Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou Vol 2 Chapter 2-8

We’re back~(?)

Translator: Bluestar.H

Editor: Khorinthian

ED: I forgot to mention, but on the previous part, I edited ファイアフライ as “Fire Fly”, though it can also translate as “Fire Fry” which I think sounds off, since the skill supposedly has no offensive capabilities (unless you’re going to argue that the latter is a support skill cuz cooking). Oh and I changed it from Fire Fly to Firefly because reasons.

TL: is that so?  At first I thought it was for cooking hehe

In the middle of me talking with Maria, the staff returned.

「Thank you. Also, this child has decided on what she wants. Please give her “Firefly” and “Impulse.” Also please give me “Little Snow”.」    

「Firefly, Impulse, and Little Snow, is it? Okay, I’ll bring those to you right away. However. I just want to tell you that buying stones not of your attribute isn’t a good idea.」   

「Ah, doesn’t matter. I just want to spend money.」

(ED: Totally not a good thing to mention to any shopkeeper)  

The previous measurement showed that I had no ice magic proficiency at all. However, I need to confirm if I could use ice magic or not by trying to learn it.

「Haaa…You are a generous man. It’s a shame that we don’t have much in stock」  

「I’ll pay in advance, okay?」

「Yes, thank you very much!」  

The price comes down to two gold coins because the price of “Impulse” is a bit on the high side, but thankfully the others were quite cheap.

I pull out two gold coins from my inventory.

「Haaa…You are really…」

Maria looks at me with an exhausted face.

Please stop minding my finances.

「Thank you, Okay, I’ll bring the stones for the little lady」   

The staff received gold coins, and also I gave several silvers for my previous purchases.

The Dimension Magic stone emits a strange color. I’ve seen many magic stones inside the Labyrinth, but this is entirely different. The interior of the magic stone where the formula is carved gives off a strange feeling..

「So beautiful… Swallowing it seems wasteful」

「There are also accessories which resemble this you know?」  

Maria taught me. I’ve heard of it somewhere as well. People treat those accessories like a wedding ring. In the middle on that, the staff comes back with Maria’s share of stones.

「Thanks for the wait, these are yours, little lady. Only the certificate’s left. Alright, if anything happens please let me know and come to this store again. Since you are rich, I’ll give you some “after-sales service” when you come again」    

(ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

「Thanks. So…I just have to swallow this?」  

「Yes, Shall I bring water?」  

「Yes please.」  


After that, the staff brought drinking water from the inner part of the store. Then, Maria and I swallow the magic stones. I swallowed three of them while Maria had two.

… Since Maria wasn’t complaining, I won’t either. I won’t lose.

After confirming that Maria had swallowed all two of the stones, the staff says…

「Yup. Congratulations, little lady. You can use the magic now. However not inside, please. And for the brother, I don’t know if you can use it or not.」     

「Okay. How is it, Maria? Would you be able to?」   

「I’m not sure. Since this is my first time.」  

It looks like Maria isn’t sure of herself as she was looking bewildered at her hands..

「Staff, May I try it outside of this store?」  

「Since there are no other customers, please allow me to have a look as well. A good place would be…」

The staff is kind and even gave us a testing area..

We walk outside the shop, and the staff lead us to the garden. There’s a straw doll which looks like it had seen better days.

「Well then, little lady. Please imagine it. Focus the magic flow inside your body to your hand, and after you sense it on your hand try to cast it while holding onto your imagination.」     

「ーFi, 《Firefly》!」

A fire appeared on Maria’s hand.

It looks like the staff is already used to seeing these things. Perhaps the staff has led many people before, so it should be okay to leave Maria to her. Uhm, I should try my magic as well.

「Oー! Little lady, Excellent! You are good at it. Then next, try to imagine a colorless magical power. Do the same thing as you did before and cast “Impulse” 」      


While looking at Maria who successfully managed to blow the straw doll away, I confirm my status with Display.


Ice Magic: Freeze 1.04 Ice 1.06
Dimension Magic: Dimension 1.42 Connection 1.00 Form 1.00
Specific Magic: Multiple deploy – Dimension 1.02 Gladiate Dimension: 1.04


I was able to learn “Connection” and “Form” but not “Little Snow.”

Is it because, like the previous measurement said, I had no proficiency in that attribute? So I am not able to learn anything besides Dimension Magic? But how about my “Freeze” and “Ice” magic? I don’t get it.

Perhaps I don’t meet the conditions? Nah, for now, let’s just try to test the magic which I just learned.


MP Consumption 100
This magic is dependent on the user’s caliber for Dimension Magic.


MP Consumption 1
Gives basic knowledge on dimensions and space-time for Dimension Magic


Those details are not written in the catalog which I read earlier.

If that is true, I may able to return to my own world.

While ruminating about researching my own magic, Maria walks over, looking like she’s finished.

「Master! It was a success!」

「ーPlease stop calling me “Master” when we’re outside. And, don’t be so loud.」   

Maria is so happy and excited.

Will I be able to return to my original world with “Connection”? I left Maria and try to cast the spell.

Imagine it… The image of returning to my world!

「ーMagic 《Connection》!」

I pour all my mana and cast it.

A thin, purple membrane that looks like a thin wall forms in the air.

After I looked closely, it is not a wall. It looks like a door.

So, I try to open it. If it’s like what I imagined it to be, it should connect to my world

「ーAh, It can’t be opened」

The door is locked.

While I’m confused over it, the staff, curious, says…

「Hee…This is my first time seeing that. So that’s 《Connection》? I’ve only seen it in books, If I remember correctly, you cannot use the door unless you cast it on the other side as well」     

「Eh? The other side?」

「Yes, yes. Please cast it on the other side as well」

It looks like the staff knows more about this than me. For now, I should just obediently follow her suggestion.

「Magic 《Connection》」

After that, another created door appeared nearby.

「With that, it should be connected to that side. Well, that’s what I read from the books」  

So with that I’ve fulfilled the requirements to use it. Now I get it.

「I see, Alright…, Go, Maria」  

「Eh? I don’t want to. What will happen to me? I’m scared」   

Well, I feel the same way.

Though this is a door that I created, still…well, what matters is courage!

I pushed the door open, and this time I could.

On that, the door at the other side also opened. My right arm can be seen at the other side.

… that’s scary…

「It is just like what’s written in the books. Congratulations, brother!」  

「Th, thanks」

「Ah, but please make sure to remove them before going out. They’ll become a bother」  

「Oh, right」

I pull my hand out of the door and remove the portal.

It doesn’t look like I can use this to get back to my world. In game terms, we can just say I’ve set up a warp zone. If I want to go back to my own world, I need to set up a door there beforehand… But that’s the hard part.

Hmm, I think I’m going to try the other thing I learned and have the staff take a look.

「Sorry but could you please teach me how to use the other magic I bought?」  

「The other magic? Oh…you are talking about 《Form》right? Yes, of course, Uhm, Magic 《Form》is harder than 《Connection》… since I’m not familiar with it, I really cannot help you, but I think it’s safe to say that it should be alright if you leave it to your imagination」   

Unfortunately, “Form” will have to remain in the dark.

Can’t be helped, so I just have to try it out.

「’Kay, For now, I’ll just try it. ーMagic 《Form》」  

I cast it out according to my own imagination.

Then bubbles rise from the palm of my hand…?


The staff is curious and tries to touch it with her hand.

Bubbles which take in shape of bullets burst.

「It’s a foam」

I had the same thoughts, but it seems I understand what this really is.


This foam is not created from a water attribute.  It’s a kind of dimension shift

「How is it, brother? Are you getting something?」  

「Nope, I don’t get it at all. It is just foam after all…」  

If I explain what I really thought to her, I thought she could help me in understanding my magic better. However, this magic is something rare that not many people can use in this world. So I decided to keep this secret and just lie.

「I see. It’s unfortunate」  

「Seems like this《Foam》has no use. However, thanks to you, I was able to learn many things. Thank you for helping us out on our first time」   

「No no, this is my job」

I bowed my head to the staff as a sign of respect. And, looking at Maria who was interestedly playing with the foam…

「Maria, are you done?」

「Yes, I’m good」  

Maria looks quite happy. Maybe the staff told her that she had talent, and thus made her mood better.

「Okay, with this, we’ll take our leave. Thank you very much. I’ll come again when the next opportunity presents itself」   

「Yes, Goodbye, brother, and little lady」  

「I have been in your care,」  

After giving parting words to each other, Maria and I exit from the store.

The staff waves her goodbye on our departure.

… But I feel like the staff is waving goodbye expressly at Maria only. I think she’s taking an interest in her. Like…”if you want to learn another magic, please come to this store again”, perhaps that’s what she is thinking now. Hmm, the next time I go there, I should bring Maria again, maybe that will present me some better options.

Maria looks quite confident. I feel the same.

There are only a few people who possess the same kind of ability as I do. As a gamer, that pleases me.

Thus, the two of us learned new things, allowing us to gain a better foothold at exploring the Labyrinth.


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