Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 1 Chapter 1-2

 Chapter 1-The Labyrinth of Different World-Part 2

After I defeated the wolf, carefully, I look around my surrounding.

In this surreal situation, normally I should be really confused. But strangely I’m calm. I feel like I can ignore the confusion and I can move my body as usual without hesitation.

I pick up the items that the wolf dropped from the previous fight.

From the corpses body, that the wolf killed, seems like there are lots of things that I can use. I don’t feel guilty at all. I can say this is necessary, however, my senses are paralyzed. I have to live without overthinking.

From the corpse, I can get supplies that I need in order to survive or live here.

I wear the accessories that I take.

Wearing leather gloves and put on an overcoat and hang a leather bag on my waist. I Put a Strange form knife on my jeans’ belt and I hold a -one hand- sword on my hand.

I just steal anything that I can take.

And last, I look at the place where the wolf disappeared.

The long sword that I used for the previous fight lay there.

I want to bring the long sword, but it is impossible to carry along. It weights approximately twice from the single handed sword. The one that catches my interest is the green stone.

In the corpse body, there are so many green stones.

Judging from my situation now, I’m afraid the green stones will only slowing me down and puts me in danger because of its weight. I don’t want to carry useless things.

But the color of this stone is the same like the stone that the wolf dropped.

I’m guessing and pretty certain that there are remaining monster bodies which killed here and has the same stone.

I feel sympathize towards humans that died here.

I picked up the stone and put it into my pocket.

「Then, What should I do now?」

I do what I can.

Even if some kind of monstrous creatures appears, I have to deal with it.

The choices are「Wait here」or 「get going」

The cut on my thigh is lighter than I thought. Probably I can pull my body. However, it’s still annoying to walk with this leg even though the bleeding has been stopped.

If I move, the bleeding will only get worse, and I’m certain that I’ll lose my energy.

The point is, if I lost my energy here, I will be in danger. This is certainly very risky.

At the same time, waiting here any longer will be as terrible as well.

That was a very terrible experience. Waiting for someone to rescue me, just like I did before.

They heart were already rotten. So rot that they can hurt people who is asking for their help.

I doubt if I wait here, somebody will come to rescue me.

Therefore, I decided 『Get going』

「Shall I use this sword as a walking stick?…」

I check the sword out and feel its sensation.

It’s not really suitable to use as a walking stick.

「I hope there is something better than this one…」

Whilst saying that I look around again…andー



The 『Indication』is reflected in the midair, in front my eyes.

「Eh, Whaーt is this?」

I’m confused. This makes no sense. And a dry laugh comes out from my throat.

As I look at the sword in my hand, I can see The「Indication」from the distance. It’s totally stuck inside my retina, like some kind of dust. Even if I move, this view of 「Indication」won’t get out.

I’m sure This is showing「Indication」

「This is like, haーhahahahaー!」

ーThis is like a game.

It’s the only way to picture about this current state.

A fantasy. A labyrinth. A monster. A huge insect. A huge wolf. An Adventurer. A Sword. A Bow and Arrow. The flame of a magician. A jewel. The message after the battle. 「Indication」 of An item.

Those usually appear in the game.

Before, it feels like I’m hallucinating. All of this are just illusion.

But now, after I’m fully aware that I’m not hallucinating, I think it’s kind of fun.

After I calm myself down, I will find a way to escape. This is more than just a dream.

「Well if that’s the case, Show 「Indication」about me」

I speak clearly. First of all, I’m going to try this.


Name: Kanami Aikawa HP4/51 MP72/72 Class:ー

Level 1

Str1.11 Vit1.03 Dex1.01 Agi2.02 Int4.00……――

「…This is hard to understand. is there any easier way for me to understand?」

(This is shown in The Japanese language) 【Status】

Name: Kanami Aikawa HP4/51 MP72/72 Class:ー Level 1

Strength1.11  Physical Strength1.03 Dext1.01 Speed2.02 Wisdom4.00 Magic Power2.00 Quality7.00 Confusion1.01 Bleeding0.52 Experience 805/100

Single handed Iron sword, Clothe of the underworld, mantle of Elfen, Leather bag, Boots of the underworld, throwing knife with a cursed mark.

「Ah, It becomes Japanese」

I muttered to response the 「Indication」changes.

I’m bad when it comes to English. It’s important for me to understand the words. I begin to read 「Status」in Japanese. There is something I’m worried about 『【Item】Empty』. Come to think of it, I don’t have anything with me.

「Mmm…. But I’m carrying dried meat and water bag with me…」

Nevertheless, it shows out like this.



I confirm it many times, but, after all, it seems like I have nothing.

「But, the main point is I don’t really have any clue here, like, how do I play the game…」

I wonder are there any important requirements?

This is a game-like condition that won’t work out if I don’t meet the requirements.

「I wonder, are the equipment’s give any effect? And do I have to meet any certain requirements to wear them? 」

Still, that doesn’t mean I should wear all of them, right?

「Is there any explanation how much my bag can carry?」

I check the equipment on my body again. Well, this is sure like a game.

I try and try putting stuffs into my bag and my empty pocket. I try several ways, putting them in and out. But nothing happens.


Go in! Go in! Go in! Go in!

I shed my eyes toward the dried meat while praying to God. Honestly, I’m half joking. But it seems to work!

The air above swirling and swallow the dried meat.


I pulled my hand quickly.

It was a scary.

「Ok, Show the 『Belonging』」


Dried meat

「Hahaha… Mmm. Like in the game」

I’m happy but scared at the same time.

I now understand the rule of『Belonging』

I have to have the intention to put in mid-air, and it was swallowed and stored somewhere.

「Well this is convenient…」

I begin to find another thing on the dead body again. There are still some stuffs left.

I try to find another rule of『Belonging』 while throwing things at mid-air to store them.

By the way, human corpses and small insects can’t be stored.

I don’t understand the reason, but I think it’s just the term.


Dried meat, Water bag, Hemostatic, Numbness needle, Antidote, Rasp, Longsword, Leather bag, Leather gloves, Leather boots, Cloth, Iron knife, Wooden bow, Unmarked arrow, Lighter, Smartphone, Pebble, Branch, Tenth magic stone, Ninth magic stone.

By the way, lighter and smartphone are inside my jeans. I check, probably I can call someone with my phone, but as expected, it won’t connect.

This is an old smartphone, and probably it’s damaged because of some shocks. But I’m still lucky, the light and the clock still function properly.

「I put in various things… I’m glad that it writes the name of things that I don’t know. If this is a game, it just dropped its difficulty level. But no, I’m saved, thanks for that… 」

My face become relax when I realize the flour thing is actually an『Antidote』.

「Wellー Let’s try another thingー」


Just when I want to try it, the beast’s roar echoed in the corridor.

「ーCk, Let’s put it down, for now,」

I’m too busy with many things, that I forgot I’m still in danger. I begin to walk, getting away from the roar.

With a sword as my walking stick and The “Hemostatic” (after I wash my wound with water, I plastered it because I don’t know how to use it), I walk away.

I walk through the corridor and I feel my body is getting lighter.

I confirm my 『Status』, My HP was self-healed.

I feel the crisis time in my life goes away, and I slow down a little bit.

I still want to try many things but it’s impossible to stop now. I walk while murmuring and thinking about this words.

「Status, Help, Map, Save, Log, Chat, Logout, Login, Skillーー」

I try to show another 「Indication」that might help me. But the most That I’m hoping for 「Help」 is not working. And the other is 『Log』 and 『Chat』 is not working as well.

The only thing that works is 『Skill』ー


Inherited Skills: Sword skill1.01 Freezing Magic2.00 Acquired Skills: Dimension Magic5:00



『???』 of two is showed. It seems like the inventor of this system doesn’t want to show what kind of skill are they.

And I am surprised that 『Magic』 is lined in

Since when I become a magician. When I say a word 『Magic』 it follows my command and shows 『Indication』.


Freezing Magic: Freeze 1.00 Ice1.00 Dimension Magic: Dimension1.00

However, there are three magics that can save me. I want to jump in joy because now I can use magic. I don’t know how or since when I can use magic. Then I try to test it out. In a game, it’s common to find some first skills.

ーIf I think that this is a game…but…

Just thinking about it is driving me crazy. So I stop thinking and try to test it out.

The best I can do is to try it out.

「Mmmmm, GO!!! Freezing magic《ICE》!」

As I yell, I hold up over my one’s hand. I expect something, like an ice stone blow off from my hand.

After I chant the magic, I sense something coming out from my hand to attack. I feel cold on my palm and feel that something unknown is gathering.

It’s gathering butーit’s surely too slow.

Probably it takes some time to gather moisture in the air and make tons of molecular dynamics produce the ice.

However, after approximately 10 seconds, the ice actually comes out. Of course, the chanting time is not yet included in that 10 seconds.  Doesn’t matter how you look at it, I don’t find this is useful to attack something.

「EhーIs it only just like this?」

What on earth is this magic? Urgghhh….

Is this some kind of daily life magic? Because my expectation is to use this to attack large insect and animal. Well, I feel sorry for myself.

Well after this much of effort, I took out cloth from my 『Belonging』 and I tear out the cloth. I made an Ice pack from it. But threw it away immediately after hitting the burnt wound because it hurts.

Freezing magic 《Ice》. Frankly say, it is useless.

Next, I try testing 《Freeze》 However, in the end, the result is just the same. It’s just -daily magic- level. It only makes temperature around me drop slowly.

Then, I’m troubled about the last magic 《Dimension》. If I’m not mistaken, the meaning of Dimension is the measurement from the perspective of a point in Dimension. I don’t have any confidence in this skill. I suppose I can accelerate it like I did with Freezing magic.

Perhaps a warp will appear and I might escape from this labyrinth, but it is hard to think that there were such magic to escape from this situation.

Then, I decided to hold myself from using it. After all, I don’t know what kind of effect it will bring and will it be dangerous or not.

I’m scared if I make a mistake a black hole will appear.

I imagine myself using different magic, trying to test them.

「Recovery Magic, White Magic, Obtaining Magic, New of the new magic, First aid treatment, Burn, Healー」

Unfortunately, it won’t work.

I want recovery magic but such thing doesn’t seem available for me somehow

But on the way, Some『Indication』attracts my attention.

【Skills point】

Sword skill1.01 Freezing Magic2.00 Dimension Magic5.00 Current available point is 0

Zero huh?

Probably it will increase as the same time as my level.

【Level Up Menu】


When I think about the level, suddenly it appears.

Requirements fulfilled.

However, I don’t feel good about this 「Requirements fulfilled」.

It’s not an automatic level up. It’s a manual one.

Then, first of all, I try to look for a method to do manual level up.

「If I could, Manual Level up, pleasーouch!」

Suddenly, I yell. My right arm feels like it was burned.

Reflex, I look at it. My upper arm was cut and bleeding.

「From, Whereー?」

Something is moving in the corner as I look around.

An object bouncing with high speed. It floats around in mid-air like a basketball, it’s buzzing. I look at it carefully, that distortion is an Insect getting closer.


Immediately I change my way of thinking

I think about my everyday life. I use to play games too.

And since this place can’t be defined with common sense too,

I aim and swing my sword to that bouncing object. However, it dodges.

After it dodged, I begin to run immediately. I take distance out of the 『Distortion』 returning to my previous way, the one where I came before.

I failed at my attempted attack. I decided not to do anything impossible anymore.

Returning to my previous path. I can hear the insect buzzing. Thanks to that, I can predict the distance between me and the insect.

It’s chasing me from behind.

So, the only thing left is time. I can throw something at it, to buy me some time.

I’m planning my strategy to fight the insect. Probably it’ll be useless since I tried this in some game before. But I think it’ll worth a try.

The 『Distortion』 is getting closer, I pulled out a leather bag from 『Belonging』 and throw out all the contents to the insect.

It disturbs the insect a little bit.

My strategy seems effective.

It was a creature with a feather. I think it reacts poorly towards the water. So I choose to attack with water. Because like in the game, the insect sure will have a weak point. With water, its speed will slow down too.

After making sure of it, I chant my magic.

「Freezing Magic《Freeze》」

This magic can only drop the temperature slowly but, there is a chance this can weaken the creature. Will be best if I can kill it from the distance, using this magic.

「……I doubt this magic can even freeze it, but I hope at least can slow the creature down」

It weakens.

It’s going to fly towards me, to stop me, but it can’t reach me.

I still pay attention to it, just to make sure not to miss anything. Till the last, I can’t drop my guard down.

【Monster】Dark Ring Fly: Rank 2

As I still looking at the insect, the I 『Indication』 pop out.

The Information of 『Indication』 is pop out at the direction of the Distortion.

ーThis is bad.

I’m afraid this Dark Ring Fly make his -ultra speed fly, then disappear- as a weapon against me. But thanks to 『Indication』 it helps me locate the insect.

I think it can’t attack anymore. The dark ring fly’s movement become slower as time passes. I’m sure it must be exhausted because of my magic. I knock it down with my sword.

The Dark Ring Fly fell into the ground, perished with light, and only a dark transparent stone was left.

By the way, the dark transparent stone is『Tenth magic stone』 according to 『Indication』. From my experience before, I can say the Dark Ring Fly is a low-class monster.

「Was it a waste that I used my tools and MP for a rank 2 monster?」

MP left 68. The MP is still left, but I don’t know what will happen if I waste it again.

I go through the path that I originally planned to go. Walking through the corridor that I haven’t stepped on.

I continue thinking about the leveling system.

Even though I have tried many ways, trial and error. Still I stuck at level 1. Haven’t leveled up yet.

I think there’re some special requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to level up. I feel irritated, my experience already above the level up standard.

And I think back about the previous battle.

A surprise attack from a monster that can hardly seen. If that monster is not a level 2 monster, I might have died.

I better try many things from 『Indication』 to save my life. But I get absolutely nothing from it.

As I walk, I hear sound from further.

The sound comes from the Huge Insect which I encountered before.

【Monster】Ripper Beadle: Rank 3

I can expect its weapon just from its name. But I better keep still. I keep my body half-bent so I can respond if something happens.

Ripper Beadle Notices me. I gradually step back.

I don’t how dangerous Rank 3 is.

Suddenly, Ripper Beadle rushes and the place become jam packed. However, its speed is nothing compares to the huge wolf. I swing my sword towards it.


The sound of Irons clashing is echoing.

I expect that I cut its weak point. However, it’s not. It’s very solid. I yell「HAHH!」, no meaning, just that so I look cool.

The movement is not a problem. Compare to that huge wolf and Dark Ring Fly, the huge insect is slow. I take out a tool from the 『Belonging』 to carry out my other plan.

Ripper beadle repeating its dash.

I dodged, creating some space. I pour oil on Ripper Beadle and I set it on fire with my lighter.

I thought it will be hard to lit the fire, but fortunately, just with one attempt, I manage to lit it. Ripper Beadle is covered with fire and begins to cry.


It’s a very disturbing scene.

Due the high temperature, its hand and feet come off.

Immediately, I try to attack at various places with my sword. Ripper Beadle shines at places where I attacked and disappeared. At the same time, a black stone falls.

The black stone that falls is 『Black Insect Stone』 in 『Indication』. Unlike other 『Magic stone』, this is slightly special.

I pay attention at the black stone in my palm and observe it.

【Black Insect Stone】

Unlike the usual magic stone, this stone only drops from -insect class monster- with magical power

The details appear……

This is so convenient.

I quickly check the items. I

At first, I try to test out the equip-able equipment. 『Mantle of Elfen』and 『Long sword of Apulia』 it has a long name, it’s seemed like have a special effect. 『Mantle of Elfen』 could protect the body from High heat and Low heat, 『Long Sword of Apulia』 if against a higher rank enemy it can manifest its true ability. This kinda a Magical Item.

It’s good to have a set of offensive and defensive items.

And then I look at the detail which Concerns me the most.


Consumption MP1

Basic Dimension Magic. Its ability is depending on the user. I try to grasp into the space.

It is like simple Magic support.

Usually, you should be able to come back to your original world with magic, such as warp, but I don’t think this one is the same.

「Dimension Magic《Dimension》」

I try to confirm what kind of thing it is first of all.

My five senses are waking up as soon as I chant the magic. Your intuition spreading all over. I can recognize the space approximately by the radius of 10 meters clearly. I’m in astonishment because I could pick up the previous information from the invisible corner.

「……Th…This is great」

Well, this magic is the greatest! That’s what I understand instantly.

This will help me to measure the enemy’s ability. This can lessen the threat of getting killed!

I really use this skill《Dimension》to avoid monsters along the way.

I walk while thinking about this new system.

When 《Dimension》activates, I’m not surprised. But it doesn’t mean I can totally avoid every single enemy since there is a limit for the magic area.

With this speed, I could pass of them several times and go ahead through the labyrinth.

I feel lighter and my expression is brighter.

The power of Magic 《Dimension》is so great. However, this may make me more careless.

I gain a very advantageous magic and now I’m in a good mood.

This is a -game like- labyrinth and I walk with high confidence.

However, 30 minutes has passed since I start walking and now I’m in a very bad situation.



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