you?」

In correspondence, I chose my words carefully. By the way, in this world 「Level」is commonly known. There were descriptions about level and status in the book which I read in the library. And, it was written only a chosen human could see in details about someone’s level.

「Yup, in this world the people who have this ability are lucky people. The rests are the religious people who obtained it after long ascetic practices. As in the Public Institution today, the priest who are taking care for leveling up is the new generation. By the way, I’m the previous generation」

Lastiara is telling me about the things that I wanted to know without hesitation. That’s natural since I’m still inexperienced in this world. And, I’m getting used to using the word 「In this world」

I hold my breath with a surprise.

「……I didn’t know about that, Thank you for telling me. But, I don’t know your intention. Since I know nothing about you, I will call people to come here」

「Wait, wait. That will be put me into trouble. I told you I came here to help you, didn’t I? I came here in order to raise your level」

An overreaction with both her hands, Lastiara intended a good will.

「I decline. Since I already know about how to raise the level in the Church according to the Library」

I declined her coldly.

I don’t want to be treated by such a suspicious individual. Because Level Up is really important to me.

「Eh, Ehhhhー?」

Lastiara depressed by my words.

「That’s why please get out from here」

「Hey, normally it would be more like…this…and this. But your reaction is too light. Hmmm…」

Lastiara timidly muttered. Looks like she didn’t expect for my correspondence.

Still I already decided to raise my level.

But, Lastiara seems decided on something while putting up the face and watching me.

「ーーOkays. Then I have to force you」

Then she floats a first good smile today.

I look into her eyes. With nothing, I could change it. A scary deep golden eyes.

Scary! She is scary like a monster. I don’t feel any warmth from her which I felt it anymore. It made her looks like the merciless God sentencing with cold eyes.

I let my body up and draw back in fear and escape from the bed.

Lastiara is chanting on something.

「【Imikirau Habako】【Oto no nai sora】【Furuwanai uta】【Suki Sura U】ー」

Lastiara chants a magic while waving her hand like a conductor.

I head the exit at full speed. In order to call for help, first I have to get out from here.

And, I reached the doorknob, but it won’t move an inch.

The doorknob emitting a light, it is wrapped by a magic. Then I realized her chants intended to shut me in here.

I have no choice to raise my voice to call for help while knocking on the door.

「Someone, please help me!!」

「Well it is soundproofing, so shall I have you to behave yourself?」

Lastiara approached my back suddenly and patted my throat from behind.

I dispelled her hand immediately, but I noticed my throat begins to emit a heliotrope light. A magic which was similar to the doorknob has been submitted to my voice.


I couldn’t let out a voice.

Lastiara confirmed my situation, and her hands approaching again to my neck, I prepared for the worst and reached her hands. I put a power and I intended to turn myself to the Lastiara’s back.

At that moment, I was thrown out.

I see a parietal area around Lastiara. And, I understood. I was thrown out by her back of hands. I can’t believe it was a strength of a girl who around 50 kilos in weight.

I try to calm my mind and concentrate. I determined to not swallowed by the mysterious fact.

I barely hit the ceiling and I grounded to the floor. Luckily that just effected a shock to my right hand and foots. While I letting my face being wrapped by the shock, Lastiara is approaching me.

I took out a knife from 『Belonging』 and Lastiara is a bit astonished. However, she smile wryly and stretched out her hands as if there was nothing.

I wasn’t able to move. This must be because my conscience has braked out to respond which my act to cut a girl with a knife. I was just trying to easy going. However, I show her only a swing of the knife while I’m taking a water bag from my 『Belonging』

I swat a water bag to her and wait for Lastiara’s action whatever to expect from my counter attack. That way, my knife was repelled with fearfully fast movement and it cuts my leg.

And, she touched my head while chanting on something.

The emission of light looks like a heliotrope comes into my mind, and my body won’t move.

「UhmーYour defensive is good, Your judgment is also good. Amazing. It made me don’t believe you are still at Level 1」

It was me who are at the difficult state, but she seems to admire me.

I was overwhelmed from the bottom of my heart, and she continues the talking.

「So this is the 『A numeral which doesn’t appear in numerical value』. NoーAmazing, amazing. Your strength and also agility is tenth times of mine, so that’s why you were able to take the defense to that extent. Your magic is ominous as well」

I couldn’t answer anything. Because my body is still under the spell.

I can’t help it but feel uneasiness in this situation.

「……You don’t have to worry. You may don’t believe in me. But I don’t have any evil intention. I just want to raise your level. Believe me!」

By saying so, Lastiara picked up an old book while pressing on my back with her breast.

「Hmm…The chants for level up, I’m sure this one… 『Nanji, Katsumokushi Kaerimiyoー』

Lastiara begins her chant.

A light appeared between me and Lastiara, the whole room is wrapped by its light.

『ーWare ni Ari, Nanji ni Aru』Well then, It’s finished.」

And the magic was over immediately.

I don’t look Lastiara is lying, so my level has been up.

「Since you are my important 『Candidate』, I will be troubled for letting you wondering with level 1. And I afraid you will die if you let your status low. I’m worrying about you. But with this, It made me feel relief」

Then Lastiara wiped a one sweat on her forehead while I’m thinking the task is still not finished yet. And, she move to the near window and say a goodbye with politeness.

「Well then, to avoid the scary people who are looking for me, I have to take my leave」

She elegantly parted me by flew away from the window.

By the way, my body is still won’t move.

After I see Lastiara left, I confirm my status.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP119/121 MP71/141 Class:ー Level 4

Strenth3.03 Vitality3.15 Dex4.07 Speed5.05 Wisdom6.09 Magic8.08 Qualities7.00 State: Confusion3.99

Experience: 127/800

【Bonus Point】3 points is available.

【Skill Point】3 points is available.

There is no mistake, my level has been up.

She was right, she didn’t have any evil intention. However, she is over egotist. She is sure the one who cannot read the atmosphere of the situation.

I’m thinking about it while on a cold floor.

Rather because I cannot move, and still like this way while on it, I’m considering about my status.

I made a trial and error with the bonus point and the skill point.

Looks like the bonus point is to raise the strength, vitality, etc. As for the skill point is to raise the skill to perform.

Anyway, I spent my bonus point to raise my HP because I don’t want to die. This is the point of efficiency to raise the strength which raises the HP if this was a game. By the way, my maximum HP became 151 because it was valued 1 point as 10 HP.

I added only 1 to Dimension Magic for the skill point. By the changed it became 『Dimension Magic5.05+0.10』. Then after I added 1 skill point to Dimension, My left point is 2.

I’m sure the status and magic are important things in the life of this world. There is a possibility to obtain a new magic. I should avoid the useless waste.

I’m satisfied with having strengthened my point.

Then the time was passed as such. However, my body is still won’t move.


Even though I already spent much money, I was made to sleep on the cold floor in the end.

In this way, my first day in the different world is finished.



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