Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 3-3

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I check her condition again with [Observe]

On the ‘Condition’ window, an added status called ‘Strengthened Body 1.00’ is added. The effect is easy to understand. On the other hand, she should be quite troubled in understanding what my ability is.

“Here I go!”

“Come anytime.”

Radiant takes a stooped posture with her sword pointing forward. Her stance is unique; from what I can see, even with her strange style, she still doesn’t have any openings. However, even if she’s better than me with the sword, it doesn’t mean I can’t defeat her.

Making the first move, I forcefully kick off the ground to increase my speed and momentum. Radiant didn’t charge at me, but remained in her strange position. It looks like she underestimates me, but I don’t really care. What she does is up to her. I don’t have much time myself.

I attack her right hand on my first attack to gauge her reactions.


She read my movements and dodged me. Then, as she’s twisting her body to avoid my attack, her sword swings upwards towards my neck as a counterattack.

Her skill with the sword is exquisite. Her attack is quick and sharp without using much energy. However, for me, it’s not a problem if I can fend off her counterattack. As long as I can use my magic, no movement can escape me. As such, I managed to take a distance away from her attack.

Both our attacks failed. Our positions are back to where we started.


“…… Oi, bastard. As it turns out, you’re quite skilled.”

Radiant re-evaluated me.

I attacked seriously despite my intent at gauging her, but her stance is quite effective at responding.

I’m not afraid. This kind of situation isn’t enough to make me hold my breath. I’ve had a much harder fight against Tidus. And Tidus is much stronger than Radiant. However, Tidus’ fighting style relied on strength and speed alone; he swung his sword without any technique. Compared to Tidus, Radiant’s strength is due to her great skill. The movement of her legs, how she turns her body, the way she uses her shoulders, her sharp sword handling—everything is honed to an impressive level.

Being able to see such high level of sword technique first-hand makes me happy.

I admire her.

This situation truly makes me feel like I’m in a game.

—Ah, no. I should control myself. I need to calm down. My goal isn’t to be amazed by her. My goal is to measure my own strength. I didn’t come here to play.

“What’s wrong? You won’t come to attack me again?”

“Nah, I was just lost in thought for a second.”

Even though we were quite a distance away, I feel that Radiant has a mysterious aura surrounding her body. I have no idea how to approach her, so I should just give it my all.

“I acknowledge you for your skill. Your display earlier was quite impressive. You are very different from people around here. But, the problem is, our Mistress—“

… She’s still accusing me huh.

“Again, you’re mistaken.”

“It’s not always that I get to fight such an opponent like yourself. This time, I’ll take the lead!”


… Looks like she didn’t hear me. Or, she ignored me on purpose. At least she doesn’t look angry. And now, it looks like Radiant will be coming at me seriously.

She’s emitting the pressure of a top swordsman.


And now, Radiant’s on the attack.

There’s no wasted movement in her technique, and all her movements are swift and sharp. Thankfully, I already knew that beforehand because of my peeking into her status. The difference between us is like a mountain. I must do something to bridge that gap.


Radiant comes up in front of me to attack, swinging her sword from below her hips upwards. I desperately fend it off by swinging my sword from the opposite direction.

Clang! The sound of swords clashing loudly.

(ED: I hate onomatopoeias.)

That moment, I managed to stick some [Foam] onto her sword. With that, I can precisely gauge where her sword is.

Because I can expand my senses with the help of my magic, [Foam], combined with the battle information obtained with [Gladiate], I should be able to judge the situation accurately without blindspots hindering me.

With this, there’s nothing else I could do, though. So now I must finish this battle as fast as possible.

[Gladiate] uses a lot of my MP, so in order to finish this fight quickly, I’m going to try a little trick.


—-Third hit, our swords clash again.

——–Fourth hit, sparks fly around us

Then on the fifth hit, I instantaneously boost my movement with magic, and feint another clash, only to thrust my sword to her neck.


Radiant, shocked, stared at my sword in disbelief.

“Now, I win. Agree?”

I ask her to make sure she acknowledges who win this battle.

I must say, my progress is admirable. I’ve won this battle because I already knew her status since the beginning, while she had to take a guess about mine. As such I am able to prepare myself to fool her into believing I only amounted to a certain skill level, only to take advantage of one moment to turn everything around.

Preparation is the key to victory. She lost simply because she wasn’t prepared.


Her companions were shaken up by the situation. Then, every one of them placed their hands on their swords—

“Kuh… you’re right. I lost. Knights fulfill their promises. You all, stand down.”

Being the superior, they all obeyed her, though visibly displeased.


“Thank you very much,” I express to Radiant for admitting her defeat. I doubt I could beat them all with what little MP I have left anyway. Even if I escape, I won’t be able to without any injuries.

“… An insult…! I lost to this man…!!”

“I hope you can keep your promise.”

“Kuh!… Right… the outcome is absolute. Very well, I’ll keep my promise…”


I don’t know much about knights, but I do know that honor binds them to keep their promises. I can feel the same with Radiant and the knights behind her… but for some reason I don’t feel that from Palinchron.

“Also, you said you didn’t want to see me again, right?”


“If so, then other knights will come to you! Don’t get carried away by defeating me!”

“… Huh?! Huh??”

(TL: wtf)


… Looks like I’m not out of this yet.


“Just today, I’ll let you go!”

After declaring so, Radiant turned around and left. Her companions, the other knights, follow after her. When looking at her imposing back, I thought it would be nice if this problem is resolved quickly so I don’t have to battle others like her again.

Next time, I should pay more attention to the terms when accepting duels. Yeah, really.


Much has happened today, but everything at least went according to the rough plan I’ve set.


I sigh in satisfaction. Following that timing, I could hear applause behind me.


“I couldn’t have expected anything less of you, Kanami~”

Suddenly, someone’s praising me. That voice made my body stiff.

I turned my head to the direction of the voice, and there, on the roof of the bar, there’s a girl sitting; the moonlight shining on her head turned her beauty into something ephemeral.

The girl who has eyes of gold, laughs.

—-Things like this only exist in fairy tales. Truly I am in a different world.

It’s the cause of today’s incident, a girl named Lastiara.


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